Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's my Birthday.....almost!

Might seem strange...but I love getting older!
It's like a scoreboard at the football game...I have earned each and everyone of these years!
I love my birthday...okay...I love all birthdays...but mine included!
Every year I throw a party...with close friends...for myself...WHY NOT!
Who else is going to do it?

This year I am changing the pace...
My great friend Kris...called and asked if she could take me out to lunch for my birthday!

I plan to go to lunch everyday...or as many as I can...and spend an hour or so with my those that make my life complete!
If I need to continue into January...I will!
I have No problem celebrating for months! =)

If you double click on the will enlarge...and graciously show you all of my earned mileage!!!
(In a few years I may look like a raisin...but a happy raisin!)

But who could resist a birthday picture at a darling cafe...with a delicious bowl of European soup???
Sounds like another memory to add to my life!

If lunch is not enough...she bought me a Christmas ornament to go on my tree...notice unbreakable...I do have 5 little ones!
I absolutely LOVE it!

I have to include a picture of my sweet friend!
Thanks Kris...I had a TON of fun!

****Now a special note to all my darling computer friends!
Don't forget to back up files...I am horrible at it...and my computer crashed, erasing lots of pictures and file...putting me out of computer commission for awhile!



  1. Happy almost Birthday! You look fabulous! That soup looks yummy! (it's lunchtime)

  2. Happy almost birthday! Stretch it out as long as possible, I say! And you look fabulous, no raisins in sight.

  3. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you and your friend had a great time!

  4. You are gorgeous! Happy Birthday...I'm with you I like to spread it out over a couple weeks and really enjoy it!!! Have fun!

  5. Happy almost birthday! You're looking gorgeous :-)

  6. happy birthday and you dont look like you age at all! sorry bout the computer though.

  7. Happy BDAY to you!
    Great outlook and Nice Celebrating!


  8. Another e-friend who has a b-day close to mine.
    Enjoy your celebrations. I might steal your idea for next year.

  9. What a great birthday month you are going to have!!
    I'm going to have cinnamon rolls on your birthday so I'm celebrating with you :-)

  10. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful birthday and year. Enjoy all the celebrations!

  11. Happy Birthday (almost) to you!!!! I so wish I were there close-by so I could be one of your lunch bunch girls and take you out and celebrate festively!! You so deserve it!

    Argggh, sorry about the lost data on the computer - I know that's going to happen to me one day and I am going to absolute die! This weekend: looking into an external backup drive. THANKS!!

    Birthday hugs to you!