Friday, February 25, 2011

A Little Slice of Heaven!

The only view from my treadmill is a white wall!
I have learned to not see the wall, but to let my imagination run wild!

If I had been asked 10 years ago if I ran on treadmill, I would have said....

It's funny how life changes...
now with 5 kids, and a long hour working husband...I have no choice but to run on the treadmill, 90 percent of the time!

It took some time, I had to change my attitude, from...
"I hate treadmills"
"I'm thankful for treadmills!"

I never pass up the opportunity to run outside,
even if the conditions are dreadful.....below zero....or over 100!

This last week we took a road trip...
actually we are still on the road trip!

We headed south, and now we are beach hopping!

I am loving every second!
Running on the white sand, with blue green crystal clear water...
temps at 70 with a light ocean breeze!

I'm pretty sure this is close to HEAVEN!

So tell me??????
Why does my husband choose to run on the treadmill????
I run....I tell him how wonderful it is...
then he runs...and he chooses the treadmill and the wall....
over the ocean and cool breeze????
I just can't figure it out???


  1. I'm with you--if you can have the beauty of the outdoors, why stay in? To each his own...

    Glad you are enjoying some vacation time!

  2. i am one jealous lady!!! beach running?!?!? love it!

    i'd pick that over a treadmill anyday! :)

    enjoy your trip!

  3. I am jealous too!!!!

    My dreadmill is in front of a tv, no other way I will get on it

  4. JEALOUS!! Though I the first thing that came to mind when I read the heaven part is the line from Field of Dreams: "Is this Heaven? NO, it's Iowa!" :)

  5. Hey, I thought you were suppost to pack me in your bags and let me run with you on the beach! What happen... somehow I got left in Iowa in the snow,cold. Now I am sitting on the end of my driveway waiting for you to come and get me... BRRR it is cold out here hurry....please...hurry.

  6. You can always paint the wall with the pictures in your mind. Pictures you gather in your travels.
    As for your hubby... (hope you don't have to many men followers but I think men are just weird sometimes. There, I said it.
    Enjoy the beauty outside.
    Happy travels.

  7. You're thankful for treadmills? You're right because it's sometimes usefull in winter!

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. I get you completely. I hate treadmills but sometimes I'd be so thankful for one!

  9. I was also thankful for the dreadmill but I always forget it to hate again that "horrible thing". Enjoy your trip and the beach.

  10. A treadmill enthusiast, not easy to find, good job.

  11. Sherri, I loved this post. I started trying to loose weight towards the end of last year, I started walking and jogging. I was able to jog my first mile in my whole life. I was really excited about it, then winter came and other responsibilites and things took over. It was hard finding the time to go out and run. So I stopped. Major fail. I have a lot of weight to lose and everyday I feel terrible about giving up. I actually really like exercising when I do it, it's just hard leaving the kids, or waking up early or staying up late to do it. But I am determined to get a treadmill or an eliptical when we get our tax refund. I actually can't wait to get back into it. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog post, hope you set your goal and share them.