Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, worry NO MORE!
I have the perfect plan!
It even comes with the guarantee that you will NOT over train!

It's simple really....
2-3 days of running, and then 2-3 months off!

I promise you will feel refreshed and excited to get back to your 2 days of running!!!

I have tested this out on myself!

There are a few disclaimers though:

You may have sore muscles every time you run your 2-3 days!
You will NOT increase your speed or endurance!
It will NOT reduce stress!
You will find racing to be tough!
You may gain weight!

Good Luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Things Thursday!

1. 100 Post!!! Well, it was actually last post...but still....100!!!
Can you see the 100! Kids in the middle are the center of the 0!

2.I have had this sticky "frog" on my ceiling for 7 years! I know...pathetic! It became part of our home! Everyone would walk in and say, "Did you know you have a frog stuck on your ceiling?"

My sister and brother and all the kids decided that 7 years was long enough! They were determined to get the frog off the ceiling!
They all throw towels of every shape and size...until their arms ached!

Finally my 6 foot 5 inch, brother, made a ceiling reaching tool....and got it down!

3. It was not a frog, but a lizard! If you want to have Free Fun Entertainment....that is the way to do it! We celebrated like none other, after that lizard came down!

4. Your NEVER too old to have fun! I am the Biggest kid at my house. Then we took all the kids to the pumpkin patch...and I realized I am not the only kid ....my brother and sister were having so much fun on the rope swing...

I decided to join it!

It's a lot harder than it looks!

5. I am not any good at taking self pictures! I tried over and over to take a picture of us three girls...but instead I got a ton of eyes!

and cheeks...

Thank goodness for nice bystanders!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Things Thursday!

1. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! One time a year you get to dress up as anything you want! I'll take it! I would dress up as something different everyday if I had the time. So of course I was thrilled when my sister threw herself a birthday party...and it was Halloween themed...with costumes! YIPPEE!!!

2. I also think everyone should throw their own birthday parties! Why not???? Why sit around wishing someone remembered! For Pete's Sake....PARTY!!! Aging is inevitable! It's going to happen no matter what. So why not "Bring it!" I have been throwing myself birthday parties for 10 years.

3. I Love Fall! Everything about it! The weather is perfect right now! I just wish I could do everything I have to do, while sitting or standing outside! Too bad my laundry and dishes are indoors! Bummer!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goals For the Week!

Thanks to Anne Marie, I am hoping to post my "Goals for the Week!"
What a fantastic example she sets...week after week!
She also suggests writing the goals in your planner or somewhere where you can easily access them ... so they can be a constant reminder!

I am going to just follow her categories...

ATHLETE: (that's a bit strong for this mommy) PHYSICAL: (there that sounds more like it...I will adapt to "athlete", when I become one1 =)
Workout every day! - except Sunday
Hopefully run...but do something!

FRIEND: (Is this suppose to be for me or the kids????... If it is for me, I have NO idea what to do with friends...so how about we combine them???)
Set up a play date at a park, so that the kids can all play...and I can visit! =)
OOOOOH! This is such a great idea!

MOM: Speak softer!
Can I explain? I am NOT a yeller! But I talk LOUD...just naturally, maybe because I come from a house of 12??? I love when I go to houses and the Mom talks softly...so I want to try!

COMMUNITY: ( See I love her...she extends herself!) Continue to run with the Junior High kids!

PERSONAL GROWTH: Follow through with Total Women, and have dinner planned early! Make a "To Do List" and do my best to finish!
(On my family blog I am reading "Total Women", and trying to apply it to my life! ...come join in on the fun!)

I am going to add just a few categories!

EXTENDED FAMILY: Call my sisters Shauna and Julie! Write a letter to Kim! Write and send letters from the kids and I to Grandma Young!

HUSBAND: Rub his head everyday for 5 min.

SPIRITUAL: Listen to one Conference Talk a day...until I can get through them all!

Here it goes!

Another THANK YOU TO ANNE MARIE for this great example!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's in my fridge????

I know I am only about 6 months behind...
for What's in your fridge?????
There is one thing, you can ALWAYS count on, to be in my fridge!??!!

Every time I walk into the kitchen...
The fridge is open and kids of all sizes are peering in, to find their next snack!

Have a great weekend!