Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing Running!

I have been missing running lately!
I do hope that this is a short lived option!
I have tried to just enjoy the walking time that I have!
I must say that my family is loving it and hoping that I never recover!
Just this week alone, the kids and I have walked to almost every park in town!
I really should walk more even when I am able to run is just hard to find time for everything!

Once a week, my hubby and I go on a date....just us...No kids!
It is a must!
I love the time together!
This week, since we are both injured, we decided to walk to dinner, eat and walk home!
6 miles later and one of the best dates we have ever had...we are now going to make that a regular part of our date night!
The only down side, is that my date night is one of the only times I get out of mommy or workout mode and dress up!
I love it, I even wear high heels and ditch the running shoes...but I don't think I will walk 6 miles in my heels!

I am going to catch up on everyone's blogs tonight...after I put all the kiddos to sleep!
Have a Great Day...and run a few for me!


  1. Wow - date night once a week is great! love the idea of walking to dinner...I'll have to see if I can get once of those in!

  2. Sounds like you're making the best of your situation. Hopefully, you can both run and walk soon.

  3. Sounds like the perfect date! I am glad you are finding an enjoyable option to stay fit while injured.

  4. Sorry that you're still working through the injuries, but glad to hear that you're keeping at the walking and staying hungry to get back running. Hopefully soon ... hang in there.

  5. Here is an idea. You walk in minimalist shoes and carry your high heels in a bag. There! Sometimes we bike to a restaurant. I got a biking skirt just for such occasions. The closest restaurant is too far for walking.

  6. It is definitely no fun to be injured but I do know what you mean about walking. I haven't been able to run yet but I have been able to go on long walks and short hikes and it is actually pretty nice :)! Your date sounds like it was a lot of fun :).

  7. Fun date!
    I find that ever since I started running, I have quit wearing heels and just sticking with ballet flats, sandals etc.

  8. Yay for date night!!

    Glad the kids are enjoying your time "off" so much!

  9. Sorry to hear you are injured Sherri! I always think it is just the bodies way of telling us we need to take a break! I love walking but I know it isn't the same as running! Although I've seen some pretty fast speed walkers before!

    I love that you go on a date once a week. We are not so good at that . . . in fact you don't want to know the last time we were on a "real" date! No family here to help!

    I am really just looking forward to when my oldest can help out with babysitting, we are almost there!