Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Perfect Name!

I was so excited to see my blogs name on the tshirts!
This would have been a perfect run...
we could have eliminated the EXTREME

Oh My goodness!
This may have been the toughest race I personally have ever run!
It was 97 with a heat index of at least 110!
Blazing Hot!

Everyone was just beat!
But I loved this was small and simple!
Perfect for getting in a run!

Mark, my hubby, is in the green!
And Mellissa is in the purple!
I am so proud of her, she just started running about 3 months ago...
and is on FIRE!

Small races are perfect for lifting moral!
I got first in my age group and 3rd overall!
There was 100 runners!

After, they did a tower run!
One at a time they had the runners run up the tower as fast as they could!
Most of the competitors had just run the 5k.

I decided not to do it!
Mark, did it in 38 sec.
OUCH...the thought hurts!

There are the tower climbers!


  1. How fun to have the race be the same name as your blog! :)

    It sounds like you are having similar weather to us. Running in this humidity is killing me! Really it is . . . :)


    I would frame the shirt and medal!!!

    Congrats on 1st place.

  3. Congrats on the AG win and 3rd OA!!! Even more perfect that it was at a race with your blog name!! Very cool.

  4. Waheeeeey that's awesome! Good job coming first in your age group in your blogs namesake race! That trophy is fab!

  5. that is PEFECT for you all the way around! love it! you should make the trophy your blogger banner pic;-)

  6. How cool--you owned that race in more ways than one!

  7. Love the tower run...your OWN RR race!

  8. Awesome! Woohoo for winning some bling! :)

  9. Great job on the tower run! Congrats on first place.

    I think that you are delighted with the USA soccer team result. Landon Donovan in Pretoria sent USA into the second round in the World Cup.

  10. Congrats!!!

    Did Mark win the tower race? I can't imagine anyone doing it faster than that speedy guy of yours!

  11. First place! And it's your blog name, verrrrry cool! Sorry about the nasty heat, but you rocked it!

  12. Question: Are you every going to run a marathon again or stay with the half marathon? I am just curious, and your saying what a crazy question for a dude that walks 5K's. :)

    Keep running and I will keep walking. Love you.

  13. Congrats on an awesome race! I love the t-shirt with your blog name:) Way to score 1st place for your age group and 3rd overall!

  14. So cool your namesake has a running t-shirt!! I'm super jealous! Congrats on the win, girl...a win's a win!!! I'm not sure how you run in that heat/humidity, I am so wimpy on anything over 66 degrees. Ha. That's my heat limit. Record lows today with a high of 70. Yes, 70!!! And I had an awesome run. Oh, but tomorrow 95. Which means crap run!

  15. Way to go on the race and the award. That tower does look painful!

    I totally agree on the humidity. It is supposed to cool down next week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed so that I can get my long run in before the next heat wave hits!

  16. Wow 38 secs? Insane!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!! Love the fact that you have kids and still find time to run - I need to be that motivated!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comment.
    How cool, you have your own shirt. Thats awesome, and that tower looks scary.

  18. How totally cool! ...and of course you won first's your race :) 3rd overall is freaking awesome!!

  19. How strange, I happened upon your blog after clicking on a link in a friend's running blog. And find a post about a race I ran, with my mom and sister, where my sister came in 2nd in the 30-39 AG...weird...