Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

1. This is the best week of my summer? It makes no sense! My house is a runs are at risk of extinction...and I haven't had time to put a stitch of make up on. BUT...My parents came in for a day...we ordered my curriculum...we took pictures with them...we ate good food, laughed...and just enjoyed them! Plus, My two nieces on my hubbies side came into town...and we are just going to have a ball...then we leave to go see our other Grand parents! I think I must be a FAMILY GAL!!!???

2. There was a 5k last night that I had planned to run with my sister. It would have been our first race in at least 15 years...together!!! I was super excited. Instead, my two girls wanted to run the 5K with Grandpa...when would they get the chance again? I did not want to leave my mom with the other 3 kids all I stayed and helped! I LOVED IT! I took pictures while my fantastic mom looked for Alligators with the kiddos..(we don't live in alligator country...but they had fun trying) Both my girls ran the entire way without stopping. When I get back from vacation, I will post the pictures! I was so proud of them...and shocked...I had hoped they would walk...but they are tough!!!

3. I need fun ideas to do with teenagers??? I am stuck in under 9 years old mode. Remember I live in a small be creative!


  1. How fun! Sounds like a great summer visit. Love that the girls raced a 5K with their grandpa :)

    Teenagers like to go shopping...anywhere :)

  2. So fun for your girls! Definitely a memory they'll never forget!

    Teenagers, especially girls, love to lay out by the pool! What's better than getting tan and shopping when you're a teen? Oh yeah, and eating good food, that always stays the same! Have fun!

    Maybe they would want to watch Twilight for the millionth time! :)

  3. What is makeup? I think I own a chapstick.

    I'd feel a whole lot better if my kid was alligator hunting where there are not alligators too!!

    Teenagers??? bwa ha ha! I have NO idea. They hate everything adults suggest anyway, because we couldn't possibly know anything about what they like or have an inspired idea...(all true really).

  4. Great things you got goin on! love the kids with Grandpa 5k

  5. Being a fan of family is wonderful! You really enjoy spending time with your's and your kids are so lucky! I think it is great that the girls got to run a 5K with grandpa:) They will always remember that:)

  6. Nothing like time with family! Glad the kids could run with their grandpa. Those things are so important and we have to do it when and while we can.

  7. That's so cool that your daughters could do a 5k with their grandpa :-)

  8. A running family! I like the quote "my runs are at risk of extinction", it made me laugh! No ideas, now my "teenagers" are 31 and 25, sorry.