Friday, June 4, 2010

I am Giddy with Excitment!

I am having the time of my life!
Summer is here...Kids are home...and everything is perfect!
Except that my allergies are all flared up..and I can't go outside and enjoy the beautiful heat!

So Next week which originally was my marathon...turned into half marathon...and now is the 5k....Is coming FAST!
I get to fly to UTAH with just my baby..(First time leaving the rest behind...which is not the good part... I love to have my kids with me)
But I get to meet a whole bunch of first cousins and an Aunt and Uncle whom I have not met...or remember meeting!
We have connected through the blog world, and now we are running a race together!
Plus to make GOOD...GREAT..I get to meet my sisters first little niece!
PLUS...I know there is more... I get to see my mom and dad and my other sister!
This is just too much!

Bad two oldest girls are participating in a tri that same weekend!
I will miss it!
I am so sad...they have cried many nights!
I feel like a bad mom...but when we signed up I told them I would not be able to watch them.
It didn't sink in until now!
But I am thrilled that they are doing it!
I think it is a fun, small, low pressure race with a TON of experience for them!
After they get to watch the elite race.
We have been watching them for years is awesome!
Plus, last year Brooke got a picture with Shawn if we could double that for could be the top of all tops for her!

My injuries are well rested!
If there is one thing I am good would be resting those injuries!

I look forward to a great summer!
Have Fun!
Remember your sunscreen!!!!


  1. I am looking forward to meeting you again too. I know we met in '74, and you were a little one. Your parents came to Utah to go through the temple with us. We had Laura and Ivon Jr., your family was Julie, Don, and you. Other opportunities to meet were in '80 on our return from our five-year stay in Europe and '85 when we moved from east coast to west coast. Both of these, I have a few pictures of my siblings. We visited your house in either '86 or '87. We visited Flagstaff for a week and did a day trip to your place. We visited the phoenix area in '93 after Laura was married and stayed at a condo in Scottsdale. Your Uncle George and Aunt Rebecca with their four kids were there too. The condo area had a big pool and we hosted daily swimming We got to know Shauna, Craig, and Kevin a little on this trip. Does any of this jog a memory? If not, we starting new. I sure do love you and am very proud of the mother and wife you have turned out to be.

  2. It'll be so great to meet up with family you haven't seen in a long time (or ever met)!! Have a blast! :)

  3. Hi there;-)
    good to read ya!
    i can so understand the struggle of missing your lil' grl's tri w/ going to utah. i feel like it's always going to be something or the other eh?

    you are enveloped with family, fun summer...enjoy chica;-)

  4. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! Good luck for your race and good luck to your girls too :-)

  5. I"m so excited to see you and Brady! Too bad all our kiddos and husbands won't be there too, but at least we get to see one another! AND, you can run the 5k twice, maybe three times before I cross the finish line! Cheer me on everytime you pass me! :-)
    Love you and can't wait to see you!

  6. Life is good! Great to see you are so positive. I like that. Seeing your family will be great. Enjoy!

  7. Sounds like things are good. Summertime will do that! Don't feel like a bad mom; we do so much for them, we some 'me' time too even if it is a race. Go get 'em!

  8. I wish with all my heart that I could go to Utah and meet up with every one...hopefully next time! Tell Brooke and Chelsea that I am proud of them, and have Mark take some pics so we can all enjoy seeing them on your blog.

  9. I like your positive attitude. Good luck for the races (yours and the girls' one). I never forget the sunscreen because I am a cancer survivor!

  10. THere willbe other races, dont worry, you will see them race.