Friday, April 30, 2010

Take time to Flip

While coaching high school girls in Gilbert, AZ, the coach taught me that the best way to teach young ones to love running and to excel at running is to teach them to have fun!
Once a week he would have them play a game that involved lots of running, but that they would not feel like they were working...more just for fun!
It worked year after year for him...he was State Champs or runners up almost every year!
I loved the example...especially now that I have young kids!

So with that said...I hope jumping on the trampoline counts as working out!


  1. thats def a workout! think of all the ab muscles contracting and the sweat you're working up ;)

  2. You're awesome! I can do a front flip but not a back flip. Fun!!

  3. So fun! My cross country coach did the same thing. Once a week we would do a fun run to get doughnuts/bagels at the grocery store for breakfast after our practice. It was awesome!

  4. I think it counts! We don't have a trampoline but there is one at the home of my kid's piano teacher. Those who are not having their lesson jump on the trampoline and then our tradition is that mom jumps with them before we leave! It is quite a work out when they all lay down and I have to jump all four of them :).

    Glad your back! I haven't done so well on the fitness challenge the past two weeks!

    have a great weekend!

    Judi :)

  5. LOL - counts in my book...I count a lot of things. hahaha

  6. Sherri,
    GREAT feel-good post. Of course jumping on the trampoline counts as working out! Funny how me, you, and a few other blog buddies posted about having fun this week. Must be the warm weather and spring fever taking over. Thanks for putting a HUGE smile on my face this morning! :-)

  7. That's great! It definitely counts. I sometimes join my son on the trampoline for fun and games. It is a good workout.

  8. Hi!
    trampolin-ing is a HARD core workout. for sure! i did it the other week and was wiped.

    so definitely counts. nice;)

  9. That looks like so much fun! Look at you Miss gymnastic girl:) You have a perfect tuck!! Cheers to the weekend!

  10. But we run.... because we have fun!!! However he is a very wise coach.
    Great jump!

  11. WE WERE NEIGHBORS AT ONE POINT!!! I use to live in Mesa (McKellips and Brown)for 17 years before I moved out of state. I DO NOT MISS the 100+ heat!!!