Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm being STALKED!!!

I am 100% sure that I am being followed...stalked...by a rain cloud!
It can be beautiful outside...and then I decide to go for a run!
I check the sky...
everything looks absolutely PERFECT!
So I run...

not a little....

I have had quite a few people tell me they are surprised at my dedication!
I hate to disappoint them...but it has nothing to do with dedication...and everything to do with STALKING!
I feel like giving them the blog address of thousands of dedicated athletes!

Now before this post comes across as complaining...
I actually do not mind rain...even hard rain...
It peaceful really....
I rarely feel the pains of age...while running through small pieces of hail!

I just find it ironic...that every time I manage to make it out of the house for a run...the rain cloud is over head...watching out for me????


  1. I would report those clouds to mother nature or God...maybe a restraining order could be had?

  2. I love training in the rain, like you said, its peaceful

  3. I like running in the rain to an extent, but an all out down pour is not that fun! I hope the rain clouds stay away on your next run!

  4. hahaha ... that cracked me up. Your stalker came down to visit me in the form of a hurricane!

  5. Could you please come to run in CA? I would not mind some rain now. We probably won't get any till November and the air is getting a bit too dusty for my taste.

  6. Ive had the same issue with my bike rides this year

  7. well, I've gotta say that you are pretty postitive for having such a persistant stalker :)!

  8. We call it the Fantozzi's cloud by a popular italian movie. However I would like to get a cloud only for me all summer long!

  9. I enjoy running in the rain and when it starts while I’m running it is the best. Going out and starting in the rain is not always that great. I hope the hail stays small! Happy running!

  10. Running in the rain improves your strenght and motivation :) Have a nice running again, Sherri!

  11. I have the same problem with races...I've become quite good at racing in the rain. I think the sun might be a disadvantage for me!

  12. Your are so cute. Maybe it is the time of the day. When we lived in St Marys, Georgia it would rain most afternoons. It would dump tons of water and then be gone. Good luck on your running. Love you.

  13. You need to come out to CO and help us with our drought - especially the fires in Boulder! You are just adorable!!! :)

  14. nah bad cloud and rain, maybe they like you much, lol. Anyway keep running despite those stalker.