Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the Road!!

For Father's Day we hit the road...
It was time to relax and drive the country side!
We each took the chance to run.
I don't know what I was thinking ....
it was blazing HOT and I was in all black!

I ran on the main highway...
I wanted to get it over with...
probably NOT the safest run I have ever done!

I am always thankful for the opportunity to run!
I enjoyed every minute, and every diesel that whizzed by me!
I was a little freaked out, at what ever animal was lurking in the trees next to me!
I know it is probably my imagination...but I swear it was BIG!

Then it was Dad's turn...
being the smarter one, he waited until we came to a town!
I knew the kids were anxious to get out,
so I encouraged them to make signs for DAD,

Then they would wait at the mile marks and cheer him on!
They absolutely LOVED it...
I think he loved it too!

I hope all you Father's had a great Day!


  1. soooo cute;-) as always, love seeing the pics of you and your fam;-)

    happy daddy's day!

  2. I wore all black once in a marathon where the temps were in the 80's....didn't even dawn on me until I was puking at mile 20 that maybe lighter colored clothing would have helped!! Glad you guys both got your runs in, yay!! And a big Happy FD to your hubby!!! :)

  3. Aww your kids are so cute cheering their daddy on! You have a lovely family!

  4. Such a sweet idea - cheering Dad on! Love it!

  5. You are such a beautiful family! Great!

  6. ive made the mistake of wearing al black on a hot day...ive learned to underdress for running from now on :)

    loved the cheering quad for your husband. really sweet.

  7. Love this, so cute!! On the black, probably not a good idea, ha!

  8. What a fun way to get your runs in! I wore black yesterday for my run too, big mistake!

  9. How fun! What a great way for both of you to get your runs in and involve the kiddos too! :)

  10. Cheers to you for your hot countryside run:) I love the pictures of you running and your adorable children! Also loving the signs that they made for their daddy:)

  11. That is AWESOME!!! You are crazzzy. But I do have to tell you that you probably shouldn't do that again. Cliff made me promise when Mady was young not to ever even pull over on a main highway. I thought he was just being silly and over protective. Then we moved here and a co-workers wife was killed that way. Don't mean to be a bummer, but that is scary!!!