Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is This The End of the Road?

Or Just the Beginning?

This post is sooooo very over due!

Is it NOT obvious yet????
That I may need some HELP!

If I didn't care about running...and fitness...then there would NOT be a problem!
So the problem is I do care!
But I am not finding the time or energy...anywhere!
I am wondering if maybe I need a personal trainer???
Some one to tell me what to run...what to eat...what to wear! =)

What I am doing is NOT working....
Maybe because I AM DOING NOTHING!!!
(Often....Nothing brings not such great results)

I am a firm believer in the Harder you Work the Luckier you get...
Well, let's just say my luck may have run out!

Does anyone one use online trainers?
Does it work for you?
Do you feel like you can still get the needed council?
Who do you use?

I have said this 100 times...and I will say it again...probably another 100 times!
Thanks for all the great comments!
You guys keep me going!

I promise to get everyone's blogs read...
and I am sorry for falling behind...
I miss reading is the best blogging community around!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Need Rest?

Out of all the useful bike ideas...this one grab my attention the most!
Now that is a "Home on Wheels!"

I am thankful I get to come home and rest...I really don't want to carry my home on my back..or bike!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Bodies Heal!

The other day I posted about my families temporary club...of the injured!
Well, I am always amazed at how our bodies heal!
This is a picture of Brooke's rip, on her had.
I took this picture 3 days after the actual injury!
It was one of the worse rips that her coach had ever seen.
Her entire skin was gone...not just the top layer, or a couple was just ripped.
It's the kind of injury that all you can do is just wait for the body to heal.
For some reason, as I looked at her hand, I had a hard time believing that the skin was just going to regrow.
Well, it has done just that.
She is back to normal, everyday activities...gymnastics and tennis.

I have to admit that I often feel like I am going to be injured forever!
I need to have FAITH in our miraculous bodies and know that they DO heal!
I think the number one key to healing, is to allow the body the correct amount of time to rest and repair itself.
That is hard to do when your working against time lines...but if not....More Injuries are the results!

I guess it would be like speeding on the way to a meeting that your already late to...but then you get pulled over by a cop, given a ticket, and now your even further behind and it was costly!

I probably have a tendency to SPEED!
...and to get pulled over!

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just another Fad Diet????

I live in a small town....10,000 people!
I am floored with the % of people who are participating in this new diet. Since this is a blog of running, most of you live healthy lifestyles! I am curious what your take is on this diet. It was originally designed to help obese people get ready for surgery. Now it is blanketing my town. I personally know of at least 2 dozen people on it, most of them who had "some" weight to loose, but NOT obese!

If you have never heard of it....they send you all your food. Which means it is ALL processed! It is set up so that the dieter consumes 900 calories a day. They do not encourage physical activity, due to the low calories.

Everyone that I know is loosing weight, and loosing it fast!

It is a multilevel product.

I can not say that I have gone to any clinics, or really studied it. So my information may be off a tad here or there. But I just don't see how this is healthy at all, or that it is teaching good life long habits.

It seems that every day I find another friend who has decided to "giver herself or himself a boost"!

What is your opinion?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing Running!

I have been missing running lately!
I do hope that this is a short lived option!
I have tried to just enjoy the walking time that I have!
I must say that my family is loving it and hoping that I never recover!
Just this week alone, the kids and I have walked to almost every park in town!
I really should walk more even when I am able to run is just hard to find time for everything!

Once a week, my hubby and I go on a date....just us...No kids!
It is a must!
I love the time together!
This week, since we are both injured, we decided to walk to dinner, eat and walk home!
6 miles later and one of the best dates we have ever had...we are now going to make that a regular part of our date night!
The only down side, is that my date night is one of the only times I get out of mommy or workout mode and dress up!
I love it, I even wear high heels and ditch the running shoes...but I don't think I will walk 6 miles in my heels!

I am going to catch up on everyone's blogs tonight...after I put all the kiddos to sleep!
Have a Great Day...and run a few for me!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

You may not want to join our Club!?

My House, has officially become the Injured Club!
I think I posted a little late about shin splints..and I am soooooooooo very thankful for all the great advice! I have taken it all in and put it immediately into action!
I just wish I would have posted about it weeks again...instead of just running!
I am always thinking .... "Quit being a wimp!"

1. I am taking this week off running (that has never happened -wink-)
2. I bought new shoes!
3. I am taking advil, and icing!

My hubby....pulled his hamstring, while going for a quick break during noon ball!
Brooke ripped her hand up in Gymnastics....severely...and will not be able to practice for a couple of least!
Brady is teething...and full of tears...and chomping!
Luke got a paper cut!
Annika got a hair cut from Luke, and though there is not any physical is an injury all the same!
Chelsea has a case of early childhood heartache, since I was not able to make it to her last field trip of the year.
Hers caused the most tears....and all out sobbing!

So we are going to have a BIG BREAK PARTY!
NO cake allowed...only fresh fruits and veggies...and some raw almonds! =)

All I can say is it could be worse!

Enjoy your weekend!
Good Luck to all who are racing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shin Splints!

In all my years of running, (or lack of running), I have never had shin splints!
I have had every other injury...but not this one!

Does anyone have a good suggestion?

I have iced them...and I do exercises with my making the alphabet!
But they are still on fire!

As far as I know it is safe to run on shin splits...

It seemed like in track and cross country the coaches gave little notice to shin split I'm guessing it means that it is uncomfortable, but not damaging?????

Does anyone know what causes shin splints?
Is it being heavy?
Lack of Muscle?
Need of more stretching?

Thanks again for all the great comments and encouragement....YOU GUYS KEEP ME GOING!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I love to be a comes 1st in my life!
So for me every day is MOTHER'S DAY...because I love what I do and I love my KIDDOS!

This year Mother's Day fell on the Sunday after our city's Dutch Festivities!
So My Weekend was full of
Family, Fun, and Festivities!

Here we are all dressed up...ready for anther Dutch Parade!
It really is fun..and exhausting!

(Take Note: of my running shoes...I am suppose to have wooden shoes on or Black shoes...but I prefer my running shoes!)

I truly can't get enough of these little ones!
I must be the LUCKIEST MOM ALIVE!!

As for my workouts....Let's review!

Ran a race with my husband and it really got me excited again!
Had a second good run
And then when I went to run my long....I only went 4 instead of 10!
What's up with me thinking I can cut my longs short?
I am really disappointed!
Other than I can say I enjoyed the 4!
I may not enjoy my half marathon though...when I show up unprepared!

I shattered the standing joke around here.... (at my house)
When I say I am going to do PX90...that really means Chest and Back again!
Well, I have successfully done the second workout!
I'm one proud mommy!

Biking and Swimming:
What is that?
I am going to google "How to find more time!" Today!

Am I allowed to be happy with stable?
NO loss, No gain!

All in All I had a great Week!
And I am ready to do it again...maybe even better!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kim is Here!

I decided to post a picture of us after our race on Wednesday, since I did not take the time to download it before posting about the race.
I was so excited to be back running, that I couldn't wait!

Now for the reason why I was so out of routine!
First, I'm not a routine it is easy to throw me off!
Second, my sister, Kim moved here, and we had 8 kids under 9 in one house for 2 weeks...we were all out of whack!

I may have gone 2 weeks without running, but she is going to whip me into shape.
She is 10 years younger than me...and has always been faster than me!
(And thinner....but whose paying attention???? ... ME...)
This is the sister who would come to all my track meets...she wrote papers about me being her hero....and then when her turn came she blew ALL my times out of the water!

So we went running this week...she has not run in a year...she is AWESOME!
She just played with me...she wasn't even breathing hard...infact, she may not have been breathing at all!
I am Super Nervous and even more excited!
We all know that the best way to get better is have your little sister chase you!

I am in need of a new pair of shoes...
from what I read I should go barefoot...but I am not ready for that stage!

After watching my good friend run in these shoes...I will not be complaining too much!
She claims her feet feel better in these than her running shirt!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5K Race Report!

Today was our city's annual 5k! It's a great time for the whole family...the little ones do a 2 block run and then Mark and I run the 5k! Last year and this year my oldest daughter, now 9, ran the 5k with her friends. Well, before I give you the race report, last time I ran the race, 2 years ago, Mark asked me to run with him! The gun went off and I couldn't help but to race and so I ran my own race! He was so upset...He asked me NOT to tell him I would run with him if I was NOT going to! I told him that I liked to race and most likely would NOT "run with him" at races!

Today came, and of course I was going to run, even though I have been 14 days without running, and having a very difficult time getting motivated! Once again he asked if I wanted to run with him. I agreed! Once again the gun went off and I had to do everything in my power to hold myself back from racing.

The third mile I was so excited, I knew that if we maintained our pace Mark would be able to get his goal time. (he wanted to be in the 25's) So I started to encourage him to stay with me and I would pace him to his goal! Oh, he was steaming! So there we are running a race, 1 mile to go, and we are fighting! I couldn't believe it! So I just decided to relax, let him pace and to enjoy myself! We finished in 26:10ish! He was thrilled...I was thrilled...and NO, we were not in a fight!

I was so happy, because I felt great the entire time! I could talk breath was relaxed...and my mind clear! This is EXACTLY what I needed! I needed a good run to feel positive again! I needed the race to get me all pumped up again! And I needed to realize that it is okay to run races differently and to develop different talents, that in the end will result in faster times. For example, I am the queen of taking the first mile WAY TO FAST! And then hanging on for dear life...until the end! My first mile today was 7:59 and felt if I would teach myself to run a controlled first mile, pick it up 2nd, and then kick it in 3rd...I think I could have more success! But it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. So we will have to see!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I absolutely LOVE Mondays!!!
They always give me a new start...why wait till Monday...I have NO idea!
Good thing they come every 7 days...or I would be in BIG trouble!
So I admit...I have been slacking...10 days with zero running!
I would hardly say I was way!
I have been working my tail end off!
(Except now my tail end is Bigger)
Makes NO sense!
I am super excited and kind of scared to jump back in!
I mean I do have a half marathon in 6 weeks...I kind of need to run...but my last run was a horrible one!
And yet the weather is perfect!
I just love my mind I feel like I could run for hours without stopping...and then I run to the mailbox and remember that running is not as weightless as I would like to pretend!
So heres to wishing everyone a great Monday and a great Week!