Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Ramblings!

Hello My Friends!

1. I am not sure what is better me rambling or the picture from the last post! But since I couldn't stand it...I had to cover it up with a bunch of nonsense from me!

2. I never realized how much kids enjoy their parents to be fit! I'm not sure if it is because I am looking saggier or if I am lacking happy endorphins...but something has triggered my girls into helping me get back into running! I'm pretty sure it is my constant talk, about how I love to run, but I don't do it! Any who..they are all over me! Every time I reach for a piece or two or three of Halloween candy, they tell me, "NO MOM!" Then I try to shove it in my mouth before they take it away! I was laugh hysterically while listening to them tell the story to my husband...rather embarrassing! I am not going to shove chocolate in my face anymore...not a pretty picture, when being told by 10 and 7 year olds!

3. I found some races! Thanksgiving Day....a family tradition since I was a wee one!
Then there is a Freeze out in girls want to run with me! They have already started to train. They ran 1/2 mile yesterday! They have a great plan for us to all dress up! That works for me...I'm all for anything crazy and fun!
Don't roll your eyes!
But I am going to register for a half in Florida so I can go see my sister and have a race to train for!
I figure the third is the charm....I've signed up for 2 other halfs...and well, ran 5k's instead! What a wuss!!!
That's the plan...

4. My youngest child...who by the way is so would never know how destructive he can be! He threw my cell phone in the bath tub, while I was bathing the other kids! Then he pulled my lap top off the counter, busting the shift key! Then he threw my home phone in the toilet...yuck! Luckily flushed!

That's it for now!


  1. love the ramblings...keep em' comin.

    and cell phone in bath tub...oh my! i think he's got an issue w/technology?;-)

    happy week to you;-)

  2. Kids know best! haha
    nice on finding some races to sign up for


  3. How great that you have that family support! Use it to show the kids how you will follow through with those races :)

    Hilarious about the little one. Sometimes those sweet little kids can be complete terrors sometimes!! You will need those endorphins to deal with it!

  4. Hahah..that little one knows how to test your patience, eh? :)

    I vowed no more Halloween candy, too. We CAN do it, right?? Good luck...and get back out there and run, ok? I will do the same!!

  5. My father never played with us kids when we were young, after your fit parent comment, no I wonder if I am training for races or to keep up with future youngins

  6. Great that your family is so involved. Nothing better than a race to train for. My son also did the cell phone in toilet and bathtub and pool thing when he was about 4. Have a good week!

  7. Love the sound of the florida half! Your little one sounds so cute, although I'm sure it's not as cute when you're fishing a phone out of the loo!

  8. Sounds so familiar! Our laptop is missing the keystroke buttons for about 4 letters and anything within reach of my 3 year old usually gets tossed across the room at any given time during the day! Fun that you're finding some races - I think our family is going to do a Turkey Trot together this year too! Love family traditions...

  9. Love all the ramblings! Sounds like you have a great family there!

  10. OK, you must be a saint, because I would have gone ballistic if my son had done that to my stuff.

    I like the Thanksgiving race tradition!

  11. I love posts like this one! Your girls are daughter would totally tell me to drop the chocolate too:) Thank God all of our Halloween candy is gone! I threw a ton of it away without little man figuring it out. Sneaky one I am:) Have a great week!