Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boston is a bit WET!

We decided to come to Boston with dad!
Unfortunately we hit a COLD AND WET week!

I missed the cue....we were suppose to look cold and miserable!
The truth is...we still had a BLAST!

The original idea ....
was to come to Boston, get a hotel downtown!
Run around the AWESOME downtown of BOSTON!
BUT....It's the 4 weeks of graduation!
Everything is sold out!

Instead we are outside of the city...back on a treadmill....but we are loving our trip...wet or not!

Tonight we are going for a LONG run outside...even if I have to run on the freeway!
Long for me ....may be short for you! =)


  1. I'm sure the kids will just remember having fun in Boston, being with mom and dad! :)

    Glad you found me again Sherri...had to change my address.

  2. Boston is an awesome city, especially for kids! Glad you're having a great time.

  3. Awesome picture of the family. We have opposite families... my three girls are the youngest. Looks like your boys are the babies?

  4. Glad you have fun in Boston. It is nice to run through the city you are visiting. Great picture.

  5. Love the faces on your older girls in that top pic - priceless! Have a great time on your long run!

  6. I'm sure the wet weather will leave lovely memories. That first photo is really special. Have a good weekend!

  7. Oh man, I wish you could be downtown, but a blast is the main idea so I'm very glad you're having one!!! YAY! If you're still there, head over to The North End and go to Mike's Pastry and get some yummy treats!! :)

  8. You have to run by the river!! Gorgeous!

  9. Glad you have a great time in Boston with your family! Nice photo of you with your kids :) I'm sure you didn't forget your running shoes :)

  10. I've never been to Boston :( Your kids are beautiful!