Saturday, August 28, 2010


I lOVE Comments!
They bring sunshine into my day!

Yet I often have a hard time getting my comments in...
I find myself reading blogs while waiting ....
whether it is in the grocery line
doctors office
soccer field
next to the toilet...(potty training)
while writing with chalk on the sidewalk
playing barbies...

I can't comment from my I always think,
"I will go back and comment tonight"

Instead, by the time I am done laying with each child, I usually fall asleep!
Then the next day hits...and busy, busy , busy!

This morning I got up extra early...
around 4:30!

I dragged myself out of my warm covers, and thought ...
"I have got to get my comments in"

I have had the most amazing morning...
as I sit in my comfy chair...
reading all the great blogs..
getting inspired...
and it is beautiful outside...

I am always up for the sunrise...
by I NEVER see it!



  1. My kiddies are grown and on their I have a bit more time to comment :)
    Just the fact that you're keeping up with blogging is huge...but we totally understand where your priorities lie...just where they should...with real life and your family :) :)

    Enjoy this'll fly by!

  2. I hate it when I don't have time to sit and read my fave blogs! Hope your day continues being great :-)

  3. It does get difficult sometimes and I battle to find time for reading and commenting often. The great thing is that we all are in the same boat and understand 100%. That's why blog friends are so great. Mornings at sunrise is certainly my favorite part of the day.

  4. I, for one, appreciate you getting out of your comfy bed and posting comments! Cheers!

  5. I am always in AWE when I get a comment from you, bc I can only imagine HOW busy you are. I can feel your energy just on the computer and comments, so I can only imagine how much energy you have in real life!!!!!

    and omg...guess what Im doing at the moment! sitting in bed w/coffee and perusing blogs/comments!! too funny;-)

  6. Enjoy the beautiful day! And thanks for stopping by my blog. I love comments too. Helps keep me motivated. :-)

  7. Ditto to AM--how do you do it? Thanks for any time you sneak in a comment!

  8. I do the same thing, I read a blog on my phone and then dont have the time to get to a computer.

  9. Blogging, reading comments on mine and other people's blogs makes me want to move more.
    Reading comments while waiting in a grocery line is something I haven't thought what a great idea! Now all I need is an i-phone or any smart phone. My phone is a pain in you know what to get to e-mails and such.

  10. I know what you mean- I love reading blogs (and leaving comments) but sometimes my timing is off and I can't always leave a comment when I want to.
    I wanted to say thanks for your comment the other day- I ended up signing on with Tonia to be my online coach :)!

  11. I hope you'll enjoy again nice sunny mornings and ... our comments :)
    I tagged you for an award on my blog...go check it out :)
    Have a nice training!

  12. And here is another comment to read! I like to read the blogs too and to receive comments even if I think that my blog must become a little bit more serious. Now don't waste your time reading what I write, run!

  13. here's some incentive....i left you an award on my blog :) now youll have to comment, even while youre next to the toilet or in line at the store.