Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Happens!

Wow! This week just flew by! I was not able to accomplish all that I set out to accomplish!
I was so disappointed...especially since I just started my running blog...and I have ONLY accumulated 14 miles. To the typical "runner" that is a midnight stroll! How will anyone take me serious! And then it dawned on me. That is what I love about reading others running blogs. It is not about what the life of running should look is about what their life brings to running. I love to read the rise and falls...the ups and downs...the striving for more and better even if we can't get there today! So instead of crawling in a hole and waiting to post when I have ran my long run that was suppose to be run on Saturday...I decided to post about what reality is to me as a runner and how running plays an important role in my life...even when running or working out is the minority of what takes place!

I had high hopes for this week! I ran a great 5 miles, which is the longest I have ran since my son! I mapped out a running schedule that will lead me to my half marathon in June, and I was so excited to complete week 2! Monday morning came and I got a call from my sister that she her baby, and I knew she needed my help. I jumped on the treadmill, and ran my easy 3 and then packed the kids and drove the 5 hours to help her. It was a great visit, I was able to get a lot, cooking, and taking care of her 4 and mine! But, in the back of my head I was stressing, "How was I going to get my runs in?" She could tell that I was thinking about something, so I expressed my concern with my runs. She insisted that I leave her with the kids and go run...I actually almost bad as that sounds! And then, just as I was leaving I looked back and saw my sweet selfless sister sitting with her new born, my 7mo., 2 little 2 year olds, all of them on her lap. It was right then that I remembered that running is NOT the most important thing in the world, and that I will NOT destroy my program if I skip a few runs! So this week I relied heavily on my Bryan Kest Power Yoga..I could do it right in the living room, early in the morning!

I got home on Thursday night and I knew that I would be able to get 2 more runs in on Friday and Saturday. My husband travels Monday - Friday and he works Saturdays until 7 or 8! (And I don't run on Sundays) I got on the treadmill Friday to run another 3 miles and that went fine. Saturday I was up at 5:30..but so were all my kiddos! So I thought I would run at night...I took my 2 girls to their gymnastics competition and was home by 8PM! My husband had arranged for us to go to dinner, so we went to dinner, I didn't eat because I thought I would run when I got home!

Bottom line...I was exhausted..I didn't run my long run!


  1. I feel that pull all the time! Whether it be with my fitness regimen that I'm stoked for, or a project I want to work on... But you're so right! Those things are not the most important. Sometimes our schedules go perfectly, but if it did that all the time we wouldn't be participating in LIFE - whether it be our family or helping others. You were where you felt you were needed - which was the most important, and did what you could with your 'schedule'. You should be very proud of yourself for what you DID accomplish. I know for many, myself included, my 'schedule' would have been capoot!
    You're amazing and such an example!!

  2. You say it well here: 'That is what I love about reading others running blogs. It is not about what the life of running should look is about what their life brings to running.' That's what's so great about blogs, and your blog.
    oh, and btw, you do have SMOKIN' running times to boot!
    and am I getting this straight? you have the kids sans hubby m-f????!!!!holy moly!!!

  3. I love running but I know that I'm not always going to get this or that run in. And there may be days when I just don't feel like it. Those days are as important as any other day in our training because they help us to stay balanced- the key to life! What a great sister you are to travel so far to help out your sister!

  4. Welcome to the running blog! I am new to blogging about running. I am not logging the 20-something miles like the other pros are doing, but I am just happy doing what I am doing. Know that eventually, you will get there.
    Your sister is lucky to have you to help out. Nothing is as important as having a loving family.
    I try to get my runs in first thing in the morning or before in the late afternoon between 3:30 to 4:30p.m. Sometimes I get caught up with life, but nonetheless, I don't beat myself up.
    I wish your sister will be able to get enough rest with the new baby and I wish you will find enough time to squeeze in a run here and there.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. This is a lot of fun and very motivating to read about other moms who are trying to fit running into their busy lives. I have to run in the early morning or it just won't happen any other time! But I don't have a baby anymore either, my baby is 3 now!

    I look forward to hearing more about your training for your 1/2 in June. I hope to do one in May myself.

    Happy running!

  6. Wait, you have five kids and you praise me for carrying a camera when I run?? AND your husband travels all week??I guess we all have our talents but yours tops mine ten fold! You are incredible, just run when you can and count it a are so busy and need to be easy on yourself. Nice job, Sherri!