Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Happens!

Wow! This week just flew by! I was not able to accomplish all that I set out to accomplish!
I was so disappointed...especially since I just started my running blog...and I have ONLY accumulated 14 miles. To the typical "runner" that is a midnight stroll! How will anyone take me serious! And then it dawned on me. That is what I love about reading others running blogs. It is not about what the life of running should look is about what their life brings to running. I love to read the rise and falls...the ups and downs...the striving for more and better even if we can't get there today! So instead of crawling in a hole and waiting to post when I have ran my long run that was suppose to be run on Saturday...I decided to post about what reality is to me as a runner and how running plays an important role in my life...even when running or working out is the minority of what takes place!

I had high hopes for this week! I ran a great 5 miles, which is the longest I have ran since my son! I mapped out a running schedule that will lead me to my half marathon in June, and I was so excited to complete week 2! Monday morning came and I got a call from my sister that she her baby, and I knew she needed my help. I jumped on the treadmill, and ran my easy 3 and then packed the kids and drove the 5 hours to help her. It was a great visit, I was able to get a lot, cooking, and taking care of her 4 and mine! But, in the back of my head I was stressing, "How was I going to get my runs in?" She could tell that I was thinking about something, so I expressed my concern with my runs. She insisted that I leave her with the kids and go run...I actually almost bad as that sounds! And then, just as I was leaving I looked back and saw my sweet selfless sister sitting with her new born, my 7mo., 2 little 2 year olds, all of them on her lap. It was right then that I remembered that running is NOT the most important thing in the world, and that I will NOT destroy my program if I skip a few runs! So this week I relied heavily on my Bryan Kest Power Yoga..I could do it right in the living room, early in the morning!

I got home on Thursday night and I knew that I would be able to get 2 more runs in on Friday and Saturday. My husband travels Monday - Friday and he works Saturdays until 7 or 8! (And I don't run on Sundays) I got on the treadmill Friday to run another 3 miles and that went fine. Saturday I was up at 5:30..but so were all my kiddos! So I thought I would run at night...I took my 2 girls to their gymnastics competition and was home by 8PM! My husband had arranged for us to go to dinner, so we went to dinner, I didn't eat because I thought I would run when I got home!

Bottom line...I was exhausted..I didn't run my long run!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Running is for Everyone!

I think I have already made the point that I love running. It has been a huge part of my life and I feel like it has led me to where I am right now, which is 100% heavenly bliss. I love my life and would not change one thing! Not even one!

For some reason I find just as much joy from helping others fit running into their lives as I do running my self!
I have encouraged each one of my 5 younger sisters to develop a love for running...even if they don't find the same competitive drive that I do.
Running is for everyone!
It does not matter if you are short, tall, thin, thick,young, old, fast, slow....EVERYONE CAN RUN!

Today my older sister called me showing a slim interest in running.
She has NEVER seemed interested!
So I started to talk to her about it...and asked if she would like me to help her find a race and put together a schedule?
She said "YES"!
I am so excited!
If she will do this it will change her life forever!
I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yoga Rocks Too!

I have found that yoga is my second love and compliments running perfectly! Someday I would love to get professionally trained, but for now, I have found wonderful at home videos!
This morning I did Bryan Kest's Power Yoga! It is 45 mins. of pure stretching and strengthening all at the same time! My hips love me after this! (And my hips give me lots of problems) I try to do yoga 3-4 times a week and run 3-4 times!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I ran 3 miles...felt good to get it done...but I did not feel good running!
It is so hard to remember that every time I start running again after babies it takes time!

"Just Do The Time!"

The Day Slipped Away!

Yesterday I missed my run...
Not without many attempts!
I was up at 5:30am ...but so was my two little ones, so I took that time to just enjoy them, knowing I had the whole day to fit it in.
Somehow...I am not sure how....the day slipped away!
So at 11:00pm I got on the treadmill...but once again little ones called!

Over the years the one thing I have learned is that my running is patient. It is always there for me.

It calms my tired nerves!
It revives my worn out body!
It lifts my spirits!
It burns my ice cream!

I have had more days than not, when my schedule goes out the door...I've even had weeks and months when I wonder "how will I do this?"

Somehow it all works out and running stays my companion!
Today...I will get my run in!
At least every attempt will be made! (wink)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My running scenery!

I am so excited!
I had a great run....and I am going to give my blog all the credit!
This week I have ran 3 miles 3 times and felt horrible!
In fact, at one time I called my husband and said, "maybe this fifth child has put me over the edge, I may not be able to come back!"
But tonight I ran a tough run...and I am thrilled!

Remember...I am just starting back!

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill at 7.0 (43:12)

I just need to get through this winter running. I am not a treadmill runner. But my circumstances have put me on the if I can just build up a base...I will be just fine once I can get back outside!

Right before I ran tonight I was looking at a couple of running blogs and enjoying the scenery!
I had to laugh....this is what my scenery looks like...I think it is BEAUTIFUL!

I eat quite a few play doh hamburgers and pizzas while running!

They all sit right next to me and create ....tonight it was clay!

As soon as I got off the treadmill, I took this picture so you could see how close they like to sit next to me! I always wonder why they don't spread out...we have a whole house...but they just sit and create while I run!
Every once in a while they will ask me how far I have gone...and how fast...but for the most part they let me have my run!

9 Novice Lives

How many times does one runner have to go back to Novice?
I am hoping I have at least 9 lives!

I started running when I was 14 years old. I wanted to be involved in sports, but my parents did not have the finances to put me into club sports with all my friends. (I am the third oldest of 12) I knew that we had running in our genes, from stories that my dad told. So I thought I will go out for track! I started as a hurdler, then tried high jump, but when the coach decided to have me run a 800 in a meet one time, and I won! I never looked back! I became a LONG DISTANCE RUNNER!
I ran in college and then before kids! I always knew that running was just part of my life...I couldn't imagine anything different. Then I got pregnant with my first daughter and was hospitalized and flat on my back for the first 6 months. That put a quick STOP to running. My dream of running during pregnancies has never been a reality for me. Infact, I am not able to run much the first 3-6 months after birth either, just due to my body healing! So after each child I am back to novice status.
Well, I have 5 wonderful kids and 5 difficult pregnancies, and so I have been back to the beginning 5 times. Each time I strive hard to get as far as I can before I have my next kid. So far my best PR since kids, was after #3, it is a 20:22 5K!
I have not raced farther than that since kids.
The part of running that I love is the competition part! I love to race against myself and to beat my time!
So this is my new journey...LET'S SEE HOW FAR I CAN GET!

I hesitate to put goal on my blog for I am not one that likes to FAIL!
But for all of you to know...
my goals this year are to run under 20 minutes for a 5K
and to run a half marathon in June!

My first follower says it perfect....
"Dare to Dream!"

Thanks for your support!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I have been so resistant to starting a blog just for my running...and yoga...and health of all kinds!
But now that I am actually doing it...I am all giddy about it!
I love running!
I always have!
I am excited to share my past, present and future experiences of running with you!
I am currently doing a fitness challenge on my family blog...Come join us!