Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Party Time Over!
I have had 35 days in a row of guests!
We have had a ton of fun!
Gained a few pounds...of butter.....Lost a few pounds of ....muscle!

After reading the great quote on Tri Diesel's Blog...
"All must suffer one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret!"

I love quotes!
For me right now....this one is PERFECT!
It not only spoke to me....but SCREAMED at me!

I am responsible for my decisions!
We all have the same time in a day!
What I do and don't do with it is up to me...but then I must suffer the back lash!

I am suffering from the pain of REGRET!
I know I can do it!

So here we go!

I am signing up for the Living History Farm race today!

Okay...never mind!
When I went to get the said it is full!

I will sign up for "A" race today!


  1. Love that quote! Exactly what I needed to read today. The pic, however...I need to wash my brain. Haha!

  2. great quote but even funnier picture. im pretty sure ive partied close to that hard ;)

  3. Quotes are so motivating, I used to have a bunch as my signature and would change them frequently to adjust my predicament. Good luck finding a race, I think it will be the perfect motivator to get back out there!! :)

  4. That quote is awesome! I hope you find a race to sign up for!

  5. Well you taken the first step and I'm sure you'll have some good commitment soon. Registering for a race would be the best. That is a great quote.

  6. Pain of regret rarely seems to leave though so sign up for A race soon. :)
    Good, good quote.

  7. you're so cute.

    and you should have absolutely NO regrets!!!

    it's all good and your time is now.

    and your 'race' time will come...;-)

  8. What a shame it's full! Hope you find a great race!

  9. I love that quote too! I hate that feeling of regret!

  10. I realize I am catching up, but I hope you chose a race. Most find that it gives running more purpose and pushes them to improve.

    The guy in the picture is going to remember that party for a long time.