Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Try Again!

Since my last half marathon turned into a 5K....I am going to try again!
There is a half in Sept.

My sweet sister thinks it is smart to run before racing!
I have learned to love running without races...and now I am getting use to racing without running!
It does leave my legs extra sore...but at least I can count on getting a run in every once in awhile!

Today I have a 5k here in town!
I figure if you schedule on every week...you can count on getting 3 miles guaranteed!

I do plan on finding consistency...and soon!


  1. Really, we have to run before we race? ; )

    Good luck today and I'm glad you have a new half to focus on!

  2. Running before racing seems logical, great news on the 5ks and planned half in Sept.!

  3. Go, go, go you racing rockstar!!

  4. sounds like your treadmill is still injured :( hope that gets better soon!

  5. It is so hard to find 5K's around here, it's mostly 10k's. Loving running is good, I'm not there yet. I tolerate it as a necessary evil.

  6. Well young lady, if you do not run before a race, it it called a backwards race? I still on a high being with you and your sisters on the 5K and lunch at the park in Provo, Utah. Just remember, it you walk like me, you will have a better cheering than those coming in first. :)
    Love you.

  7. Having a half to focus on should should help with the running before racing. Go for it!