Saturday, January 8, 2011

A few of my .....

Favorite things are...
1. kids
2. parties
3. weekly dates
4. running
5. yoga
6. art
7. travel
8. road trips
9. baking
10. cooking!!!!

I am trying to enjoy cooking even more...and less baking!
Which is easy...because I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook!
I would attempt healthier baking...but I grew up in a super healthy house, (Love the example), but cookies tasted like biscuits.
I would come home from a date, and my dad would offer my friend a "cookie", the look at the first bite will stick with me forever! I would quickly let them know....they have NO sugar...sweetened with maybe honey, usually dates, and raisins, fresh ground wheat, and applesauce as oil. (Which now has been replaced with coconut oil...much better! =)

Growing up I did not mind at all. My taste buds were trained. Which is a gift!
But my husband grew up in a home with amazing bakers.
Everyone of his aunts is award winning!
It is his favorite memory.
Going to Grandma's and sitting at the table to a cold glass of milk, and a frozen cookie!

He has never been fond of the healthy version!
Me...being a people please-er...especially a husband please-er...set out to learn to make cookies as good as any he had ever had!
I will have to say...I have mastered his favorite...peanut butter, and snicker doodle!

With that mastery went my healthy taste buds...and my thin waste line!
I believe you can have a few yummy goodies.
I just have to get my metabolism moving again!
So for now I am going to stay away...mostly...from my sweets.
If I want something I will buy it...instead of making a batch....or double batch...and then eating the whole thing!

The other thing I love about cooking is change!
Cookbooks are a favorite around here!
I enjoy making something new almost every night!
With that comes some nights that are awesome...and some that are not so great!
At the end of the night, I always ask...."Is it a keeper?"
They all laugh and give me a "yes, or No".
For a long time I did not understand why they laugh!
Until, Brooke, said, "Why do you ask us if we want you to make it again...if you never do?"

With that said...
here is one I made twice!

Asain Lettuce Wraps

All this delicious fresh ingredients.
I LOVE fresh ginger, cilantro....but I now cook with already minced garlic.
I can never get the garlic off my hands...never!


I serve them wrapped in lettuce with a toothpick, so that they are easy to pick up, and dip in the awesome sauce!

Asian Lettuce Wrap

Heat 2 tsp. of olive oil on med high
Cook about 1-2 tsp of grated ginger and 4 cloves or 3tsp. of minced garlic.
cook for 1 min.

Add 1 1/2 lbs. of ground turkey, 1c. minced mushrooms, 1/4tsp. salt....Cook until meat is done!

Add can of chestnuts (finely chopped), and 1/2 cup of minced green onions.
Cook for a few minutes

Add 1/4 c. soy sauce, 2 tsp. sesame oil , zest from 1 lemon, 1 tsp. hot sauce.
Cook through
Remove from heat...Add 1/3 c. chopped cilantro.

Wash seperated lettuce leaves, wrap in paper towels and put in frig, so they will be cold and crisp.

Dipping Sauce

1/4 c. soy sauce
1/8 rice vinegar
1 TBS. fresh minced garlic
2 TBS chopped green onion

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thirty things Thursday!!!

1. I got my first schedule from my coach!
I was rather pleased! She obviously knows how to coach the "use to be's"...
I am running 3 times a week....3 miles, 3 miles, and 5 miles.
I am running them at 10:00 pace...which is tough...I think my legs hurt more when I go slow...
The idea is to have them last longer...A year would be nice!
I really do think this is exactly where I need to be!

2. My whole house is sick...and it is in our lungs! Including me! My lungs are frying, even when I am just sitting. I hope it does not last long!

3. I am still getting my runs in! YiPPEE! It's miserable with weeeeezzzzyyyy lungs though!
But I am not about to email my coach the first week and give an excuse!!!

4. I plan to count how many times I go up and down the stairs in a day...I'm pretty sure it's 100!

5. I'm not eating after 7! I actually didn't think that I ate much after 7! I am shocked at how many times I have to stop...back away!! No wonder I have weight to lose!

6. That's been my felt like a lot more stuff....your lucky...I'm not going to make it to 30!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


That would be me...scaring my friends....
Terri's scared face is not an act....I think she was really scared I might eat her!
Look at my trooper friend Melissa...she kept her hat on....
We had a Taco Bar....Crazy Hat party!
It was so fun!!!!

Check out these young ones....I was able to keep them all awake until midnight...
The secret????
Lots of Sugar....Loud Music, with crazy dancing, hyper moms, charades, and few trial runs of running out in the freezing cold night banging pots and pans!

So now it is the 1st of the New Year....2011!!!
I am so excited to ROCK this next year!
I opened the time capsule from last year...and looked at my goals...
I did not accomplish 1 of my fitness goals!
I am rather going back to the blog embarrassing moment...
This year I am going to set reasonable goals...and I am going to keep on track!
Hows that?????

On a good note...
I accomplished ALL my goals for....


Housekeeper...well, not so much....that is going to be better in 2011 too!

Basically I am going into 2011
Chubby...Hyped on Sugar...but Loved by my husband and kids....=)
Could be worse!

Here are my 2011 Fitness goals:
1. 750 miles!
(I should go for 1000....but I am going to open that capsule next year...a winner!)
2. Loose 10 lbs.
(I have 15-20 to lose, but down 10 is better than up 10!)
3. PR in a race...any race!
4. Follow my coaches schedule!
5. Be Injured FREE!!!!