Thursday, August 2, 2012

Plantar Fascitis!

It was time for a new pair of shoes!
I almost settled for my traditional looking shoes...but my 12 year old daughter convinced me to buy a pair of ZOOTS.
She liked the way they looked...and I have to admit they are rather comfortable!
So I broke the mold and bought a pair!
I have been overall happy.
If I am running they are very comfortable!
However, during my cross training class my heel slips out...and my feet shift all over the place.
The shoes my be a bit big...or they just stretch a ton?
The biggest I ended up with ....
I have never had heel pain...and I can now is very uncomfortable!!!
I asked around to see what to do????
Answers varied....
I couldn't rest...I have way to far to go that one was out...but one friend told me I needed an arch support!
I bought Dr Scholls orthotics!!!
My heel instantly felt better...and I am back in business.
Now I just need to start running! :)

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  1. I've never seen or heard about ZOOTS, but they do look nice for sure. I'm glad the orthotics is helping but be careful and monitor the pain until you are sure it has gone completely.