Saturday, August 28, 2010


I lOVE Comments!
They bring sunshine into my day!

Yet I often have a hard time getting my comments in...
I find myself reading blogs while waiting ....
whether it is in the grocery line
doctors office
soccer field
next to the toilet...(potty training)
while writing with chalk on the sidewalk
playing barbies...

I can't comment from my I always think,
"I will go back and comment tonight"

Instead, by the time I am done laying with each child, I usually fall asleep!
Then the next day hits...and busy, busy , busy!

This morning I got up extra early...
around 4:30!

I dragged myself out of my warm covers, and thought ...
"I have got to get my comments in"

I have had the most amazing morning...
as I sit in my comfy chair...
reading all the great blogs..
getting inspired...
and it is beautiful outside...

I am always up for the sunrise...
by I NEVER see it!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

I Love 3 Things Thursday....
It's my unloading time...
Lucky You!!

1. Home school is better than I ever could have expected! I must have super good kids...because it is easy! Then again, it has only been a week! I guess I will be a better judge in a month or two!

2. I am going to run with the Junior High Kids twice a week! I am having a hard time finding a babysitter, who can come over right after school for an hour! As soon as I pass that hurdle, i am sure I will love the time! I truly enjoy working with kids. Especially, with running, because, running has blessed my life so much! I hope to pass that on! =)

3. I am running! I have not been updating my blog as to what I am running, because I am not sure it is very exciting. I jump on the treadmill whenever I get the chance. Sometimes, I get a solid 3-6 miles in, and other times it is a 1.6 or 2.2...due to KIDDIES! Sometimes, I have to run twice in order to get a decent mileage in! I figure anything is better than nothing. I'm just thankful that I can run!

Monday, August 23, 2010


About two weeks ago, a friend of mine, was wondering why the Cross Country Program at our school, seemed to be dying!
I discussed some of the experiences from my High School programs and College Program....both which were FANTASTIC, and SUCCESSFUL!!!

She called me last week, to inform me that there was ZERO new Freshman Cross Country Runners for this year....boy or girl!

This was shocking!
How can not one single Freshman go out for Cross Country????

She also informed me that she has given my number to the head coach as a referral for someone who would help running with, coach, and recruit the junior high level!
I am more than happy to help!
The fact that ZERO freshman are interested...scares me a bit!

I love running....I love racing....I love the team aspect...I love the competition!
All of which I believe are important for these kids to grasp early!
You can run your whole life!!!!
I want to pass this on...

Do you have any tips of how to get the Junior High kids excited about running?
Do you know of a program that is good for beginning runners?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Running as it passes through the generations!

I am so thankful that my dad taught me to enjoy running, and encouraged me to do my best!
He is still running...slow...but he finishes without stopping!
Here is the race that my daughters got to run with their GRANDPA!!!

For warm ups they did some high knees and then spent the rest of the time learning to whistle with a leaf!

Right before the start...the two little ones stayed behind with me and Grandma!

Grandma helped them look for alligators!

I was so proud of these two little girls!
This is Brooke's 3rd 5K...and she did not encouraged Chelsea to not only finish her first 5K...but to do it without stopping!

It was a fantastic experience!

Then we went and had Ice Cream...

Tried to catch a Hornet...

And listened to good music!

I even got to meet some Blog readers...actually their sister Blogs....

Finally we thought it was probably about time to go find Grandpa and finish with him!
So we all ran back...and came to the finish line with him...

He never stopped!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

1. This is the best week of my summer? It makes no sense! My house is a runs are at risk of extinction...and I haven't had time to put a stitch of make up on. BUT...My parents came in for a day...we ordered my curriculum...we took pictures with them...we ate good food, laughed...and just enjoyed them! Plus, My two nieces on my hubbies side came into town...and we are just going to have a ball...then we leave to go see our other Grand parents! I think I must be a FAMILY GAL!!!???

2. There was a 5k last night that I had planned to run with my sister. It would have been our first race in at least 15 years...together!!! I was super excited. Instead, my two girls wanted to run the 5K with Grandpa...when would they get the chance again? I did not want to leave my mom with the other 3 kids all I stayed and helped! I LOVED IT! I took pictures while my fantastic mom looked for Alligators with the kiddos..(we don't live in alligator country...but they had fun trying) Both my girls ran the entire way without stopping. When I get back from vacation, I will post the pictures! I was so proud of them...and shocked...I had hoped they would walk...but they are tough!!!

3. I need fun ideas to do with teenagers??? I am stuck in under 9 years old mode. Remember I live in a small be creative!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Family Affair!

My brother came out to visit,
So why not have a race?
(NOT MY IDEA- but I did participate)

We raced a 200! x's 6
In the above sister and brother are in front...and I am trailing!

Okay...there is a picture that makes me look like I am in front...but I am really just racing my little guy!
After 6 races, and me losing every one....I was glad when it was all over!

My 2nd daughter, came up to me, and said, "Mom, now you know how I feel?"
"I'm always behind Brooke, and you always tell me, to just keep trying. The harder I work, the faster I'll get. Today I am going to tell you the same thing...the harder you work, MOM, the faster you will get!"

If you need an easy solution to putting kids to bed...
Have them race each other for an hour...
they will fall asleep, before their heads hit the pillow...literally!

I am enjoying running pain free...NO INJURIES!