Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yoga Rocks Too!

I have found that yoga is my second love and compliments running perfectly! Someday I would love to get professionally trained, but for now, I have found wonderful at home videos!
This morning I did Bryan Kest's Power Yoga! It is 45 mins. of pure stretching and strengthening all at the same time! My hips love me after this! (And my hips give me lots of problems) I try to do yoga 3-4 times a week and run 3-4 times!


  1. I try and get in a few yoga moves here and there, but haven't found the time to fit it in my routine. I'd say your love for yoga is like my love for strength training;-)

  2. I try to do the yoga and I can confidently say I suck at it! I'm hanging in there, I can't wait until I can keep my balance and be limber. The people on the DVD with him are insanely amazing!

  3. Laura, I am not very good yet either....but I do know it will all come!

    Anne Marie, Love your your energy! I absolutely need to strength train...I do a couple of times a week...but it is the one I will pass on if I am short on time!

  4. I love to do yoga too! My hubby and I do it a couple times a week right here in our living room and sometimes the littles will join in instead of just running around us being crazy haha!