Friday, February 25, 2011

A Little Slice of Heaven!

The only view from my treadmill is a white wall!
I have learned to not see the wall, but to let my imagination run wild!

If I had been asked 10 years ago if I ran on treadmill, I would have said....

It's funny how life changes...
now with 5 kids, and a long hour working husband...I have no choice but to run on the treadmill, 90 percent of the time!

It took some time, I had to change my attitude, from...
"I hate treadmills"
"I'm thankful for treadmills!"

I never pass up the opportunity to run outside,
even if the conditions are dreadful.....below zero....or over 100!

This last week we took a road trip...
actually we are still on the road trip!

We headed south, and now we are beach hopping!

I am loving every second!
Running on the white sand, with blue green crystal clear water...
temps at 70 with a light ocean breeze!

I'm pretty sure this is close to HEAVEN!

So tell me??????
Why does my husband choose to run on the treadmill????
I run....I tell him how wonderful it is...
then he runs...and he chooses the treadmill and the wall....
over the ocean and cool breeze????
I just can't figure it out???

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let's get this party started!

As I reschedule my calendar for races, I plan to add some fun ones in there!
Do you have any adventure runs planned?

How about the Dirty Dash?
A Mud Obstacle Course, and it even has a kids fun obstacle course....
love it!

or the Warrior Dash?
They are located all over the country, and look like some dangerous fun!

Living History Farms race?
I believe it is the largest cross country race of it's kind...tons of fun, never know what you'll get!

Race for the Rose
Every participate is handed a rose at the finish line!

A week of biking and even some fun music, food and more1

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank goodness for flexibility....

Not the stretching kind!

Well, I have had a rather exciting 2011....exciting in ....interesting!
I promised a mystery...but I spoke to soon!

We were 12 weeks into expecting our 6th child...
unfortunately, things must not have been quite right...
and so....
back to plan A!

Plan A....
was to get in shape, run some races, and just have a Great year!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a Mystery!!!

I may seem to be MIA...
but I am preparing for a special event!
I cant wait to share my little mystery with you...
but in the mean time, don't loose faith in me!
I will post when I can!