Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love Treadmill Games...and March Madness!

Last week, I actually did get a couple of runs in! Whoo Hoo!!!
Friday I ran an easy 3miles! Then Saturday, I was going to do the same thing, just an easy 3. Lucky for me March Madness was on, and we were having so much fun cheering on the underdog...that my time flew by...and the miles added up! I played a little game with myself, I put a towel over the dashboard of the treadmill. During commercials I ran 6.0, when the game started I would go up to 6.3, and every free throw I would go up 1! If the game tied up ,then I would do a 1 min. celebration at 7.0! (It tied back and forth often). When I started my run there was 9 min. of basketball time left....I thought that I would be able to get my 3 miles in ...No problem! I was not expecting overtime! I told myself I would not stop running until the game was over! Conclusion I ran 6 miles! That is good for me....right now! I am excited to do the whole thing over this Saturday...and maybe run 7!

I have kept up the body pump and spinning! I can already tell, that my muscles are slowly responding! I knew I had muscles....somewhere???!!!!

My hip is hurting, I have to use my arm to lift my leg! I am pretty sure it is just the muscle tightening up after lack of use! I hope! I am going to get some yoga in today and this weekend!

I have dropped 4 lbs! HOOORAY!
I only need to loose another 15....but that 15 feels like 100!

I hope everyone is having a great day!
Big thanks to all of you super stars who give encouraging stories and quotes, that keep popping in my head...and get me excited! It took a bit to actually get me moving...but I'm on my way! =)

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm finding it...

This has been along rough year...for running. I have been fighting lack of motivation, time, and balance! During that struggle I have managed to gain weight, lose muscle, and age a bit!

I don't know what happened....but I can tell it happened. I'M FED UP! I decided that the time isn't going to stop...or slow down, while I figure my fitness out! Somehow, I have managed to fit in an hour workout everyday this week! WHOO HOO!

My husband who has been trying to help me find my "mojo", with encouraging words. He is thrilled! We both know that the truth is, if you just take the time to fit in fitness, and scripture time...then the day flows smoother. Suddenly, you may not need more hours, because your able to accomplish more in the hours that we do have!

I'm not going to pretend I am at that point...yet. But I have been there...and know that it is there! Right now I am paying for my lack of exercise! This week is just survival!

I did not run this week! I decided to work on building some muscle. I did 2 body pump classes...circuit weight training! Two days of Yoga! Two days of 1 hour RPM about burn! I'm talking major leg burning...and calorie burning!

I'm excited for next's just a week at a time...and this week was a success!=)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Six!

I just need 6 more hours in my that really too much to ask?
It's not like I'm asking for 48...just 30!
I feel like I'm on an all out sprint all day...and still I am behind the eight ball!
If this sounds like I am complaining....I AM!!!!
Not because I don't LOVE MY LIFE!
I do....I just need more time!!!

Let's just go over a typical evening conversation....between my husband and I....if we get one! (wink)
Blue is Mark
Red is ME!
Green is in my head!

Everyday it's the same thing....bills, bills, bills. I go through more checks than anyone else I know!
Everyday it's the same thing....laundry, laundry, laundry. This family goes through more clothes than any other family!

They only time I feel like I have to prepare for the day is late at night and early morning! When I go to the office, everyone wants me, I'm torn a million directions!
The only time I have to prepare for the next day is late night or early morning! When those kids wake up, they all want me, I'm torn in 5 important directions!

I need balance!
You need 6 more hours!
I need 6 more hours!

Please tell me as you read this...your mind is feeling in the blanks with your own busy life????
are we just poor time managers???

I know what I'm going to do about it!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I woke up early to go running, and as I left my sister said,
"Watch out for the Alligators!"
I was thinking ....
"come on, I'm not swimming in the swamp, just running through your neighborhood1"

It's unbelievable....
they are right in the neighborhood...HUGE....SCARY... alligators!!

As I was running I could see a gator watching me from under the water!

I have to admit, I enjoy seeing them....because we don't have gators at home....but it would take some time getting use to sharing my neighborhood with them!

I took my kids to a trampoline gym....
I planned on just watching and reading....
but I couldn't pass up on all the fun...
I think I burned some serious calories...and had a ton of fun!!!