Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is it Love?

How do you show love?

Here is the scenario....

Your spouse comes home from a long day at work. They are suppose to get their workout in, but they are too tired!

You say to them, "It's fine honey! Missing one workout is not going to kill you. Let me make you dinner and then I will rub your head!

B. "I know you had a long day at work, but you will feel better if you get your workout in!"

Today when we got home from a long day of stuff!
We were both tired...and both needed to run!

I was the "A" wife, and then I realized that I am always the "A" wife!
Is that truly LOVE?
If I loved him the most I would be a "B" wife!
So I feel proud I put down my wooden spoon...and jumped on the treadmill!
And then encouraged him to do the same!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

1. Why do I eat all the baked goods that I make? I love to cook and bake! It's what I like to do for me time! The problem is that I eat it! There is a saying, "Never trust a thin baker!"

2. Probably the Biggest News for my life is.....I am homeschooling next year! All 5 of my kiddos! I know this is not a good decision for training. However, I am so excited about the opportunity to teach my kids, and travel with them! There is so much history I want to show them, and this is my chance. So I am doing it!!! I have the best situation in the world, my kids love school! We live in an area where the school system is FANTASTIC! So I can't go wrong. If it does not work for one reason or another, I can just put them back in school! NO PROBLEM!

3. My garden is small, but I love to pull fresh veggies out for dinner! The kids seem to enjoy trying new veggies, if they are the one who picked it out of the garden! I have always wondered how weeding can bring joy...and I am finding it! I enjoy taking a few minutes to weed around my flowers and my garden!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Rolling Out of Bed!

This bedroom, brings a whole new idea to just rolling out of bed! Can you imagine?

I am not sure what all the tri athletes are doing her in my little town!
Our pool has been closed for 2 or 3 weeks, and right now, there is NO opening date!
I was bummed, because I sprained my ankle and was hoping to get some swimming in!

Good News is that my ankle is better!
My treadmill is fixed!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Stick Together!

Last Saturday I made a post of how excited I was to be back in the running swing of things!
Right after my post, I went on a run, with my Hubby! It is always a treat to be able to run together...I was on cloud nine!
We were at mile 3 when I looked over and saw the cutest picnic table sitting on a beautiful lot of Oak trees! I slipped into a day dream of the great picnic I was going to plan with my kiddos....when....BAM!!! BOOM !!!TUMBLE!!! TWIST!!!
I hit a pot hole and just trashed myself!
I twisted my ankle and bruiesd my whole left side!
I sat on that curb and I balded....maybe even a sob!
(I sobbed because I want to run...yes, my ankle hurt, but I wanted to run!)
My ankle was BAD!
I have had dozens of sprained ankle and this one was bad!
Mark carried me over to the picnic table, which now lost all it's luster!
All I could see was an old rusted picnic table, covered in spiders, and ants!
I tried to walk...but NO!
Mark, left to try and get help...thank goodness, because I would have sat there forever if he had not ran a mile and waved down a car!

It seems like we are a family who likes to stick together...
We like to play together
work together
and get injured together!

Chelsea stubbed her toe....not even an hour after I came home with my sprained ankle!

I stepped outside and saw Mark on the top of our hill, in front of our house. It is a BIG hill! He was riding Brooke's HiTide!
I said, "Mark your going to break your head!"
Mark, "NO! I'll be fine!"
So he takes off....and sure enough at the bottom of the hill he hits a pebble..and wipes out!
It looks like a down hill bike accident!
He was a bloody mess!
However, he did not Break his head!

What do you think he did?
He went straight up to the top of the hill again...AND DID IT!

With our family covered in bruises and scratches!

I am very blessed, my ankle is NOT nearly as bad as I thought!
I am going to take the week off of running and then jump right back in!
I have cycled and lifted this week and plan to swim!
I have to admit, I am enjoying the change!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I made the paper!

This is the perk of living in small town America...
You can make the paper running 26 minutes!

Remember the race that had my blog name?
Running Rocks...
Well, this just confirmed that that race is mine!

Notice the headline....
Enjoying the run...
it's my blog address!

How Super Duper Fun is this?

I wish it was a picture of me and my hubby that made us look like super stars...but instead we look like us!
He looks like an ex football player...and I look like...well, ME!

(Mark, is in the gray, right out front. I am next to him in the white hat and blue shorts! =))

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Awesome Week!

This week has been AWESOME!
Back...early spring...when I just started this blog and just started running again...I sat down and made some goals!
And then life hit!
When I realized that I had set goals that my body was not ready for ...I got a bit discouraged!
Training fell apart...yes I had injuries...but I also was in a state of "What now?"
Then I totally blew my half marathon...and ran a 5k instead.
At that point I seriously was feeling like me and running where just not meant to be!


I just needed to get my head back on and relax and understand that everything takes time!
I set aside goals of speed and activities that took more time then I was able to commit to.
Picked a new race, set up a schedule...
and now the past 2 weeks I have followed my 4 days a week plan to get me to a half marathon!
This week has been so fun because I am feeling the excitement all over again!
Plus, I can never stay on one plane of thought!
So I am racing my husband in a 200!
(remember he is running backwards)

Half marathon training and 200 training are not really the same...
But at this stage of running, it will all be fine!

Yesterday, my sister, who is known for her kick!
Took me to the soccer field.
We let our 8 children run around, while we practiced sprinting!

I can't believe that I ran in high school and college and never really developed those muscles!
(My husband tells me that it is not true, he claims that when we met, 15 years ago, I had speed....but I have NEVER beat ANYONE in the last 100 yard!)

I have to say....we just ran about 14 100's...8 at 90%... arms were killing me!
No wonder I don't like my arms...I've been ignoring them for all these year....those poor things need some muscle!
So next week I am going to add 2 days of lifting to my 4 days of running!

I think this time I am not over setting goals...I can DO IT! =)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Next Race!

We are going to have a fun couple track meet...
in 2weeks
it only has two events!
My sister and her husband are going to race a 200!
Me and my hubby are going to race a 200!
Only in my race he is going to be running backwards and I am going to be running forward!

Believe it or not...
He is probably going to beat me!
He has never been beat backwards...NEVER...not even by his teammates in college!

I need to work on my sprint!
So it gives me a little motivation to work on SPEED!
It is just FUN!

My last race, I finished 2nd in my age group!
So my sister asked me how far ahead #1 was.
I told her, maybe 50!?
She said, "You mean you could see her and you didn't go get her?"
She was in complete shock!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Freedom Run!

This weekend has been so much fun...we started on Friday and ended with this race on Monday!
I ran the mile with Chelsea...
Then Mark, Brooke, and I ran the 5k!
Typically the 4th of July is blazing hot.
So I appreciated the misty cool day!
I ran the best 5k for this season....23:25

After 4 days of 4th of July fun!
I am happy to say I have a whole new attitude...
Thanks to a friend of mine!
They invited us to their lake home on Saturday to BBQ and then watch the fireworks over the lake...which I must say, was FANTASTIC!

I just happened to ask if he was still running.
"Every day...8 miles!"
me: "How?"
I just do it!
me: "I am having a hard time finding time:
"I don't have time, I take it from my sleep!"
me: speechless

I could tell he had No interest in my GIGANTIC list of excuses!

I knew he was right!
Every time that I have been able to be consistent with my running I have to do it EARLY!!!
I am sure that the majority of you would say the exact same thing?