Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1. Allergies are head is swollen....It feels like it may be three times the normal size...which give me three times less energy! I usually get them mid May...I was hoping they decided to skip a year...instead they were just playing with my head! Literally!
Needless to say, I decided to skip the workout... turn off all the lights and go to bed..then I could see my computer light I decided to blog about my poor me stories....whaaaa whaaa! =)

3. Can you tell we have recently been to the zoo! I love animals...they instinctively follow natural laws...Like you don't have to eat all the food around you... especially if it is not meant for you! Here this monkey sat in the middle of an ocean of Carps, and completely ignored them! He did not even so much as took a lick! How come I don't have that instinct? I make myself a nice chicken grilled salad, and the kids some mac and cheese with apples! I eat my salad...I feel good! Do I stop there??? NO!! The kids nibble a bit on their food ...SO I EAT IT! If you have one child...this may not be so bad...I have 5! That's my scrambled eggs for breakfast...and 5 pancakes! My salad for lunch....5 bowls of mac! My small perfectly sized bowl of ice cream....and 5 Large over sized bowls of ice cream! EEEK! THIS IS A PROBLEM!

3. I am really trying hard to set and accomplish goals! Especially in the fitness category...since that is the one that slid out of control last year! I think it is good for kids to watch their parents set...and complete goals! Problem is I feel a ton of pressure! It's not such a good lesson if you just set goals...and nothing about them! Tonight when I decided against running, due to my horrible allergies...I could feel 8 blue eyes, and 2 brown eyes watching my every move. It didn't help the matter, when all the kids....everyone, except Brady...who doesn't talk...asked me if I planned to run!

Seriously kids???
We woke up at 7 to go to the Bee farm, and take a tour, and buy some Local Raw Honey! =)
Then had a picnic in the park (where I finished off all the plates...good mommy!)
Then off to the Lake to play in mucky waste high water and call it playing at the beach!
Picnic for dinner
Play at the Park
Ice cream (I didn't order one for me...because I am getting smarter...I know I have 5 to eat~)
Home by 9:30
Face blown up like a blow fish...
"Are you going to run?"

Let me tell you I feel it...those eyes are watching me!

Truth be known...I'm thankful they try to support and help me with running!

*This post contains exaggerations!=)