Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Swim!

It was quite the chore finding a lap swimming suit!
I guess maybe it has been a while....16 years!
I finally found one...didn't fit the best...but I squeezed into it! =)
My goggles were a bit worn....okay totally shot!
I ran to the local sports store (which thankfully we have one now), and picked up a pair of goggles!

I was ready to go for my first swim!

I just happened to mention to my oldest daughter, on my way out, that I was going to go swim a mile! (I wasn't planning on actually swimming a mile)
But she laughed at me!

"I don't think so mom! You don't swim!"

Well, from there it went like this...
Me..."Honey, I can swim!"
B..."a mile? way! How many laps is that? 10?"
Me..."72 (I think)!"

Then she ran downstairs laughing....telling Dad that I think I can swim a mile!

I was getting in way over my head!
But you can guarantee...I was not coming home until I had swam 72 laps!

Said "Good Bye" to all the crying kids...."We want to swim too!"
It was 9:00 at night...they probably should have already been in bed!

As I am driving away...Brooke comes running out..."Remember, 72 laps without stopping!"

I was looking forward to a few stops!

I swam a mile....No stops....41 minutes!
I know that is slow...but HEY! I DID IT!

I am super excited about swimming and biking....(well, I think I am excited about biking)! I really feel that this is what I need to help my running. I get injured so quickly, that this will be great cross training. That is how I first started to swam ....back in that day! I swam for training in college!

Oh by the way if you have interest in a home yoga video...I am giving one away on my family blog!
I love to do yoga...I feel like it helps me a ton! I don't live in a big city and so I have found some videos that I feel are super good and challenging!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Code word?

I love the article in Runners World about Sara! I think there are many principles that can be applied to everyone's running. I am someone who when a race or workout gets tough...I talk to myself and encourage myself to finish! When I was younger I used to tell myself "You have to want it to win it, and I want it more!" So when I read about her one word that she says to herself during a difficult time in training...and then her body responds to it during the race...I immediately decided that was a concept that would work for me. I am not creative and so I just use the word "fight"....which I believe is the same word she uses!

Do you talk to yourself at difficult times?
Do you have a code word that helps you push through tough moments?

Check out this giveaway!
Mommy's Fit for the King

Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I said "Good Bye!" to my indoor running partner!
(He has been like a "Wilson" to me...I listen to an ipod...can you see him? more about him here!)

There is just not room in my house for a broken keep me company on my midnight treadmill run!
It's SAD really!

I have BIG goals this week!
I have enjoyed the last month of casually getting back into the swing of things...but I need a drastic change to physical body!
I have 20 pounds that I am carrying around..and it is time to drop it!
(Not my baby!---He's a keeper! I'm talking about the spare tire!)

So it is time to kick it up a notch!
For some of you....this seems elementary...but that is the beauty...we get to the next step, one step at a time!

The trouble is going to be...getting it all accomplished without loosing precious quality time with the kiddos!

Mornings: P90X
Evening: 4 runs , 2 swims, and a cycle class!

Diet: Eat Good!
(How hard is it? Must be pretty hard...since I'm failing!!)

Have a GREAT week and I will enjoy reading up on what life is bringing you! =)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Love You Guys!

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
A Million Thanks to all the Great Comments and helpful tips!
I am so glad I waited until I had such great "friends", before trying the Tri world!

I found a is a small one...sprint..and in the pool!

So my goals this summer are this:

Run my first half marathon in June...and run it under 1:45
Race a 5k under 20 minutes
Race my first sprint triathlon!

I am super excited!

This weeks training seemed like it was NEVER going to work out!
Everyday I had to adjust...and change the planned workout!
But in the end...It has all come together!

Monday: 2 1/2 mile warm up, 2 mile tempo (7min.) pace, 1/2 mile cool down
Tuesday: massage
Wednesday: 1 mile warm up, 3 x's 800 @ 8.0 on treadmill
Friday: 2 miles easy (but felt horrible)
Saturday: 9 miles 1:18

Total miles: 19!!!!!

My highest yet!

If I had a picture of today's run...
It would have been perfect!
I felt good!
I was smiling the entire 9 miles...
I think because I was running outside, with my husband, (who had been out of town all week), with a light mist, and beautiful temperatures!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Steps to Tri!

For about 8 years I have been tempted to try a Tri! As many of you know, I have chose to be pregnant instead! =) Just kidding...but seriously, I barely have time to train for a 5k, before my next kid! So after reading all these blogs, I am so excited to Tri! I do have fears...lots of them. My number 1 fear is the ocean. Which I would only have to address if I fell in LOVE with Tri's and decided to expand my options! My second fear is the bike. Silly I know! I have NO problem swimming or running...but the bike .....SCARES ME!

How scary can a bike really be? I learned to ride one when I was 5...once you can ride a bike you can always ride a bike. Well, that was what I thought until I took my mountain bike on a "bike ride", with my Tri friend about 5 years ago. OH MY GOODNESS, it is hard! I was horrible at it. Those are muscles I have never used! Plus what about crashes? And not to mention the clips? It is just all so foreign to me!

I talked to my husband and told him my crazy thinking! He was so excited for me...he knows first hand how much I have talked about trying one! So step one for me is to buy a road bike and start riding...working those unknown muscles.

What bike do I buy?
How do I know what is good and not good?
HELP ME!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Tempo Run!

After yesterday's post, the question came up, "What is a tempo run?" Since I feel like the tempo run is the most important aspect of any training program, I thought I would explain what tempo is to me, and then hopefully others will pitch in with comments of what works for them! Since I am not a coach or professionally trained I am going to stay away from the technical details of how tempo runs train your body to run fast. I am going to talk in simple terms and hopefully others will understand. If you are able to explain it in deeper and greater details....PLEASE DO!

If you are a first time runner and are trying to run your first race of any distance, I would change my stance on what is the most important. Easy miles, slowly increased over time is the only way to build the needed base for running races. I often think of a building and the structure it needs, to with stand weather elements. If a sky scraper is going to stand tall then it MUST have a Strong Large Base! Running is the same....the stronger, larger your base is, the higher you will be able to take your running limits. With that said the number one important element in training is miles. Follow the 10% total mile increase rule and slowly build up to at least 15 miles a week for 3 months.

So now you have built a base and hopefully run a race! It is very easy to fall into a stagnant comfortable pace! The best way to increase race pace, especially for longer races is to implement tempo runs. A tempo run is a steady run of 2-6 miles run at 10k pace! Tempos train your body to sustain an uncomfortable pace for an extended amount of time...teaching you and your body that you can run faster! Just like building miles, it takes time to build up a strong tempo run. I am training for a half in June and I have run 2 tempo runs. Both started and ended with a mile warm up and cool down. My first tempo duration was 1 1/2 miles, my second one was 2 miles. If you have never run a tempo run , I suggest doing a long fartlek workout first. Which would be your warm up and cool down followed with 3-5 min. tempo paced runs, and 3 minutes of normal paced rest in between. This will help you learn to run at a faster pace. It should NOT be comfortable, but it is NOT a race. It takes running them a few times to learn what pace works. You should NOT be able to carry a conversation, but you should be able to sustain the pace for the full duration. I would rather start off a tad slower and then decide that I can increase, rather than to run too fast and have to end early or to slow down. This type of training will teach your body to use the oxygen efficiently!

I also think that it is important to find the best terrain to run on. I want to have a successful tempo run and so I try and find a route that has as little hills as possible. I am a strong believer in hill training, but not during your tempo run. Hills are just going to slow you down, and the purpose of the tempo would be a steady pace. In fact, a slight down slope is great! I personally prefer not to run them on the track. So find what works for you!

Challenge Yourself!!!

I hope this helps! I would love to have others add to this! =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail"

This is the quote that keeps popping up in my head as I am training for my first half!
Honestly, it will be my second one. I am counting it as my first, because my first one was 16 years ago, while in college.
I feel like I have 2 running lives.
The problem is calculating a plan...
What should be my goal time?
I have been trying to find a race, so that I can get a time under my that I can know what pace to train at.
How fast to run my tempos? and my intervals?
I have ran 2 tempo run now, the first one I ran 8:30 pace, and the last one was 7:00 minute pace.
That is a huge difference in a two week time period!

Following my body is probably as good as any plan...the problem is that my mind thinks it is 20 and my body knows it is 36, 20 pounds over weight, and chasing 5 kids all day!

I have finally found a race that I can run that does not fall on the same weekend as gymnastic meets.

I am going to run an Easter 5 miler...and then I will base my training on that race!

For all you experts...Is that the right idea?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The BEST "workout" swap ever!

Today I was suppose to run an easy 4 miles!
But my legs were shot from yesterdays Tempo run!
Which I am thrilled about!
I ran a 2 1/2 mile warm up and then a 2 mile tempo at 7:00 minute pace!
Way faster than my body should run right now!
But it felt great...and then the pain hit...ALL night and ALL day today!

However, I am trying to stick to my schedule as best as possible, so that I can get to the half marathon, somewhat prepared!
So I piled my three little ones in the car and drove an hour to the gym...
(crazy huh!- that's small town living!)
Made sure the kids were settled into day care and then headed to the locker room to prepare for my run!
On the way I happened to pass by the courtesy desk and saw a sign for massage therapy!
Out of curiosity asked if there was an opening....right now!
What do you know....THERE WAS!

I skipped out on my run and had the BEST massage I have ever had!
It was incredible....after the hour, she asked if I would like another 20 minutes...

That is the best workout swap ever!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Thanks to all of you for helping me get my running done while on vacation!
I'll be honest....this is not an easy task!
But I knew I promised to report ...and so I did my runs!

Monday I ran long...6 miles....54:00 minutes
The best part is that Mark and I were able to run together and we ran along the ocean!
I wish we could have ran on the actual beach...but where we were staying there was not a sandy beach! Bummer!
I am not going to complain was wonderful!

Wednesday we ran together again!
Absolute miracle!
And we ran 4 miles in 36:00
(I guess we are stuck on 9 min.)

Friday we were headed home...but I jumped on the treadmill and go my intervals done!
2 x's 1000 @ 7:30 pace

Planned to run on Saturday...but missed that one!

Here are some quick pictures from our family vacation!

It may have been too cold to were a swim suit...but that did not stop the girls from getting wet.
They were soaked...jeans....sweatshirts....the whole thing!
And they loved every minute of it!
How could you not be in love with a sunset like that and the ocean at your feet?

The little ones spent their whole time drawing animal tracks...
and holes!
They would draw a BIG circle and then jump in!
I love the sweet imaginations of kids!
Of course they wanted me to jump in also.
All the sudden their BIG hole was teeny tiny...but I jumped in!
My imagination did not take me to where they were going, but they loved that I was willing to take the dive! =)

The sand was like ice!
At first I took my shoes off..and almost put them right back on, but I noticed my kids all had their shoes off and they weren't complaining!
I was not about to be the one to complain!
So I walked barefoot!
Oh! am I glad!
It felt so wonderful on my feet...I wished I could roll my whole body in it!
That would be much better than an ice bath....which by the way I DON'T do!
(I did in college the memory is there)

Why not a picture of me and my teeny one!
I carry that 20+ pounds every where...we are attatched!
I am a strong sling mom....I own every one I can find...that is good!
But this is my favorite for fits in my pocket!

Now I must go do 50 batches of laundry and put my house back in order!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It happened again!

I can't believe it!
It happened again!
I mentioned to someone that I like to run...
and they asked me one question...

Have you run a marathon?
I responded, "NO"

Conversation over!

I am amazed how to the non running world, the marathon is the only step to qualify a runner into TRUE running status.
Do they truly think that marathons are all that running has to offer?
No wonder they don't run!
There is so much more!
But since this same exact scenario has happened to me at least a dozen time, I think I better figure out a way to get this injury prone body geared up to run a marathon!
My history would have me pregnant by the fall!!!! (wink)

I actually think I would fall in love with marathons...I have always loved to run long...back when I did that is.

Okay...time to get back to reality and focus on what I am trying to do!

Step 1: Half Marathon in June

If I complete this ...then I can talk about Bigger and Better things! =)

Have a GREAT Weekend!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Glad to be home!

It does NOT matter how much fun we have on vacation, we are always so happy to come home.
I love that the kids love to be home too!
They run in and they check out every room, and all their toys to make sure everything is still here!
It verifies the great saying,
"Home is where your HEART is!"

We headed down south, to Florida, so we could soak up some much needed Sun!
But when we got there it was FREEZING!
There was NO swimsuits, just a quick stop at Target to grab sweatshirts for everyone!
I couldn't figure out how we could be so cold?
We live in the midwest and have not reached the 40's why was the 60's feeling so miserable!
And then I is our is our minds!
At home we expect the temperature to be our minds are prepared....and therefore, it is bearable!
That is NOT the case in Florida...
We thought we would be hanging at the beach in our swimsuits, wading in the ocean...
So when we got there and the temperatures where less than expected... our minds were NOT prepared for it....WE FROZE!
I mean...FROZE!

This is exactly how running is such a mind game!
I am always amazed at how powerful our minds are when it comes to every run.
Especially races!

That is why I love to embrace the undesirables during training!
Then when race time comes....I am not bothered by minor situations like...

Hotter than expected temperatures
The Gigantic hill at the end of the race
Too few water stations
The list goes on and on!

If during training you embrace every possible situation,
then nothing can shock you at the races!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Road Trip...

Spring Break is Here...
We are heading to Florida!

The test is to get all my workout in while on vacation!
I am hoping by pre posting my schedule....I will be held accountable to YOU!

Here are my running goals...for the next week!
6 miles- long
2 x's 1000 (w/ 1 mile warm up and cool down)
2- 30 to 45 min. runs

I hope to have lots of pictures to share..
beach running????
country roads????

Have Fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is What it is ALL About!

There is nothing better than after a run...
coming home and sharing a drink of water...
with my sweet little boy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Healing Power of Mud!

Today was my first tempo run!
I absolutely love tempo runs!
I warmed up 1 mile at 9:30 (super sore muscles from P90X)
Then I ran a 1 1/2 miles tempo at 8:30 pace
Cool Down 1 mile 9:30

I was very happy with the fact that I reached the times I was hoping to reach and once again, I did it in MUD!

I'm starting to love this mud hip doesn't bother me at all.
And that is saying hip hurts when I am not running!

Mud is not so good when it gets deep...then I slip and slide and make a HUGE mess!

Plus...I am going to need new shoes after we dry out!

I am still doing P90X...and I am still extremely sore!

Now for the GOOD NEWS!
There is an amazing giveaway going on....

You get the shorts, shirt and the arms!
Well, not the arms...I wish it was that easy to get those...I would have bought them years ago...and a flat stomach! =)

Seriously though, Anne Marie, over at Goals for the Week, is doing this giveaway right now. It ends March 17th....SO HURRY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Beach" running in the midwest!

I don't think I have been this wiped since college...18 years!
It all started when over the weekend I got out the Superman Fit Kid Deck and did 30 min. with my kids...only to realize that I am extremely out of shape and that my muscles don't work like they did when I was 20!
So I decided to start the P90X workouts on Monday to get my muscles working again.
The first workout was push ups and pull ups!
First push ups are on my knees...yes! It is true!
And a pull up...I don't think so....not even one or part of one.
So I just hung and then let down slowly!
I was pooped!!!

Then for my running this week, I am scheduled for a 7 mile long run!
Well, it was 40 degrees and beautiful!
So I got the babysitter and headed out.
Due to my injury prone body, I opted to stay on the gravel shoulder...which with all the snow melting is really just a big mud bath.
I tried to move to the street...but my hip was just screaming!
So I ran ALL 7 miles in mud!
It was a SLOW run...and OH MY GOODNESS!
It was tough!
When my garmin said 7.00 I stopped....dead in my tracks....I was NOT about to take one more step!

Last night I was useless....zombie!

It felt good to work myself to's been at least 18 years!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Paying it Forward!!

I know first hand that "pay it forward" works!
I decided to make this post after reading this blog yesterday that was asking what others think of pay it forward!
Plus I have also been thrilled with the amount of people taking the time to help others, especially young kids!

It is worth the time!

You as an individual may NEVER know of the true long term effects!
So I am here to tell you that they are GREAT!!!

Just last week I was telling a friend about my first pair of shoes!

I was in Junior High and I really wanted to have a sport!
I decided to try track!
I needed shoes, my knock off keds were just not going to be able to get me through the season. I did not have the funding to buy a pair of shoes!
Lucky for me, I was in the locker room, and I walked by the trash, there sitting on top was a pair of worn out, size 6 1/2 New Balance running shoes!
I was so excited...I immediately tried them on!
They fit perfect!...(even though I really wore a 7 1/2)
These shoes served me well for 2 years..until High school, when my coach saw that my shoes were in terrible condition.
He took his own money and bought me a pair of running shoes!

As a young 16 year old girls...I will NEVER forget the feeling of my NEW shoes!
I decided right then...that when I was able, I would always make sure others had shoes to run in.
Since then I have bought many shoes for other runners in need!
I plan to buy many many as needed!

When asked, "Can we repay you?"
I say, "YES, PAY IT FORWARD....when you can afford a pair of shoes for someone else!"

How many shoes have been passed on....all because 1 coach saw a need and filled it?
I have NO idea...I know I was not the only runner he bought shoes for...
But I do know that because of 1 coaches kindness...many kids have received NEW shoes from random people just trying to "pay it forward!"

So remember...when you serve and help others...
You will NEVER know the true effects of how many people you touch!
Just know it is MANY!!!!!

* I ran in size 6 1/2 running shoes for 16 years...until 6 years ago a friend told me she wore a size bigger running shoe. I told her I wore a size smaller...and she said "I have never heard of that!" I got thinking about it...and decided to try a bigger size. At first my feet were I know that 7 1/2 is my true running shoe size! =)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is Over the Top!


Check out the warrior dash races!
That sounds like a BLAST!!!!!

What a great way to use those old shoes!!!!!

I have to take just a few moments and give my dad credit for "Talk about....".
Growing up in a family of 12 kids...some of the normal experiences for others, were rare for us!
My dad would make everything so exciting!
When we would go get ice cream or go to the mall (I think we went once! )
He would say...

(in the announcers voice)

Oh we would get so pumped up!!!

Thanks Dad!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


My quest for help goes beyond running!
Are you ready!

1. I am running a half marathon on June 12, but my favorite race ever is on the 5th. It is a 12.5 miler. My training schedule has me running a 10 miler on that day...could I get away with running the 12.5 miler...if I did not race???? Or....would that NOT be smart and be too much?????

2. I have so many great blogs I want to follow...but every time I try to follow them it pulls up my husbands profile. Has this happened to any of you? I am the one logged in and it is still doing it. I can comment under my own name...but I can't follow. How do I fix this?

I guess that's it!

There are some fun giveaways happening!

KALYX sports bra at Setting you free
If you leave a comment...or it under my name...I really need this one!!!!

Detergent and other cool stuff at 5 miles 2 empty
I would love to find a detergent that truly got the sweat smell out. I can't even smell my sweaty shirts next to my dear hubby's! (Shhhh, don't tell him...although I think he already knows )

Inperspire at Tall mom

You know what ???? I took today off! I don't know why...but my body just said, "SHERRI!!! I DON'T WANT TO RUN!"
And I think for the first time ever I listened!
Not the first time ever to miss a workout...but the first time ever to actually truly "listen" to my body!
Guilt Free!
That is success!
Our bodies will tell us what they need...if we will but listen!

Have a Great Workout this weekend!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 cheers for the GREAT OUTDOORS!!

38 degrees + babysitter + shoes =A GREAT RUN!!!!!
It was amazing!
Just me and the cool crisp air...
I did not take a watch or any other device to tell me how far I was running...
I left my ipod home...
I just wanted to soak it all in!
And I did!
Couldn't run very kids had to be run to gymnastics... but I fully enjoyed the whole 40 minutes!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What was I thinking?

I am seriously laughing while I am writing this!
It may not be as funny in writing...

Okay so you all know that I am stuck on the treadmill for most of my runs right now...due to a traveling husband and 5 young ones!
Well, I have enjoyed reading all these fun running blogs ... for some reason, I have been intrigued by those who run barefoot. I have never had an interest in running barefoot myself, even though I totally think it is COOL!
So I was reading Barefoot Angie's blog... and thought, I am going to try this today, just to break up my treadmill running!

It really felt good...I'm a little heavy right now and so I could feel the extra pounds!
Oh yes, there was some heat on my feet.
And the heat just kept getting hotter!
I didn't want to stop to put my shoes back on, besides, she runs barefoot in the snow.
How come I can't run a little on the treadmill!

The funny part:
Both my feet are covered in blisters!
Yes! Big blisters!
Up and Down both sides of my feet!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks Anne Marie

This made my week!
Anne Marie, over at Goals for the week, gave me this award...

The first part is to tell you 6 things that you don't already know about me!

1. I absolutely love road trips! Just piling the kids in the car and heading to "nowhere", but even if we have a destination, I love to drive the country! We take our time, get off the highway, and just soak it all in! My 5 kids are wonderful and allow us to do this with zero complaints. Of course we find fun stuff for them to do! We also will find a fun country road and take turns running on it! We never eat fast food, we try and find that hidden gem, that only the locals know about...but serves the BEST food!

2. I must be a strong YELLOW...because life feels like one big PARTY! I love birthdays, holidays, and every other excuse to celebrate!

3. My husband and I started our own business 12 years ago, and have worked hard together! I am now home with the kids and loving every minute! I hope my kids NEVER grow up....NEVER! But when they do I am excited to jump right back into business. I love every aspect of it...especially dealing with people!

4. I believe strongly in date night! My husband and I have date night every week! It is the one thing that is guaranteed to happen! I'll take 2 if I can fit them in! Having a strong marriage holds the whole family together! It's funny, we often just go to dinner and talk, talk , talk, and talk....easy 3 hours! He fills me in on all that has happened with the business and I give him the run down on the homestead!

5. I love to cook and bake! I love to try new recipes! In fact, I rarely fix the same thing twice! I always ask "Is this a keeper?" My family asks, "Why? You'll never make it again!" Not true...sometimes I repeat!

6. I absolutely love to blog and to meet new friends from all over! Blogging keeps me gives me enough change of pace from my sweet household! Absolutely LOVE it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Long is done!

6 miles completed!
That is the way to do long on Monday ....the rest of the week is cake!
(I think)

So I was looking at my ticker to 1000 miles in 2010 and thinking...I have a ways to go.
Do you think it is fair to count the miles I ran before starting my blog?

Oh! And thanks for all the encouraging words!
This rocks!