Friday, March 12, 2010

Road Trip...

Spring Break is Here...
We are heading to Florida!

The test is to get all my workout in while on vacation!
I am hoping by pre posting my schedule....I will be held accountable to YOU!

Here are my running goals...for the next week!
6 miles- long
2 x's 1000 (w/ 1 mile warm up and cool down)
2- 30 to 45 min. runs

I hope to have lots of pictures to share..
beach running????
country roads????

Have Fun!


  1. I'll be watching for the recap, missy! You better get those runs in! (How's that for someone holding you accountable?)

    Hope you have a fun trip! :)

  2. YOU have fun! Can't wait to see your photos!!

  3. Perfect Alicia...that is just what I need!

  4. Have fun chica! And enjoy the'll get 'em in, and if not...nooooo worries. it's vacation, you deserve it;-)

  5. Enjoy! Running on vacation is the sites and sounds to check out.

  6. Have a blast on your vacation!! I can't wait to see the pictures:)

  7. Have a fantastic trip - and I love the picture of you and your sweet baby in your previous post. Travel safe!!!

  8. Ohh Florida, I love it there! Have a great time :)

  9. Have fun in Florida. I am excited to here all about your trip.