Saturday, November 27, 2010

What really happens???

I was so excited to put on Christmas music!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...loved it...and now on to the next excitement!

When I walked in the family room...the kids were rocking out!

Wiggling, jumping, swinging, lifting, shaking, and just moving in every direction!

NOT to leave out LAUGHING!!!

It reminded me of an experiment I once did!

I know as we get older our metabolisms slow down...

I decided to take a day and do exactly as one of my kids did!
If they ate...I ate...what they ate....
If they moved I moved...the same as them...(if my body moved like that???)

It was NOT hard to choose who to pick...
I decided to go with Brooke!
She is the I figured she would eat more and move less!
(Exactly what I am talking about!)

The result was rather depressing!
I did this for 1 day...I was going to do a week...but
(weak minded mommy!)
When I woke up, my muscles were the kind of soreness that would come if you ran an ultra marathon untrained!

I can't even imagine what would happen if I picked Luke..
Who eats like a bird...and moves like he is competing at a national dance competition!

If Luke is 5 and Brooke is 10 and I can already see the difference in food consumed and energy burned...
Then what happens if your 36?????


Okay how is that for a worthless experiment???
It was FUN...and I am always up for FUN and CRAZY!

Check out these super fun challenges and parties!
Big Daddy Diesel....pass on your love for running, biking, swimming, crawling...
and the blog much fun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks to Thanksgiving!

I owe so much of my running love to Thanksgiving!
Where to start????
I tried to locate some pictures from my childhood...running the Turkey Trot...but I may have to post those at another date...I couldn't find them!

I am the third oldest of 12 kids!
Everything about a BIG family is FANTASTIC!!
Even the adventures of getting a turkey for Thanksgiving!

I am not sure how young I was when I first ran the 10k Mesa Turkey Trot...but I have some fun stories to share...and they all came from our attempt to be the "most people from one family to run the 10K"...and win a TURKEY!!!

1. One year my cousin came down from Utah to visit us. She was not a runner!!! Note: NOT A RUNNER!! ...All she brought with her was flip flops!
Most of you are thinking ....she probably watched!
NOT DONNA....she ran the entire 6.2 miles bare foot!!!
Some of you Barefoot runners will appreciate...the untrained feet on pavement for that long...also she ran the entire way...even though she had NEVER ran!
I'm not sure she ever ran again!
Probably not the kind of running experience that creates desire for more from a young 12 year old!

2. My younger sisters...(by 9-15 years), started running the Turkey Trot before they could even walk! ;)
Kim always amazed me...she always ran her heart out...and never stopped!
Now Cindy...she was a little different...she always started the race...but we usually found her at the playground that was maybe 200 yards from the start.
When asked why she didn't run...she would simply reply...
"The playground looked like more fun!"
Coming from a 5, 6, or 7 year old....I think she may have been right!

Funny part of that story is...Cindy is the most consistent of all of us now...I think that playground did her good! =)

3. My dad and mom still run the Trot with whoever can make it!
Usually there are cousins, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, and friends!
Now my Dad is usually last...sometimes far behind the tail end car!
But there is NO ONE who runs with more enthusiasm!
He is always smiling!

My MOM never really ran it...she is a walker. She prefers to man the sidelines.
The last few times that I have been back home to run it with DAD has carried my mom to the finish line ( which by this time was broken down, and empty)...but our family is ALWAYS there waiting...most of us run back and join them in the end of the race.
He refuses to end short!

I think they know that this race has become a tradition that will NEVER die!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving...and make memories with you families that will LIVE on FOREVER!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Ramblings!

Hello My Friends!

1. I am not sure what is better me rambling or the picture from the last post! But since I couldn't stand it...I had to cover it up with a bunch of nonsense from me!

2. I never realized how much kids enjoy their parents to be fit! I'm not sure if it is because I am looking saggier or if I am lacking happy endorphins...but something has triggered my girls into helping me get back into running! I'm pretty sure it is my constant talk, about how I love to run, but I don't do it! Any who..they are all over me! Every time I reach for a piece or two or three of Halloween candy, they tell me, "NO MOM!" Then I try to shove it in my mouth before they take it away! I was laugh hysterically while listening to them tell the story to my husband...rather embarrassing! I am not going to shove chocolate in my face anymore...not a pretty picture, when being told by 10 and 7 year olds!

3. I found some races! Thanksgiving Day....a family tradition since I was a wee one!
Then there is a Freeze out in girls want to run with me! They have already started to train. They ran 1/2 mile yesterday! They have a great plan for us to all dress up! That works for me...I'm all for anything crazy and fun!
Don't roll your eyes!
But I am going to register for a half in Florida so I can go see my sister and have a race to train for!
I figure the third is the charm....I've signed up for 2 other halfs...and well, ran 5k's instead! What a wuss!!!
That's the plan...

4. My youngest child...who by the way is so would never know how destructive he can be! He threw my cell phone in the bath tub, while I was bathing the other kids! Then he pulled my lap top off the counter, busting the shift key! Then he threw my home phone in the toilet...yuck! Luckily flushed!

That's it for now!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Party Time Over!
I have had 35 days in a row of guests!
We have had a ton of fun!
Gained a few pounds...of butter.....Lost a few pounds of ....muscle!

After reading the great quote on Tri Diesel's Blog...
"All must suffer one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret!"

I love quotes!
For me right now....this one is PERFECT!
It not only spoke to me....but SCREAMED at me!

I am responsible for my decisions!
We all have the same time in a day!
What I do and don't do with it is up to me...but then I must suffer the back lash!

I am suffering from the pain of REGRET!
I know I can do it!

So here we go!

I am signing up for the Living History Farm race today!

Okay...never mind!
When I went to get the said it is full!

I will sign up for "A" race today!