Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goals For the Week!

Thanks to Anne Marie, I am hoping to post my "Goals for the Week!"
What a fantastic example she sets...week after week!
She also suggests writing the goals in your planner or somewhere where you can easily access them ... so they can be a constant reminder!

I am going to just follow her categories...

ATHLETE: (that's a bit strong for this mommy) PHYSICAL: (there that sounds more like it...I will adapt to "athlete", when I become one1 =)
Workout every day! - except Sunday
Hopefully run...but do something!

FRIEND: (Is this suppose to be for me or the kids????... If it is for me, I have NO idea what to do with friends...so how about we combine them???)
Set up a play date at a park, so that the kids can all play...and I can visit! =)
OOOOOH! This is such a great idea!

MOM: Speak softer!
Can I explain? I am NOT a yeller! But I talk LOUD...just naturally, maybe because I come from a house of 12??? I love when I go to houses and the Mom talks softly...so I want to try!

COMMUNITY: ( See I love her...she extends herself!) Continue to run with the Junior High kids!

PERSONAL GROWTH: Follow through with Total Women, and have dinner planned early! Make a "To Do List" and do my best to finish!
(On my family blog I am reading "Total Women", and trying to apply it to my life! ...come join in on the fun!)

I am going to add just a few categories!

EXTENDED FAMILY: Call my sisters Shauna and Julie! Write a letter to Kim! Write and send letters from the kids and I to Grandma Young!

HUSBAND: Rub his head everyday for 5 min.

SPIRITUAL: Listen to one Conference Talk a day...until I can get through them all!

Here it goes!

Another THANK YOU TO ANNE MARIE for this great example!


  1. All worthy goals for a worthy lady!

  2. OK, I am sold. I need to make my own list or maybe just copy yours with some modifications. :)
    I could talk softer also and I don't even have a good excuse for not doing so.

  3. This is great! I love the idea of speaking softer. I find that when working with my 1st/2nd graders, if I soften my voice and volume, it's amazing what kind of responses I get!

  4. Speak softer...never thought of making that a goal for myself but if I do goals for training why not for general life improvement areas? thanks for THAT!

  5. love ths peak softer. i dont know what an inside voice is. in high school everyone always joked that i swallowed a mega phone. you could always tell when i was in the room. im loud and proud!

  6. I love what she does too, but honestly, if I had to remember one more thing to do even with the best of intentions I might go mad.

    I may have to speak softly, my husband is always telling me to keep it down. ON the other hand, I can sometimes barely hear what he is saying.

  7. Great goals:) My hubby would be in heaven if I would massage his head for five minutes!

  8. Some great goals there. I always try to improve my day to day life in general. This is a good way to achieve that.