Saturday, August 25, 2012

12 IT IS!!!

I ran 12 miles and I'm one proud momma!
Not 12 at one time....but 12 for my weekly total!
I got totally dusted by my sister...but I am indebted to her..for getting these old bones back out and running!
In fact, for our 16 Anniversary, my husband and I ran together! :)
I'm so glad we share the love of running...he's much faster than me...right now!
I don't think I will run a race, until I can make sure I can beat him!
He's never beat me in a race!
He would crush me right now!
But I love love love having a common interest in sports!!!!

In fact, he thanked me at dinner!
He is a football and basketball lover...but as he got older, his skills faded!
He couldn't keep up with the younger kids anymore!
Instead of hanging up the shoes...he traded them in!
He is now a RUNNER!!
And he thanked ME for helping and encouraging him!
Funny thing...he is the one helping me and encouraging me to get back on it!
I'm 12 miles into my JOURNEY...AS A RETURN RUNNER!

At dinner we both decided to give up meat..not fish though!
I don't know why?
I'm a meat lover...but all the sudden...I'm not!
I don't want it!
I don't like the way it makes me I'm going to say "Good bye chicken"...and "Good bye red meat!"

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Plantar Fascitis!

It was time for a new pair of shoes!
I almost settled for my traditional looking shoes...but my 12 year old daughter convinced me to buy a pair of ZOOTS.
She liked the way they looked...and I have to admit they are rather comfortable!
So I broke the mold and bought a pair!
I have been overall happy.
If I am running they are very comfortable!
However, during my cross training class my heel slips out...and my feet shift all over the place.
The shoes my be a bit big...or they just stretch a ton?
The biggest I ended up with ....
I have never had heel pain...and I can now is very uncomfortable!!!
I asked around to see what to do????
Answers varied....
I couldn't rest...I have way to far to go that one was out...but one friend told me I needed an arch support!
I bought Dr Scholls orthotics!!!
My heel instantly felt better...and I am back in business.
Now I just need to start running! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Every Day is a Victory!

After baby 5, I tried to get back into top running shape...but I just couldn't figure it out?!  I couldn't find the time to exercise on a regular basis!
Then I got pregnant with baby 6...put on more weight...and lost more muscle!
I realize I have to find the time!
The time won't find me...I have to make it happen!
I realize that if I don't I will only continue in the negative path...the only way to change my course is to FIND the time to workout!

As a long time runner, I use to think the only real workout is running.
I would use other exercise options to improve my running!
This time around, I am using whatever source I can...and if I squeeze a run in...AWESOME!!