Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fair Weather Treadmill!

What's a mom to do?
I have to get my runs in!

If I....

Go up this hill...

down this hill...

up this hill....
and then a few straight areas..
then I get 1 mile...
passing my kids at least twice!
then do it again...and again...until I reach the miles that I need!

It is actually a pleasant run...and I can get my run in!

Last time, my little 4 year old boy ran a full mile with me...hills and stopping!
I was literally in shock...I had No idea he could run!
I would like to say that I was slowing up for him...but I think he was slowing to stay with me!
I had to make him stop...he wanted to keep going...but I didn't know how good it was for him???
All day today he has been asking me..."When are we running MOM?"
My oldest daughter told me, "Mom, today you ARE getting your runs in!"
I think they realize how much I want this...and that I dedicate my whole life to them...they are giving back...gotta love it! =)


Monday, June 28, 2010


I don't think it really matters what personality one is...a running schedule or program always helps!
I would have to say...I am rather spontaneous....a little "fly by the seat of my pants" girl!
I'm Not overly structured!
(stopping laughing if you know me personally!)
I have always functioned well this way!
I love me...and am happy with the way the Lord created me!
I need a program!
To help me stay on track....give me direction...and just plain, help me get to my race!
There are soooooo many wonderful training schedules on the internet!
Since I would consider myself at beginner level, I didn't spend the time to review very many!
I just googles half marathon training, picked one...and I am starting today!
4 days a week of running....hopefully cut down on injuries!

Since running is more mental than most people think....
I have to admit, that my personality gives me an advantage!
(We already know of the disadvantage...and that would be...I am always under trained)
But the advantage is, that I don't get worked up over small bumps in the rode.
Actually the opposite....I thrive on them!
Bumps like....


Since the majority of runners that I am friends with both in the "real" world and the bloggy world, are great example of consistency!
Thank you !
If I could find just a bit of that I would do a ton better!
But I can offer the other side!
Enjoy each and every moment of each and every run or race!
Don't let the little things bother you!
At least YOU'VE done the training!
Now just BELIEVE!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How many????

How many miles do you think I get in a day?
If I chase 3 non swimmers around the pool ALL day?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Perfect Name!

I was so excited to see my blogs name on the tshirts!
This would have been a perfect run...
we could have eliminated the EXTREME

Oh My goodness!
This may have been the toughest race I personally have ever run!
It was 97 with a heat index of at least 110!
Blazing Hot!

Everyone was just beat!
But I loved this was small and simple!
Perfect for getting in a run!

Mark, my hubby, is in the green!
And Mellissa is in the purple!
I am so proud of her, she just started running about 3 months ago...
and is on FIRE!

Small races are perfect for lifting moral!
I got first in my age group and 3rd overall!
There was 100 runners!

After, they did a tower run!
One at a time they had the runners run up the tower as fast as they could!
Most of the competitors had just run the 5k.

I decided not to do it!
Mark, did it in 38 sec.
OUCH...the thought hurts!

There are the tower climbers!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Try Again!

Since my last half marathon turned into a 5K....I am going to try again!
There is a half in Sept.

My sweet sister thinks it is smart to run before racing!
I have learned to love running without races...and now I am getting use to racing without running!
It does leave my legs extra sore...but at least I can count on getting a run in every once in awhile!

Today I have a 5k here in town!
I figure if you schedule on every can count on getting 3 miles guaranteed!

I do plan on finding consistency...and soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the Road!!

For Father's Day we hit the road...
It was time to relax and drive the country side!
We each took the chance to run.
I don't know what I was thinking ....
it was blazing HOT and I was in all black!

I ran on the main highway...
I wanted to get it over with...
probably NOT the safest run I have ever done!

I am always thankful for the opportunity to run!
I enjoyed every minute, and every diesel that whizzed by me!
I was a little freaked out, at what ever animal was lurking in the trees next to me!
I know it is probably my imagination...but I swear it was BIG!

Then it was Dad's turn...
being the smarter one, he waited until we came to a town!
I knew the kids were anxious to get out,
so I encouraged them to make signs for DAD,

Then they would wait at the mile marks and cheer him on!
They absolutely LOVED it...
I think he loved it too!

I hope all you Father's had a great Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Treadmill

I remember the day I went to buy my treadmill! I had talked to many friends who advised me NOT to get one! Most of them had invested in their treadmill, but not used it! I went against the advise they gave me and bought one for my husband for Christmas! (Kinda that I think about it) I laugh at some of the features I paid up speed at 12.0....oh that's been used a ton! -wink- (It wasn't for husband only ran sprints...after lifting weights!- but he didn't use it for that either...since he has turned runner!)

IT WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!!! WE HAVE USED THAT TREADMILL, AND ABUSED IT! I LOVE HIM! (My hubby too...but this is about my treadmill)

It is broken right now! I have had the tech out...and it needs $1000 in work. It's been down for about 1 month...and I need a treadmill. I wish I could run outside...the weather is so nice, but it never works...too many little ones! I have no problem with the repair is worth it! I just can't wait! It seems like the parts are taking forever!

We are looking to buy a second treadmill! What kind of treadmill do you recommend?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I DO have a Vertical!

So my sweet kids survived without me!
I knew they would..but I just like to believe that they need me more than they actually do.
Although, their triathlon was canceled due to rain...BIG BUMMER!

As for my time in was FANTASTIC!
I hiked to the "Y"..(It's on a mountain...for BYU!)
I have always wanted to hike it...but never seem to fit it in!
Lucky for me, my race was more about running with family than actually racing, and so I was able to hike it the day before!

My sister, Cindy, and I put our babies on us...and booked it up that mountain.
About 1 min. into the hike, I realized that my "book it" pace would have to slow down to a mere stroll. We finished in 31 min.

I am more excited about my vertical.
I told the girl taking the picture.."try to get me in the air, it will be hard, because I don't come off the ground much!"
YIPPEE for air!

As for the race, it was a BLAST!
The best part was that I was running with family, and that we also had a cheering squad!
It is not very often that I get to have a whole section of people yelling for me!
And my DAD at the finish line!
Super Special!

(Above is my Aunt Eloise, my Aunt Nancy, and my brother Jeff!)

My newest Brother In Law toted Brady around while I ran the race!
I am so glad...he was well taken care of!
My sister Debbie made sure there was enough love for both those boys!

My Mom, Dad, and Jeff flew in from Arizona!
It was so fun to have them there!
Reminded me of all the many years that they spent going to races for me!
(Now I get to do that for my kids)

Here I am running, behind me is my sister, Cindy!
This is a fun picture, because I will never again have a picture with me in front!
She ran with me...she is WAY faster...but for some reason, my camera crew got a picture of me in front!
Thanks guys!
She ran right next to me for the finish line...I wish I had a picture of that!

This is my cousin is her 2nd 5k, and she just started running!
I am so proud of her!

My Uncle Ivon...he too has done 2 5k's and he beat his time by 2 min.

My cousin Steph...she also has run 2 5k's and I wish I would have captured her little gig...she is full of fun!

As for the race itself, I was rather disappointed!
They did not have any porta potties for the start of the 5k...I was in BIG trouble...I feel blessed that my bladder held!
The finish line was caotic...with the full and half finishing together!
But with all the family was SUPER Fun!

I ran an unofficial 24:33

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Out of Here!

I am 1 hour away from going on my first ever trip away from the kids.
(Not completely...Brady is coming)
I love taking my kids with I am actually more sad than glad.
But since they can't go,
I am going to have a BLAST!

Originally I was planning on running a half marathon, but due to injuries mixed with busy life, I did not get the correct training in.
I would have probably just run it out of pure stubbornness, except my husband, encouraged me to just run the 5k.
Now that the day is almost here, I am thankful it all worked out this way.
I have an Uncle and a couple of cousins running the 5k with me.
It will be nice to all be in the same race

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 7, 2010

70 and perfect!

I have not been able to go outside, due to extreme allergies!
It is such a bummer, missing out on all the beautiful weather!
But tonight I decided to go for a run and pay the price!
We just had a heavy rain and so usually that will push all the pollen down for a time!
My daughter, Brooke came with me.
We had a Wonderful run of talking, laughing, and just enjoying the special time together!
I was 100% pain free!!!!!
I think if I will take it slow...I may be able to be a runner!
What a great opportunity to have one on one time with Brooke!


Friday, June 4, 2010

I am Giddy with Excitment!

I am having the time of my life!
Summer is here...Kids are home...and everything is perfect!
Except that my allergies are all flared up..and I can't go outside and enjoy the beautiful heat!

So Next week which originally was my marathon...turned into half marathon...and now is the 5k....Is coming FAST!
I get to fly to UTAH with just my baby..(First time leaving the rest behind...which is not the good part... I love to have my kids with me)
But I get to meet a whole bunch of first cousins and an Aunt and Uncle whom I have not met...or remember meeting!
We have connected through the blog world, and now we are running a race together!
Plus to make GOOD...GREAT..I get to meet my sisters first little niece!
PLUS...I know there is more... I get to see my mom and dad and my other sister!
This is just too much!

Bad two oldest girls are participating in a tri that same weekend!
I will miss it!
I am so sad...they have cried many nights!
I feel like a bad mom...but when we signed up I told them I would not be able to watch them.
It didn't sink in until now!
But I am thrilled that they are doing it!
I think it is a fun, small, low pressure race with a TON of experience for them!
After they get to watch the elite race.
We have been watching them for years is awesome!
Plus, last year Brooke got a picture with Shawn if we could double that for could be the top of all tops for her!

My injuries are well rested!
If there is one thing I am good would be resting those injuries!

I look forward to a great summer!
Have Fun!
Remember your sunscreen!!!!