Friday, February 19, 2010

I have been so resistant to starting a blog just for my running...and yoga...and health of all kinds!
But now that I am actually doing it...I am all giddy about it!
I love running!
I always have!
I am excited to share my past, present and future experiences of running with you!
I am currently doing a fitness challenge on my family blog...Come join us!


  1. Once I started my running Blog I deserted my family Blog.. I just dont have time.. SAD :( thanks for your comment on Tall Mom

  2. oooh, cool to find your new running blog, and i actually saw you from above mel-tall mom. and yah, i have a kid/family blog too that i just need to commit more time to for photos. I'll be your first *follower*;-)

  3. oh, and btw...i can't believe you have 5!!! wow

  4. Best wishes on your Running Blog. I'm sure the parallels of running to life and family are rich and many, with lots of insights to share.