Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three things Thursday!

1. I did Zumba today. It was fun...I have NO coordination...but it was fun! Brooke, my 10 year old did it with me, and she loved it too. I think we will be making this part of our week!

2. 2010 was such a great year! I am excited to RING in 2011!
We are having a kid friendly party, with a taco bar, and crazy hats!
My kids love the midnight hour...I predict they will all be awake....I may be asleep though! =)

3. 47 degrees feels like summer....I am loving every minute of it! It is suppose to go back to 25 need to stay warm for long!

4. I know...there is suppose to be 3...but I have never been good at following rules.
I am taking my tree down already! It feels rather sad....I do love the Christmas Holiday!!! I just figure now is better than EASTER. My kids are rather sad...I just say, "hey look, your mom is so proactive!"

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Monday!

That means I'm starting a week of Good eating...and running!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blogging Survey!

Here goes nothing!! :)

1. What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?
Am I aloud to pass!

2. What are you goals for 2011?
Besides I would like to have something accomplished that I am proud of...when asked!
I would like to put my 2010 behind me and move on with excitement and determination!
I would like to PR!

3. What was your favorite race?
Utah Marathon....5k!
Even though I was not overly impressed with the actual was the highlight of my entire running for 2010!
I got to run a race and meet of with family....Perfect!

4. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Whose feeling guilty???
I love to drive around with my husband, after a date night and eat Haagen Daz....Vanilla Swiss Almond...that is my absolute favorite!!!

5. What is your most embarrassing running moment?
I can't remember ever being embarrassed...although I am sure I should have been...plenty of times! =0

Monday, December 20, 2010


I attempted to go without sugar for the weekend.....
I succeeded...mostly....I stayed away from sweets....not everything with sugar in the ingredients!
It is a tough time of that was fun for one weekend...but I am going to go back to being addicted for now! =)
I don't know if it is just my constant thought of "no sugar", that made me more aware of what all the kids were eating and doing with food...but
Check out my weekend of food....

The above picture is my son...who begged for my dish towel...and when I gave it to him, he started to suck it dry.
Maybe he needs more water?????

Breakfast....Larger than him!!

He stacked and unstacked these fruit for hours...

In the end I found all the animals stuck in them....they were thirsty...was the plea!

Salsa is a favorite around here...but...usually ....

without jello!

Candy Cane Elf...for mommy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Gift I Want...but No one can give me!

Now that I have posted all my cRaZy fun...
it is time to get serious...
well, back to business...
I'm rarely serious!!!

I would graciously take anyone of yours motivation to stay focused and accomplish your fitness goals!
(Just wrap it up and mail it to me!...)

I promise somewhere deep inside me I do have the ability to do it!
I am rather disappointed at how deep it is!
Lately....the whole past year....I have been ALL action!
So I took a first step...
I contacted a coach!
I'm not positive that this is what I need, but if she can just think for me....I think I can do the actual workouts??? maybe???
Although I did put it off until the first of the year...typical!
Always waiting for Monday!

So I have 2 weeks to get a little base running in!
I know...that is what I was suppose to be doing all along!

I did a quick time trial...because I am suppose to give my new coach one before I get my first program....
1 mile warm up
2 mile time trial...(I'm not suppose to be dead...but push)
1st mile: 7:50
2 mile: 15:40
mile cool down!

I was happy that I could finish!
Not thrilled with the times!
Happy that I ran my second mile the same, would have preferred negative splits...but the same will do for now!

My BIGGEST problem is sugar.
I admit, I am addicted!
So here goes nothing...let's see if I am all talk or ready for action....
this is scary!!!
Why wait for Monday??? =)
I'm going NO sugar for this weekend!

That may seem easy...but it's not!
I'll report back on Monday...hopefully I'm brave and will continue on...

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for listening to all my babbling!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cake Eating Contest!

My sister surprised me with a secret lunch out with friends...
That tops my wish list...

Of course we had to end with a chocolate cake eating contest...
With LARGE pieces!

I'm not 20 anymore...this much a little amount of not recommended!
unless, you are memory making moments!

My sister Kim...she's the champ...I plan to beat her next year!
Probably not a tradition I should start...but why not!

Dinner with the crew!

Wishing for another great year!

Starting to fall apart!

Here's the kicker...Shopping for new running shoes!

This was as perfect of a possible!

Today should be a bit Healthier!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Passing on a Smile! =)

This could be a lengthy post....

It is so hard to imagine life.....gone!
We just found out our good friend...whom we consider family...has cancer!
I'm in shock!
It seems to me that cancer is going seems like everyday I hear of another case!
For some reason...this one has sent me into shock!

He's young...30!
He's in incredible shape!
Has a family....4 kids...youngest 7 weeks!

It is such an eye opener that it can happen to anyone at anytime!

Then I had a friend from high school who, was driving down the highway, and was hit by a run away driver...and killed!
Strange to think, she kissed her husband good bye, just like every other morning.
Dropped her daughter off at preschool, just like every other day!

I'm sorry this is a depressing post...but LIFE IS SHORT!

I can't seem to quit thinking...
If...I was told that I had 2 - 5 years left to live...
What would be my priorities?

I want to live my life as if today is my last!

As I think about it...
I just want to LOVE! kids, my husband, my brothers and and dad!
But more than that...
I want to love others!
I want to give what I can!
Even if it is only a smile!

Imagine if your smile was the last smile someone saw????

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's my Birthday.....almost!

Might seem strange...but I love getting older!
It's like a scoreboard at the football game...I have earned each and everyone of these years!
I love my birthday...okay...I love all birthdays...but mine included!
Every year I throw a party...with close friends...for myself...WHY NOT!
Who else is going to do it?

This year I am changing the pace...
My great friend Kris...called and asked if she could take me out to lunch for my birthday!

I plan to go to lunch everyday...or as many as I can...and spend an hour or so with my those that make my life complete!
If I need to continue into January...I will!
I have No problem celebrating for months! =)

If you double click on the will enlarge...and graciously show you all of my earned mileage!!!
(In a few years I may look like a raisin...but a happy raisin!)

But who could resist a birthday picture at a darling cafe...with a delicious bowl of European soup???
Sounds like another memory to add to my life!

If lunch is not enough...she bought me a Christmas ornament to go on my tree...notice unbreakable...I do have 5 little ones!
I absolutely LOVE it!

I have to include a picture of my sweet friend!
Thanks Kris...I had a TON of fun!

****Now a special note to all my darling computer friends!
Don't forget to back up files...I am horrible at it...and my computer crashed, erasing lots of pictures and file...putting me out of computer commission for awhile!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

What really happens???

I was so excited to put on Christmas music!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...loved it...and now on to the next excitement!

When I walked in the family room...the kids were rocking out!

Wiggling, jumping, swinging, lifting, shaking, and just moving in every direction!

NOT to leave out LAUGHING!!!

It reminded me of an experiment I once did!

I know as we get older our metabolisms slow down...

I decided to take a day and do exactly as one of my kids did!
If they ate...I ate...what they ate....
If they moved I moved...the same as them...(if my body moved like that???)

It was NOT hard to choose who to pick...
I decided to go with Brooke!
She is the I figured she would eat more and move less!
(Exactly what I am talking about!)

The result was rather depressing!
I did this for 1 day...I was going to do a week...but
(weak minded mommy!)
When I woke up, my muscles were the kind of soreness that would come if you ran an ultra marathon untrained!

I can't even imagine what would happen if I picked Luke..
Who eats like a bird...and moves like he is competing at a national dance competition!

If Luke is 5 and Brooke is 10 and I can already see the difference in food consumed and energy burned...
Then what happens if your 36?????


Okay how is that for a worthless experiment???
It was FUN...and I am always up for FUN and CRAZY!

Check out these super fun challenges and parties!
Big Daddy Diesel....pass on your love for running, biking, swimming, crawling...
and the blog much fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks to Thanksgiving!

I owe so much of my running love to Thanksgiving!
Where to start????
I tried to locate some pictures from my childhood...running the Turkey Trot...but I may have to post those at another date...I couldn't find them!

I am the third oldest of 12 kids!
Everything about a BIG family is FANTASTIC!!
Even the adventures of getting a turkey for Thanksgiving!

I am not sure how young I was when I first ran the 10k Mesa Turkey Trot...but I have some fun stories to share...and they all came from our attempt to be the "most people from one family to run the 10K"...and win a TURKEY!!!

1. One year my cousin came down from Utah to visit us. She was not a runner!!! Note: NOT A RUNNER!! ...All she brought with her was flip flops!
Most of you are thinking ....she probably watched!
NOT DONNA....she ran the entire 6.2 miles bare foot!!!
Some of you Barefoot runners will appreciate...the untrained feet on pavement for that long...also she ran the entire way...even though she had NEVER ran!
I'm not sure she ever ran again!
Probably not the kind of running experience that creates desire for more from a young 12 year old!

2. My younger sisters...(by 9-15 years), started running the Turkey Trot before they could even walk! ;)
Kim always amazed me...she always ran her heart out...and never stopped!
Now Cindy...she was a little different...she always started the race...but we usually found her at the playground that was maybe 200 yards from the start.
When asked why she didn't run...she would simply reply...
"The playground looked like more fun!"
Coming from a 5, 6, or 7 year old....I think she may have been right!

Funny part of that story is...Cindy is the most consistent of all of us now...I think that playground did her good! =)

3. My dad and mom still run the Trot with whoever can make it!
Usually there are cousins, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, and friends!
Now my Dad is usually last...sometimes far behind the tail end car!
But there is NO ONE who runs with more enthusiasm!
He is always smiling!

My MOM never really ran it...she is a walker. She prefers to man the sidelines.
The last few times that I have been back home to run it with DAD has carried my mom to the finish line ( which by this time was broken down, and empty)...but our family is ALWAYS there waiting...most of us run back and join them in the end of the race.
He refuses to end short!

I think they know that this race has become a tradition that will NEVER die!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving...and make memories with you families that will LIVE on FOREVER!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Ramblings!

Hello My Friends!

1. I am not sure what is better me rambling or the picture from the last post! But since I couldn't stand it...I had to cover it up with a bunch of nonsense from me!

2. I never realized how much kids enjoy their parents to be fit! I'm not sure if it is because I am looking saggier or if I am lacking happy endorphins...but something has triggered my girls into helping me get back into running! I'm pretty sure it is my constant talk, about how I love to run, but I don't do it! Any who..they are all over me! Every time I reach for a piece or two or three of Halloween candy, they tell me, "NO MOM!" Then I try to shove it in my mouth before they take it away! I was laugh hysterically while listening to them tell the story to my husband...rather embarrassing! I am not going to shove chocolate in my face anymore...not a pretty picture, when being told by 10 and 7 year olds!

3. I found some races! Thanksgiving Day....a family tradition since I was a wee one!
Then there is a Freeze out in girls want to run with me! They have already started to train. They ran 1/2 mile yesterday! They have a great plan for us to all dress up! That works for me...I'm all for anything crazy and fun!
Don't roll your eyes!
But I am going to register for a half in Florida so I can go see my sister and have a race to train for!
I figure the third is the charm....I've signed up for 2 other halfs...and well, ran 5k's instead! What a wuss!!!
That's the plan...

4. My youngest child...who by the way is so would never know how destructive he can be! He threw my cell phone in the bath tub, while I was bathing the other kids! Then he pulled my lap top off the counter, busting the shift key! Then he threw my home phone in the toilet...yuck! Luckily flushed!

That's it for now!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Party Time Over!
I have had 35 days in a row of guests!
We have had a ton of fun!
Gained a few pounds...of butter.....Lost a few pounds of ....muscle!

After reading the great quote on Tri Diesel's Blog...
"All must suffer one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret!"

I love quotes!
For me right now....this one is PERFECT!
It not only spoke to me....but SCREAMED at me!

I am responsible for my decisions!
We all have the same time in a day!
What I do and don't do with it is up to me...but then I must suffer the back lash!

I am suffering from the pain of REGRET!
I know I can do it!

So here we go!

I am signing up for the Living History Farm race today!

Okay...never mind!
When I went to get the said it is full!

I will sign up for "A" race today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, worry NO MORE!
I have the perfect plan!
It even comes with the guarantee that you will NOT over train!

It's simple really....
2-3 days of running, and then 2-3 months off!

I promise you will feel refreshed and excited to get back to your 2 days of running!!!

I have tested this out on myself!

There are a few disclaimers though:

You may have sore muscles every time you run your 2-3 days!
You will NOT increase your speed or endurance!
It will NOT reduce stress!
You will find racing to be tough!
You may gain weight!

Good Luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Things Thursday!

1. 100 Post!!! Well, it was actually last post...but still....100!!!
Can you see the 100! Kids in the middle are the center of the 0!

2.I have had this sticky "frog" on my ceiling for 7 years! I know...pathetic! It became part of our home! Everyone would walk in and say, "Did you know you have a frog stuck on your ceiling?"

My sister and brother and all the kids decided that 7 years was long enough! They were determined to get the frog off the ceiling!
They all throw towels of every shape and size...until their arms ached!

Finally my 6 foot 5 inch, brother, made a ceiling reaching tool....and got it down!

3. It was not a frog, but a lizard! If you want to have Free Fun Entertainment....that is the way to do it! We celebrated like none other, after that lizard came down!

4. Your NEVER too old to have fun! I am the Biggest kid at my house. Then we took all the kids to the pumpkin patch...and I realized I am not the only kid brother and sister were having so much fun on the rope swing...

I decided to join it!

It's a lot harder than it looks!

5. I am not any good at taking self pictures! I tried over and over to take a picture of us three girls...but instead I got a ton of eyes!

and cheeks...

Thank goodness for nice bystanders!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

1. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! One time a year you get to dress up as anything you want! I'll take it! I would dress up as something different everyday if I had the time. So of course I was thrilled when my sister threw herself a birthday party...and it was Halloween themed...with costumes! YIPPEE!!!

2. I also think everyone should throw their own birthday parties! Why not???? Why sit around wishing someone remembered! For Pete's Sake....PARTY!!! Aging is inevitable! It's going to happen no matter what. So why not "Bring it!" I have been throwing myself birthday parties for 10 years.

3. I Love Fall! Everything about it! The weather is perfect right now! I just wish I could do everything I have to do, while sitting or standing outside! Too bad my laundry and dishes are indoors! Bummer!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goals For the Week!

Thanks to Anne Marie, I am hoping to post my "Goals for the Week!"
What a fantastic example she sets...week after week!
She also suggests writing the goals in your planner or somewhere where you can easily access them ... so they can be a constant reminder!

I am going to just follow her categories...

ATHLETE: (that's a bit strong for this mommy) PHYSICAL: (there that sounds more like it...I will adapt to "athlete", when I become one1 =)
Workout every day! - except Sunday
Hopefully run...but do something!

FRIEND: (Is this suppose to be for me or the kids????... If it is for me, I have NO idea what to do with how about we combine them???)
Set up a play date at a park, so that the kids can all play...and I can visit! =)
OOOOOH! This is such a great idea!

MOM: Speak softer!
Can I explain? I am NOT a yeller! But I talk LOUD...just naturally, maybe because I come from a house of 12??? I love when I go to houses and the Mom talks I want to try!

COMMUNITY: ( See I love her...she extends herself!) Continue to run with the Junior High kids!

PERSONAL GROWTH: Follow through with Total Women, and have dinner planned early! Make a "To Do List" and do my best to finish!
(On my family blog I am reading "Total Women", and trying to apply it to my life! ...come join in on the fun!)

I am going to add just a few categories!

EXTENDED FAMILY: Call my sisters Shauna and Julie! Write a letter to Kim! Write and send letters from the kids and I to Grandma Young!

HUSBAND: Rub his head everyday for 5 min.

SPIRITUAL: Listen to one Conference Talk a day...until I can get through them all!

Here it goes!

Another THANK YOU TO ANNE MARIE for this great example!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's in my fridge????

I know I am only about 6 months behind...
for What's in your fridge?????
There is one thing, you can ALWAYS count on, to be in my fridge!??!!

Every time I walk into the kitchen...
The fridge is open and kids of all sizes are peering in, to find their next snack!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Much Fun!

Yesterday I got to go watch the Junior High Cross Country Meet!
I was in heaven!
I had the time of my life!
I love watching people run!
Especially when you know them!

The kids did AWESOME!
I was so proud of them!

I have been known to tell my kids, that I would love them to run, but I want them to do what they want to do!
I will NOT be disappointed if they don't run!

I NEED my kids to run!
It is just so stinkin' fun!!!

I lost my keys on the course!
Not the smartest thing to do!
"Did you back track your steps?"
I was ALL over that whole golf course!
Lucky for me I have a SUPER BIG....OBNOXIOUS....key chain!
So someone found them and turned them in!

Lesson learned!
The BIGGER the BETTER!....when it comes to key chains and cross country meets!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Foggy!

What a long drawn out illness!
It's been over two week and I still have a foggy head!
At least I am feeling somewhat better!

The main question I am getting is...
Are you pregnant?????
I can understand...since usually when I am ill, I am pregnant...especially when it drags on for days and weeks!

I am not!
Just clogged up!

I have been helping out with the Junior High Cross Country kids...unfortunately due to weather, we have had more canceled practices, than actual practices!
It is fun to encourage young kids to be all they can be...and to believe in themselves!
I enjoy their young spirits!

Home school is dreamy! My kids and I are enjoying every moment as we learn together!
They work hard...and they are self motivated...which in return, makes my job easier!

My patiently waiting for me to feel better! I love that seems to always be there!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've been tagged!

The Flu Bug Caught me!

Seems early in the season...maybe I will be able to get it over with early!

This is one of those treats I don't wish to pass on...I will NOT be tagging any of you...just wishing you HEALTHY week!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm being STALKED!!!

I am 100% sure that I am being a rain cloud!
It can be beautiful outside...and then I decide to go for a run!
I check the sky...
everything looks absolutely PERFECT!
So I run...

not a little....

I have had quite a few people tell me they are surprised at my dedication!
I hate to disappoint them...but it has nothing to do with dedication...and everything to do with STALKING!
I feel like giving them the blog address of thousands of dedicated athletes!

Now before this post comes across as complaining...
I actually do not mind rain...even hard rain...
It peaceful really....
I rarely feel the pains of age...while running through small pieces of hail!

I just find it ironic...that every time I manage to make it out of the house for a run...the rain cloud is over head...watching out for me????

Friday, September 3, 2010

Flood Gates are Open!

Thanks to Giorgio and Genesis for this super fun award!

This rule comes with the rule that I have to tell about one time or thing in my life that I would go back and change if I could!

While running yesterday, I thought about this question....
and I realized this was going to be a Rambling Post!
It opened the Flood here we go!

What would I change?


I wish I would have accepted the full ride scholarship to University of Utah and finish my degree. I signed on....but backed out, due to extreme eating disorders.

If I had changed that part of my life I may not have met the man of my dreams...and I may not have experienced the last 14 years of Happy Marriage!

I would go back and change the way I stressed about not being able to have kids. We tried for 4-5 years to have a baby...NOTHING! I was so worried! I should have just fully embraced the time without kids....but I had NO idea....that I would soon be a rabbit!

If I changed the way I looked at it...maybe my heart would not have been open to have as many kids as the Lord would allow me. Maybe I wouldn't have my 5 blessings!

I would change some of the business decisions that put a strain on our family and ultimately caused me to have to go back to work for 6 years and work 40-70 hours a week. And miss out on so much of my childrens young lives.


Maybe I wouldn't grasp the amazing opportunity I have right now to be home with them. Maybe I wouldn't look at each moment as though it was made of gold. Maybe I wouldn't cherish each morning, mid day, and evening.

I came to the conclusion...

I am not sure I would change much....I would fear the effect that change would have on my life today!


Saturday, August 28, 2010


I lOVE Comments!
They bring sunshine into my day!

Yet I often have a hard time getting my comments in...
I find myself reading blogs while waiting ....
whether it is in the grocery line
doctors office
soccer field
next to the toilet...(potty training)
while writing with chalk on the sidewalk
playing barbies...

I can't comment from my I always think,
"I will go back and comment tonight"

Instead, by the time I am done laying with each child, I usually fall asleep!
Then the next day hits...and busy, busy , busy!

This morning I got up extra early...
around 4:30!

I dragged myself out of my warm covers, and thought ...
"I have got to get my comments in"

I have had the most amazing morning...
as I sit in my comfy chair...
reading all the great blogs..
getting inspired...
and it is beautiful outside...

I am always up for the sunrise...
by I NEVER see it!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

I Love 3 Things Thursday....
It's my unloading time...
Lucky You!!

1. Home school is better than I ever could have expected! I must have super good kids...because it is easy! Then again, it has only been a week! I guess I will be a better judge in a month or two!

2. I am going to run with the Junior High Kids twice a week! I am having a hard time finding a babysitter, who can come over right after school for an hour! As soon as I pass that hurdle, i am sure I will love the time! I truly enjoy working with kids. Especially, with running, because, running has blessed my life so much! I hope to pass that on! =)

3. I am running! I have not been updating my blog as to what I am running, because I am not sure it is very exciting. I jump on the treadmill whenever I get the chance. Sometimes, I get a solid 3-6 miles in, and other times it is a 1.6 or 2.2...due to KIDDIES! Sometimes, I have to run twice in order to get a decent mileage in! I figure anything is better than nothing. I'm just thankful that I can run!

Monday, August 23, 2010


About two weeks ago, a friend of mine, was wondering why the Cross Country Program at our school, seemed to be dying!
I discussed some of the experiences from my High School programs and College Program....both which were FANTASTIC, and SUCCESSFUL!!!

She called me last week, to inform me that there was ZERO new Freshman Cross Country Runners for this year....boy or girl!

This was shocking!
How can not one single Freshman go out for Cross Country????

She also informed me that she has given my number to the head coach as a referral for someone who would help running with, coach, and recruit the junior high level!
I am more than happy to help!
The fact that ZERO freshman are interested...scares me a bit!

I love running....I love racing....I love the team aspect...I love the competition!
All of which I believe are important for these kids to grasp early!
You can run your whole life!!!!
I want to pass this on...

Do you have any tips of how to get the Junior High kids excited about running?
Do you know of a program that is good for beginning runners?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Running as it passes through the generations!

I am so thankful that my dad taught me to enjoy running, and encouraged me to do my best!
He is still running...slow...but he finishes without stopping!
Here is the race that my daughters got to run with their GRANDPA!!!

For warm ups they did some high knees and then spent the rest of the time learning to whistle with a leaf!

Right before the start...the two little ones stayed behind with me and Grandma!

Grandma helped them look for alligators!

I was so proud of these two little girls!
This is Brooke's 3rd 5K...and she did not encouraged Chelsea to not only finish her first 5K...but to do it without stopping!

It was a fantastic experience!

Then we went and had Ice Cream...

Tried to catch a Hornet...

And listened to good music!

I even got to meet some Blog readers...actually their sister Blogs....

Finally we thought it was probably about time to go find Grandpa and finish with him!
So we all ran back...and came to the finish line with him...

He never stopped!