Friday, April 30, 2010

Take time to Flip

While coaching high school girls in Gilbert, AZ, the coach taught me that the best way to teach young ones to love running and to excel at running is to teach them to have fun!
Once a week he would have them play a game that involved lots of running, but that they would not feel like they were working...more just for fun!
It worked year after year for him...he was State Champs or runners up almost every year!
I loved the example...especially now that I have young kids!

So with that said...I hope jumping on the trampoline counts as working out!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's been a week since I blogged or read blogs...
and I feel like it's been a life time!
Well, maybe not quite a life time...but I can't wait to catch up on all the exciting things everyone has been doing!

As for life has been CRAZY!
And in a Wonderful way!
My sister moved here!
HOORAY for me!
and my cousin came to visit...DOUBLE HOORAY!

I have not ran, biked, swam, yoga-ed, lifted, or anything...except walk and climb the tower...for a whole week!

But I have to admit....I'VE HAD A BLAST!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Grand Blue Mile!

Both of my girls ran!
Brooke is the one in the pink shorts, and her friend Jacque is in the black shorts!

Chelsea was the youngest competitor!
She decided last minute to run...and she did awesome!

It was such a great event to have the girls go to!
We stayed and watched the Competitive runners and the Elite!

They got to go on the podium and be interviewed and they got a signed painting from Suzy Favor Hamilton!

The the winner for the Women's Elite was incredible!
She took the time to make the girls feel like a million bucks!
She autographed their shirt, gave them her race number, and autographed it, and then gave them her winning flowers too!

The winner of the Men's Elite...was gracious as well!
He too autographed their t-shirts and took pictures with them!
(He has the second fastest mile time in the world!)

There was not many kids who stuck around to watch the Competitive and Elite my girls got to embrace all of it!
I am so thankful I took them, and we will be back next year for more!

My young ones PARTIED the whole time...
they danced to the band, played in dirt, ran around, and just wore themselves out!

It ended up being a late night....and well worth it!

This was the kick off for the Drake Relays...I am so excited to go watch the races on Saturday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Double Standard

I was suppose to go for a long run yesterday, 10 miles, I headed out...and felt horrible! After 3.5 miles I turned around and figured that I would just have to settle for 7..and try to fit 10 in on Saturday! Well, I passed a friends house and she was in the yard....I can't believe what happened next! I asked for a ride home! YUP! I quit! I ran 3.5 miles and asked for a ride home! I know for a fact her husband will NEVER let me live it down...I may never!

Since that moment of quitting...I have been sulking in self pity! And yet, I can't sulk too much, because my life is the best! I have never been happier! I have a Fantastic Husband who works hard everyday, and then comes home with a smile on his face, prepared to play Lions and Tigers with the kids, before I put them down to bed! (or usually after I already put them in bed...he gets them out...plays the game and them back they go!...Odd routine!) I have 5 children, who give me 100% pure joy all time! We have so much fun together....I really need nothing else! (Except dear blog buddies....I live in a virtual social world!)

So this morning I sat down and was trying to figure everything out!

Probably the hardest part of my fitness life is that I am carrying 10-20 pounds too much weight. If I did what I am doing now, 2 years ago, I would have been back to my normal weight. I really am trying...but my metabolism has dropped....(probably lack of muscle)! I realize as life goes on this is only going to continue to get tougher. So why do I have a hard time making the adjustments needed? I think it is because I am a human trash disposal...I munch on all my kids left overs!

Then, my wise husband solved the problem....If I fed them what is healthy it would not matter if I munched behind them. So I have a double standard of what they need and what I needed! Honestly, it is not different! Their young bodies need the same healthy nutrients to build a strong body as mine! I am thankful, for this little that I could realize that not only do I need to eat better...but they do as well. In the end we will both win!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiptoe Through The Tulips!

We are covered in Tulips!
It is so AWESOME to run through town....every street is lined in different colored tulips!

I generally prefer to run out of town on the dirt country much as possible!
But, for right now, I am running in town, and enjoying every minute!

We have a Tulip Festival every year...and this year I think it may be a stem Festival...the Tulips are out a bit early!

Have a Great Day and Enjoy Spring!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silver Rocks!

Have you ever used Silver?

I have it in every form!

I love it!

While we were in Florida, I discovered a new way to use it!
We were running on a not very often used trail!
I was in long pants, but my husband was in shorts.
He broke out in a sever rash...all over his legs!
It itched like none other!
He took the silver and sprayed it all over his legs...
He continued to apply the silver in spray or gel form for 3 days...and then it was all GONE!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday's Run!

I forgot one simple way to run faster...Run with people who are faster than you!
It has the same effect as the treadmill....
The choice is simple...
Run faster...keep up!!!

So this is exactly what happened to me!
I usually run by myself...plod along...hoping someday I will pick the pace up!
Occasionally, I get to run with my husband...and then, we are too nice to each other!
(Which makes NO sense, because we are extremely competitive with each other)
But when we run, we slow down for each other!
Probably to emphasize to the other one that we are NOT as tired..
Lot of good that does!?

So Saturday, I was meeting up with a couple of ladies...
We were going to run 5 together...
The pace was least for me!
I am proud of myself for keeping up with them...and I hope to run with them on as many Saturdays as I can..they are the ticket to helping me run faster!

It took a lot out of me though...I felt like I had ran a race!
So I guess, I may have been a tad cranky...just a tad!

On the way to the State Gymnastics Meet, my 6 year old daughter said,
"Mom, I know why your cranky! You went to bed late, because you were on a date with Dad. Then you got up early to run, and the girls you ran with, were faster than you! But you didn't want them to know they were faster, so you ran fast and stayed up with them. Now your tired, and we have to have a Cranky mom!"

My Response:
"Yup, that is pretty much exactly how it all happened!"

How does my 6 year old know how this all works...and I am still trying to figure it out?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
I look forward to reading all the race reports...and the non race one! ;-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Run Faster?

I had a good friend ask me yesterday, "How do I increase my pace? I can run forever at the same pace!"

As far as I know the best way to run to practice running faster!
So If you are in a rut, or a plateau, and you just don't seem to be getting need to implement speed workouts!
Early on in a training program, hills are a great way to build leg strength, which in return will increase your pace! When I say running hills, I mean actually planning a workout with hill repeats....or up a mountain! We don't have any mountains, but we have tons of hills. In fact, it is hard to run without running hills...but it is different! If your intent is to strength your legs and increase speed, then find a good hill. Size would depend on what distance your training for! Warm up for a mile or two, and then run repeats.....jogging (recovering) on the down hill!

My next favorite early on speed workout is just hard for 3 min. then jog for 3 min. You can choose your duration, but rest (jog) for the same time! Save the 1 min. intervals for closer to race time!

Tempo runs are my absolute favorite! Probably because that is my strong point. I am not as good on the I should be on the track more!

Which brings us to track intervals...there are so many fun intervals to do!
I most often hear of people doing 800's!...Those are tough!
I get bored...and need I prefer to do ladders...
example would be 1200, 800, 600, 400, 400, 600, 800 ,1200!
(Now that is not an example of one I have done lately....but would love to be able to) =-)

The bottom line is you have to train your legs to run faster, increasing duration over time!

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten"

What is your favorite way to increase your pace?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bike Shopping!

I stopped by the local bike shop to get a bike for training...and I thought these cruiser bikes looks nice and comfy!
There was a beautiful lime green one....
But the nice man, told me, maybe I should get a different bike for Tri's?!

I will be is all a bit overwhelming!

Running is so simple!
Buy a pair of shoes, or not, and then run!
That's it!

This is a whole new experience!
He told me there was a lady with a used Tri bike, and it was my size.
So I can't wait to get the info, so I can tap into the LARGE amount of knowledge on the blogsphere....and see if it is a good deal!

And then I have to buy stuff...all kinds of stuff....
helmet, shoes, clothes, bottles....UNBELIEVABLE!

I did go to a cycling class yesterday!

It was tough!!!!
Super Duper Tough!!!


Can't I just ride my bike?

So tell me....Is it difficult to learn all I need to learn?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hip Relief!

I have been a little frustrated hip has been screaming in pain!
In fact, I only ran 2 times last week and 2 times the week before!
I am not one to complain much about pain....I just figure everyone has just do it!
But this hip got out of control!

I have only been to a Chiropractor once in my life!
I have so many friends who go once a week or at least once a month.
To me that just sounded like a BIG scam!
So I have stayed away!
Well, I needed to I humbled my stubborn self and called the Chiropractor!
He did his thing...crack this...pop that and I stood up and it felt better.
Not 100% , but better!
I mean this thing has been killing me while I am laying in bed!

So I tested it yesterday.
I ran 7 miles...It felt about 75% better! That is all I need!
I am nervous to open up much...I can tell I am super hesitant!
But at least I am back in the game!

And I will be going back to my Chiropractor...maybe on a regular basis! =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Been Beautiful!

One of our favorite family activities to do is to do repeats of the watch tower!
It is 180 steps!
As soon as the weather gets kids start asking if we can go to the tower!
Mark and I love it, because all the kids are confined inside the gates and we can do repeats!

Mark, carries the baby...and does pull ups!
I am NOT that tough yet!

These two are afraid of heights...and so they sit and protect each other, while the rest of us do our thing!

Brooke's whole goal every time is to beat Dad!
She wants to do more repeats and she want to finish them first!
She did 10...and she was done way before either one of us!

Eventually we all made to the top. After Luke and Chelsea finally reached the top and realized that they were NOT going to fall...they were maniacs...and both finished at least 7! 2...and refused to have help up.
She completed 3 full repeats...even though she ended up crawling the last one!

When she gets to the top....She Parties Like a Rock Star!!!!

After I finished my repeats..
I thought it would be fun to do one as fast as we could...get a time...and then we can improve on it all season!

One thing I can't stand to do is lose...and I lost!
I did it is 1:26
Brooke 1:08
and Mark :35!

That is smokin'...I can't believe he did that!
He is so explosive...(He played Division 1 Football)
But I am so determined to beat is going to take some hard work!
I have zero explosiveness in my legs!
He wants to beat me in a 5k...and I want to get him on the tower!

Bottom line...he is way closer to beating me in the I need to keep my edge there first!

He gave it his all on that 35 sec. tower climb. He felt like puking for about 10 min. and then when he finally got up...he couldn't talk normal!

What is your favorite way to sneak a workout in...without the kids knowing!
They think we are just playing! =)

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Stinky part of Running!

When I was trying to come up with a name for my blog...I thought of many different ideas! The reason I decided on "Enjoying the run," was because that is exactly what I wanted to learn how to do! It was time to enjoy the run! Not that I have not always enjoyed running. But I would have to say that the reason I have always liked to run is for competition. I love to compete...against myself...but it is always been a competitive thing for me. In fact, I ran just so I could race! I have always been amazed at the runner who runs everyday, just out of pure love of running!

I actually never realized this about me, until a couple of years ago. When a dear friend of mine, Kris, was running with me! It was right around our towns Tulip festival, so as we ran she mentioned all the beautiful tulips and other blooming spring beauties. And then she said, "Oh I love the smell of fresh baked dutch spice cookies!" I thought to myself, I don't smell anything. So I took a big sniff, and couldn't believe what my senses smelled, flowers, fresh spring air, dutch cookies, and many more! I think that may have been the first time that I smelled while running!

I am serious. This is how I run...I just run! I don't look around...I don't smell....I don't even hear! I just run! So I decided that day to start to enjoy running more! Of course it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks...and so I slowly fell back into old ways!

So when I started running this year I decided that I was going to put aside the whole competition thing and enjoy everything around me as I ran. Once again, I started, then immediately started to make goals...all which were based on running faster! I forgot what I wanted to teach myself.

So lately I have been evaluating what I am doing and have decided to scrap all my previously written goals. I am going to enjoy running...I am going to see ....I am going to smell! I am excited to try a Tri! I am still going to race, and maybe even PR, but I am not going to set expectations on myself...not this year! I am going to let my body fully recover from being so depleted...and slowly get back into shape!

With that all said, I went on a run pace or distance, I just ran for time. I ran out 35 minutes and them back! While I was running I thought , I really don't know how to do this. I had stared at the road the entire time! (I know...poor running form....been doing it my whole life!) So I decided to take a deep sniff, and enjoy the air.

I about fell over nose hairs burned with the intense aroma!

And then I looked over to the left and there was a freshly hit road kill....a skunk!
That smell is still in my nostrils and will remain FOREVER!

Next time I am going to check out the scenery before I smell!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How come when I run against the wind on the way out...I am so excited to be pushed on the way home...and then the wind STOPS!
or at least it sure feels like it!
I am starting to believe the stories of my dad walking to and from school uphill in the snow!

Yesterdays 4 miles was 2 miles against the wind and 2 other miles against the wind!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think I finally get it!

I have been HUMBLED!

I have really been down lately....
After each of my first 4 babies...I was able to just bounce problem. Maybe not to the same level...but I could train for a couple weeks and then run a competitive 10k or 5k!

Not this has been HARD!
I suffer from the syndrome....YOUR36ANDYOUTHINKYOUR20!
Any of you had that syndrome?

Ever since my race on Saturday I have been HUMBLED over and over again to the point that I just want to say "I GET IT!"

Saturday, after the race, I had to get an Easter dress for my oldest daugher...again....this will be #3...she is just getting picky...and yet still wants one!
So we go to the mall, while I am there I see 3 life changing situations....almost like the ghost of Christmas past, present and future!

As we are walking in, there are two women in there 20's that both weigh about 400 pounds. Making it difficult to walk! My heart I am complaining about loosing 10-15 pounds. When really I should be thankful that the Lord blessed me with an able body to not only be able to walk...but run! I quickly said a prayer in my heart for them...that they would be able to find what they were looking for and that they would have a good Easter and that others would not be critical of them!

We get in the store...find the right section and pick out about 7 dresses! There are lots of mothers with their daughters doing the exact same thing. As the daughters try on their dresses the girls come out and model for the mom! I look over to my left and there is a mom who is blind, with her white walking stick and her daughter, leading her to a safe spot. The daughter walks into the dressing room with her stack of dresses and we don't see her again. I can't help but to feel like crying as I can only imagine how hard this would be. The mother sat quietly on the side as all of us "oohed" and "ahhed" about the dresses our daughters were trying on. Finally, her daughter came out with the dress she picked out, she walked up to her mom, and with their own special process, they shared the moment of picking out the Easter dress. Completely different than what any of us were experiencing! I was filled with warmth as I realized how good God is and how he allows us to have JOY even when we have obstacles! I think maybe they enjoyed their shopping more than the rest of us moms, as we felt rushed and impatient at times! Once again I found myself offering a quiet prayer for that sweet mother!

Time to grab a shirt for Luke, and as if I had not already been humbled.... I saw a mother walking next to her young paralyzed son...maybe 10 years of age! Here I stood, tired, and flustered with my 5 healthy kids. There must have been an accident, but her son would never be the same. Their lives would never be the same. And yet, once again I could feel joy and happiness from them. Yes! More than I felt from others.

Is it not our obstacles that make us stronger?
The last three days I have enjoyed life more...and remembered that I am blessed!!!!

I am so thankful to be able to run!
And to be able to run with my kids!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Completed the Race or Run!?

I had it all planned out! I would get up at 6am, pack the car with diapers, lunch, water, kid activities, and extra clothes! Then I would wake up the kids and feed them breakfast, and be out the door and on our way by 7 am.

Around 6:30 my husband came down to the computer room and said, "Oh your not going to run?"
"Yes, I am !"
And he left! He figured I knew what I was doing.
As I came up stairs I noticed the clock on the stove said 7:38! Oh NO, I had forgot that my cell phone time is an hour off...there was NO way to get everything done. If I left right that moment I would maybe make it....yet all the kids were still sleeping!

I decided to race!
I threw all the kids in the car, and headed out. I am pretty sure that would have been a record time for leaving with 5 kids. Of course I had not prepared anything like planned! No food, water or activities...I was just praying that the babysitter was there! (My husband did opt to go to work rather than run)

I was able to get there...find the babysitter....and get all the kids in the stroller and ready to watch...with 3 minutes to spare.

Those are my cheerleaders and the reason I run. I need all the energy I can muster to keep up with their active lives!

It was a small race ....160 participants!

As I ran to the start line...the gun went off...I was NOT able to warm up or even prepare mentally!

I did not wear a garmin or an ipod....I never have in a race....and so I have no idea what we ran for the first mile! All I know is that from around that mile point, my mind was shot. I can't believe the negative chatter that was going on in my head. I have never experienced anything like it!

"Just stop and tell the kids that you couldn't do it today"
(No way jose....I was not about to quit and let the kids see me)

I decided to slow down the pace...relax and calm down.

Around this point we went from pavement to trail...I am guessing it was about 1 1/2 miles into the race! I was so thankful for the trail and the mud, even though I did slip quite a few times. But it helped calm me down.

Here I am finishing in the all black....40:35!
I was thrilled!
I was glad that I still had my head on....I had so much talking going on in my head, I felt like taking it off and throwing it to the side!
One time I raced with a CD Player (before ipods) and I did just that...I threw it!
Although I think I would have enjoyed an ipod this time!

Here is the beautiful Lake that we ran around!

The best part of small races is that you can have an off day and still medal!
I got 5th overall for women....and 1st in my age group!
Which made the kids think I was WONDERFUL!
They are the reason I was able to finish the race....and I loved that they were proud of me!

A couple times over the weekend I would start to voice frustrations about the race...and say negative comments...and my husband would remind me that I need to be the example of doing my best and then being proud of it!

My oldest girls sat down with me and talked to me about what I think I could have done better....and what preparations I could improve on!
(Just like I do with them when they have a gymnastics meet or a soccer game!)
It truly made me smile!

Yesterday I was ready to post all the negatives
But today I am ready to POST only POSITIVES!

I truly needed this race and not for the reasons I thought I needed it!
I thought I needed to know what to run my tempo run at!
I thought I needed a time to improve on!
But what I really needed was to remember to ..."ENJOY THE RUN!"
In fact, I may not run tempo runs or intervals for awhile!
I think I will focus on building a base!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Time!

The reality of time is that we all have the same amount! Yet, it is still NOT enough! I am sure the majority of you would agree that life is busy and it is extremely hard to fit everything in! This is the conversation I had with my husband last night as he tried to get out of running the race we have scheduled for this morning! He has been swamped at work and putting in long hours....therefore he has missed most of his runs this week! It really does not matter what the situation have to make time to run, and you have to know that running is forgiving! It will wait for you to get through stressful moments of life! It is so easy to feel that if we miss a work out or two or three that we have ruined our whole schedule. We will Never be ready for the race! NOT TRUE! I believe the stress of missing the workout is the only damaging factor. You have to have confidence in what your doing...and have faith in the fact that previous training will cover you in time of absence!

So with that is my first race....READY or NOT!

I hope he runs with me....but regardless, I am going to go and do the best I can!
It is natural to feel unprepared...which is what keeps popping into my head. I have an advantage here...I can do no wrong. This is my first race since my baby. So I have not ran a race in over two years. I just need a time...and then to be happy with it! I mean come on...slower is better....than I have room for improvement!

I don't know why I post my goals on here...I think it is to get over the fact that I am afraid of failure. But is it truly failure to try and run 40 min. and then to run 45? I don't think so! But it feels like it!

There you have it....I am hoping to run 40min. is a 5 mile trail run!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Things I have learned!

With the week not quite over, I have already learned that I am an AMBITIOUS DREAMER!
What was I thinking on my whole...."kick it up a notch?"
I must have forgot at least 50 of the "must do's" on my "be a mother list!"
Oh well, that is just me...I don't see it changing anytime maybe I can try and get 50% of my weekly goals accomplished!

I have learned that I am really good at reading great advise and passing on it on others.
As for following it myself...I could use some help!

I had two articles that literally spoke to me this week!
First one: By Anne- about choices! It is wonderful...if you have not read it...DO!
Well, I decided right then and there that I would make better decisions!
I had my husband read it and several siblings!
And then I ate a handful of Hershey kisses!

Second: By Diesel- about patience
Another must read!
I consider myself a very patient person....I am patient with my kids, husband, friends, neighbors, everyone...except myself!
Yet, still I have spent the week beating myself up!

Two or three times I have had comments about my 10K race, back in 2004, after child 2!
It always makes me feel good...because they refer to me as fast!
That would make anyone's day!
And then they always long as that is a correct time?
Of course it is a correct time!
Why would I post the wrong time?
Well, I decided to verify the time of 43:59...I went back and looked it up in my running logs. I couldn't find the one from that year...but the time of 43:59 had been carried over to the other logs as races I have run.
It stands strong in the last 5 years, of logs!
But just to DOUBLE check I decided to check the results on the internet!
And guess what I found out?
I was wrong!
I am so sorry!
I have to surrender all my "your fast" comments!

I actually ran a 44:59!

Although for me right now...that time is a dream!
I'll take it!

I have learned that my memory serves me keeps me faster! =)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have I already told you guys ....I LOVE YOU!

No kidding!
This blogging things Rocks!
I have a family blog...and yes it is fun...I love it too!
I never would have guessed that this mommy needed running and running friends so much!
I look forward everyday to the comments and to read up on what everyone is doing!
It has given me a whole new enthusiasm to life!


After this last baby...I was having a super hard time getting back into working out!
My husband knows how much I love to work out...mostly run...but anything will work!
So when I came to him and told him, "I'm done! I just don't have the energy is too hard!"
He got worried!

He encouraged me...and slowly I started to run/walk a little!
He bought me some personal training sessions for Christmas...
But I had to drive an 90 min. both ways...and for a mother of young kids I don't have an extra 3 hours just hanging around!

Then I decided on a whim to start a running blog.
I didn't even tell him!
I knew I was crazy...I didn't have time...I already blogged about my kiddos and life as a mother!
I truly thought "What am I doing?"

I made my first post...and went to bed!
The whole night I thought about it...and thought, I would just NOT try and do the running blog!
I got up in the morning and their was my first follower...holding her daughter....beaming with energy!
Anne Marie from Goals for the Week
Had it not been for her sweet comment and taking a chance on following me...I would have just canceled my blog and walked away!
Instead, I get to blog everyday about running or just about me!
Odd really...I hardly knew "I" existed!
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE MY LIFE....but now I just love it MORE!

There is something special about the running bloggers...they take time to care!
You ALL take time to read the posts and then comment....sending love from all over the country and world!
I am so thankful that I am a part of the Bloggy world!
And YOU ALL have changed my life forever!

Although I am rather tired now!
Hopefully soon my body will get use to working out again!
otherwise, I will just have to get more sleep...because there is NO way I am walking away from this running gig!

* Treadmill training DVD giveaway at MissZippy's (another great motivator)