Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let's get this party started!

As I reschedule my calendar for races, I plan to add some fun ones in there!
Do you have any adventure runs planned?

How about the Dirty Dash?
A Mud Obstacle Course, and it even has a kids fun obstacle course....
love it!

or the Warrior Dash?
They are located all over the country, and look like some dangerous fun!

Living History Farms race?
I believe it is the largest cross country race of it's kind...tons of fun, never know what you'll get!

Race for the Rose
Every participate is handed a rose at the finish line!

A week of biking and even some fun music, food and more1


  1. The warrior dashes are getting so popular, probably b/c they are a blast! Add in the relays too--like Ragnar, etc. Fun stuff.

  2. I am doing the Warrior Dash in my state, so many people have told me that it is easy then it sounds, but with your youngins, I think the family will get a kick out of doing the Dirty Dash as a family outing

  3. Sounds like some really fun races. These type of events are great to get and keep people active. I have more traditional road races lined up as part of my Comrades training from now to the middle of May.

  4. Funny races. Here we don't have adventure races but only the traditional ones. However i would like to participate.