Thursday, April 28, 2011

I guess there can be good out of Caos?

I heard some giggling from my sweet innocent kids...
then I heard the older girls scream..."oh no!"
I knew it was bad!
My two little ones had super glued their feet to the bathroom floor, their hands to the counter, except one...which my son helped his sister glue it to her face!
Super glue.....EVERYWHERE!
It was an absolute disaster!

That is just the beginning of my week, as my 5 year old son goes through the stage of far can he go????

I hope this stage is short lived...He has put toothpaste in my 3 year olds hair, (lots of it), and then brushed it!

How can all of this be good?

I have needed my workouts more than ever!

My report is this...
I have continued to maintain consistency....and for any of you who have read my blog...I have had a rough year or so with consistency!
I'm going on week 7!
Whoo Hoo!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

1st 5k ....of the season!

I love to race!
I actually love to race more than run....
racing is what gets me excited about running!

Yesterday, was my first race of the season...
I have been working out for 5 week...with a small bit of a little ...there a little!
I was hoping to run in the 25 min range!

I was SHOCKED to find out that I ran 23:29!
Not too shabby for this momma!

Even more than the time...I was excited about my mile splits...
Usually I go out way too fast...and then hang on to dear life!
I know better....but I just can't seem to get myself to change the way I race!

This time, I was just looking for a that I would know where I was.
I took off to fast...with the rest of the crowd...but my whole body was shutting down after about 2oo I decided to wait for my younger daughter and just run with her...
as I was shuffling along, I saw my daughters teacher from last year...and I knew that she ran a 25 min. 5k...and was a consistent runner!

I decided to stay with her, and see how I felt after a couple of miles!
This helped me get into a good pace....

1st mile 7:30...
I quickly did the math in my head and realized that I was not ready to run a 7:30 pace!
I then thought I better slow down a tad....
As I slowed down I thought "Sherri, this is a mental sport and you feel if you talk yourself into slowing down ...then you will not run the correct time!"
So I decided to keep that pace for as long as I could!

7:30 is a 23:10 I almost ran a perfect split race...(minus 20 sec.)
That is what I am excited about!
I ran a smart race...I felt what it felt like!
It was still hard...but I had my head on the whole time...much better....than praying for ankle to break so I could quit! (which I have done!)

I got 1st in my age group...(which is always an ego booster)
that is what I love about small races...if I ran a big race, I would have just fallen into the crowd...this helped me get excited about racing!
This race was 366 people!

The 2nd medal is from my daughter....7 years old...who ran 26:37!
I was so proud of her...she ran her little heart out!

Here's the BIG QUESTION!
We have a race here in our town next Wed.
just 10 days after that race!
She is signed up to run...she is young...and untrained!
Is it okay for her to run another 5k...already????
I hesitate...but she insists!!!


(The little one in the green is the one who ran 26:37)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes a Scooter would be easier!

I am on week 5 of consistency!
I have not had this for a very long least not with working out!
It feels good!
I lost a bit of weight early...but nothing else!
I hope it will just all come together!
I am running a small 5k this weekend with my girls and hubby!
I love to race....even though I am not in racing shape...I love the energy!

Today I am going on a week of not much sleep...and it is catching up with me!
I really need to get my run in...and I am rather I have 5 hyped kids!
I thought maybe if I posted I would get excited to get out and run!
I think it's working!

I have noticed that running outside it tough after being on the treadmill all winter.
I enjoy the smells, and the breeze...but the hills are killing me...I feel like I'm moving at snail pace!
At least I'm moving! =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Not Dying! last week...week #2...I stuck to the progra!
Monday....1 hour body pump...1 mile run immediately following!
Tuesday....1 hour spin class
Wednesday...1 hour body pump...1.5 mile run following!
Thursday...1 hour spin class....3 mile run immediately following!
Friday 4 miles running

This week I could feel a typical week 3 syndrome ....loosing steam...
I am determined to make this the new habit!
Monday....1 hour body pump (intended to run, but day care called me for crying baby! =( )
Tuesday....I got Mastitis...HIGH FEVER...miserable!
needless to say...I did not workout!
I did get on antibiotics right away...
Wed. I was feeling much better...still sore...but better!
I decided I needed to avoid all excuses and just run!
I ran 3 miles..
and the entire time, 4 vultures circles around me!

Seriously guys???
Don't they only circle dying things???
Well, I've got news for them...