Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Whole New Level Of Running!

On my quest to run 20 miles...I was on a role!
7 miles on Monday
40 min. of Elliptical on Tuesday
5 miles on Wednesday
1 hour spin on Thursday!

12 miles completed going into Friday and Saturday
Where I had planned to run 5 on Friday and 3 on Saturday!

On Friday, I ran all over Omaha Zoo...miles and miles...I just know it!
but I failed to run that night... =(
I woke early on Saturday and ran 7 miles!!!
Giving me a total of 19 miles!!!!

1 miles short...kind of ridiculous to fall 1 mile short!
I thought about counting my zoo running...but I decided it wouldn't really count!
so 19 miles it is!

20 for next week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Program!

I have been stuck at the 15 miles a week...
It feels impossible to reach 20!
This week I am on my mission for impossible!

One major problem has been my Saturday Long runs!
It seems like there is all kinds of conflicts that seem to arise on Saturday!
I have decided to rearrange my schedule...I am going to go long on Monday!
That gives me all week of unexpected catch up and get my long run in!
If Monday fails...just think....I have 5 more days to try!
This week I got it on the first try!
Whooo Hooo!
Love having my long done and over I can just relax and make it through the rest of the week!

Right now long is 7!
And trust me it felt L...O...N...G!!!!

Whoo Hoooo for 20 miles!
I'm cheering ahead of time...hoping that helps me break through!
(I have finished 12 and it's Wednesday...I've got to be able to pull another 8 out by Saturday! ;) )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boston is a bit WET!

We decided to come to Boston with dad!
Unfortunately we hit a COLD AND WET week!

I missed the cue....we were suppose to look cold and miserable!
The truth is...we still had a BLAST!

The original idea ....
was to come to Boston, get a hotel downtown!
Run around the AWESOME downtown of BOSTON!
BUT....It's the 4 weeks of graduation!
Everything is sold out!

Instead we are outside of the city...back on a treadmill....but we are loving our trip...wet or not!

Tonight we are going for a LONG run outside...even if I have to run on the freeway!
Long for me ....may be short for you! =)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frantic Friday!

I just liked the sound of it!
I'm am at a great spot in my fitness right now!
Still SUPER FAR from where I would like to go...but I am moving along at snail pace...and loving every minute!
I can't stand either have to improve, or decline..and I have been working out consistently for 8 weeks!
This week is I ran 3 times...and hopefully a 4th....tonight!
I did 1 day of yoga...I would like to get that moved up as well to 3 or 4 times!
I did a spin hour...and it's a tough one!
I love the makes me cry...before and after...PERFECT!!!!
(I don't really cry...but it's tough)
Well, I am wishing a great weekend to all of you!
Good luck to those with competitions!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today was the perfect day!
Perfect weather!

And a great game of volleyball with no rules!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Klompen Classic!

Last night was our towns BIG 5k of the year!
I always love to run this race...I love to see everyone...running the actual race is not the most enjoyable part! =)
Above is Robyn Friedman...sorry it's not a good picture!
She is out of this world amazing!
She ran 16:5- something...and was out last year, pregnant with her third child!
She broke her half marathon record at Drake Relays last month!
She is humble....and FAST!

My hubby ran and is is catching me!
This is the only thing I can beat him at....
I can not let this wonderful man beat me!

He ran a 25:06...and felt wonderful!
I ran a 23:25 and felt...not so wonderful!

At mile 2 I felt like making a quick turn and running home...I live 1 mile from there!
I'll be honest it was a tough race!
My time was fine...I would have loved to run 15 sec. faster...or more!

My two oldest daughters ran in 27:12....I was very proud of them..and thankful to my fantastic fast friend, LISA, who stayed with them, and helped them run a solid race!

My oldest daughter was amazed how hard it was for Lisa to hold back. She couldn't understand how running slow can be hard! =)

It was a great night of running!