Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What was I thinking?

I am seriously laughing while I am writing this!
It may not be as funny in writing...

Okay so you all know that I am stuck on the treadmill for most of my runs right now...due to a traveling husband and 5 young ones!
Well, I have enjoyed reading all these fun running blogs ... for some reason, I have been intrigued by those who run barefoot. I have never had an interest in running barefoot myself, even though I totally think it is COOL!
So I was reading Barefoot Angie's blog... and thought, I am going to try this today, just to break up my treadmill running!

It really felt good...I'm a little heavy right now and so I could feel the extra pounds!
Oh yes, there was some heat on my feet.
And the heat just kept getting hotter!
I didn't want to stop to put my shoes back on, besides, she runs barefoot in the snow.
How come I can't run a little on the treadmill!

The funny part:
Both my feet are covered in blisters!
Yes! Big blisters!
Up and Down both sides of my feet!


  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds horribly painful! (The blisters, I mean!) Way to put in the effort...but oh my goodness. Ouch!

  2. I checked out that blog . . . I've heard of barefoot running but honestly I can't imagine doing it! Maybe I will have to try it some time . . . but thanks for the warning of blisters!

  3. Oh my! I laughed for a brief 2 seconds, then, I went, "Owwwwww..."
    Sorry about the blisters. I hope they will get better for you soon.
    And kudos for trying running barefoot and laughing at yourself. I do that a lot (laugh at myself.)

  4. ouch....i saw a barefoot runner last week in the snow. i think it's interesting concept but think i'll settle for my newtons for now. my feet are already ugly enough :)

  5. Hi Sherri,
    Oh boy, sorry about the blisters, bummer:( There are runners who swear by the barefoot running concept and I get it. I would like to try it sometime but know it will take a little bit to get used to it:) I love Angie's blog!! Good luck with your running:) Do you live in Minnesota too?

  6. oy! omg, i think it would hurt to run barefoot on a treadmill. The tread of the mill wasn't designed w/barefeet in mind.

    ooohh..and now blisters! yikes. so sorry! but i bet your kids love seeing them. and girl...don't do it again...on a TM at least;-)

  7. Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! I hope your feet get feeling better soon!

  8. Sherri,
    Barefoot on a treadmill?! OUCH!! You may as well run barefoot on a belt sander if you want the pain and blisters! That being said, you being a Mom should know (as I'm sure you've told your kids) "Just because someone else is doing it doesn't mean you should do it." Lesson learned the HARD way. OK, to be more sympathetic, I hope your feet heel (heal) quickly.

  9. Oh my stars! Sounds very painful. Take care of your self!

  10. Oh my! I absolutely want to run barefoot too but just haven't yet. It seems so freeing. Maybe your feet have to get used to the idea first - ouch!

  11. Ouch!!!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Barefoot treadmill running..... hmmmm maybe you're starting a new fad!

  12. crazy - really crazy! i've never ran in bare feet except on the beach. There are these things earthy women wear, well one earthy woman i know. They are thick sock looking things that are supposed to mimic being barefoot. It is supposed to do something with pressure points, health and granola or some such thing. Anyhoo, you have a cool and fun blog and we have a lot in common! (5kids and running for starters)!

  13. Ouch! I've read that treadmills can get hot. If you want to try barefoot again after your blisters heal, I would recommend going for a very short stretches. I've also read that some people like to wear socks on treadmills to help deal with the heat issue.

    Good luck with your feet healing.