Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Out of Here!

I am 1 hour away from going on my first ever trip away from the kids.
(Not completely...Brady is coming)
I love taking my kids with I am actually more sad than glad.
But since they can't go,
I am going to have a BLAST!

Originally I was planning on running a half marathon, but due to injuries mixed with busy life, I did not get the correct training in.
I would have probably just run it out of pure stubbornness, except my husband, encouraged me to just run the 5k.
Now that the day is almost here, I am thankful it all worked out this way.
I have an Uncle and a couple of cousins running the 5k with me.
It will be nice to all be in the same race

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have fun with the 5K! and enjoy the rest of your weeekend!

  2. Have so much fun, I wish I was there with you, but I will be in spirit, Love you!

  3. Enjoy your adult time and your race! Good luck.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time. Have a great 5k!

  5. I hope that you have an awesome vacation! Good luck with your 5K....kick some butt!

  6. Enjoy that 5K they are the best!

  7. Go, go with the 5k! Enjoy your trip;-)

  8. Hope you have a brilliant weekend and enjoy your race!

  9. Hope the trip, and race, go well!! Enjoy!!! :)

  10. Did you do the Utah Valley 5k? Hope you are enjoying your time in UT!

  11. Enjoy your 5km and don't worry, you will run the half very soon. Have a great trip.