Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes a Scooter would be easier!

I am on week 5 of consistency!
I have not had this for a very long least not with working out!
It feels good!
I lost a bit of weight early...but nothing else!
I hope it will just all come together!
I am running a small 5k this weekend with my girls and hubby!
I love to race....even though I am not in racing shape...I love the energy!

Today I am going on a week of not much sleep...and it is catching up with me!
I really need to get my run in...and I am rather I have 5 hyped kids!
I thought maybe if I posted I would get excited to get out and run!
I think it's working!

I have noticed that running outside it tough after being on the treadmill all winter.
I enjoy the smells, and the breeze...but the hills are killing me...I feel like I'm moving at snail pace!
At least I'm moving! =)


  1. I always notice that treadmill runs are much easier than the outside runs, even if I do 1-2% incline. Now that pink scooter instead of running would be a total joy.
    Weight can be stubborn. My goodness, mine just refuses to budge.
    Congrats on good 5 weeks!

  2. I'm sure you'll improve your runs soon :) Enjoy running in spring time!

  3. You know, me, Mr Biker, did my first ever half mary over the weekend (come over to mine and read the report) and LOVED IT, and I am sending all my good mojo to you, Mrs Runner for motivation

  4. thank you for stopping by my blog today!
    I am the opposite...outside is easier then on the treadmill. I will have to head inside soon as the heat gets worst and worst here and I am not looking forward to this!

  5. Hi Sherri, thanks for visiting my blog. It's always nice to get new readers.

    I prefer running outside about the treadmill, even in Winter. You've asked something about running in the heat. I'm not good at that, I can't handle the heat in Holland very well, not even when I just sit down and do nothing. That's why I run early in the morning before work in Summer and most of the times also in Winter.

  6. Sooo thinking of you in spring....are the tulips blooming?? LOVE them so much!!

    Congrats on 5 solid week - but try to get some rest girl (I can so relate on that!!).

  7. Love that pink scooter! Thank you for visiting my blog. It seems funny that we are in Autumn and losing all the pretty leaves as we head for much cooler weather while you are enjoying Springtime knowing that the heat of summer is just around the corner. Good luck with your running. It must be so much more difficult with 5 little ones. Good luck with your 5km.

  8. I love to run and race with my family but at the moment only my son enters some event with me.
    Beautiful scooter and wonderful driver.
    Have a good Easter.