Monday, April 5, 2010

Completed the Race or Run!?

I had it all planned out! I would get up at 6am, pack the car with diapers, lunch, water, kid activities, and extra clothes! Then I would wake up the kids and feed them breakfast, and be out the door and on our way by 7 am.

Around 6:30 my husband came down to the computer room and said, "Oh your not going to run?"
"Yes, I am !"
And he left! He figured I knew what I was doing.
As I came up stairs I noticed the clock on the stove said 7:38! Oh NO, I had forgot that my cell phone time is an hour off...there was NO way to get everything done. If I left right that moment I would maybe make it....yet all the kids were still sleeping!

I decided to race!
I threw all the kids in the car, and headed out. I am pretty sure that would have been a record time for leaving with 5 kids. Of course I had not prepared anything like planned! No food, water or activities...I was just praying that the babysitter was there! (My husband did opt to go to work rather than run)

I was able to get there...find the babysitter....and get all the kids in the stroller and ready to watch...with 3 minutes to spare.

Those are my cheerleaders and the reason I run. I need all the energy I can muster to keep up with their active lives!

It was a small race ....160 participants!

As I ran to the start line...the gun went off...I was NOT able to warm up or even prepare mentally!

I did not wear a garmin or an ipod....I never have in a race....and so I have no idea what we ran for the first mile! All I know is that from around that mile point, my mind was shot. I can't believe the negative chatter that was going on in my head. I have never experienced anything like it!

"Just stop and tell the kids that you couldn't do it today"
(No way jose....I was not about to quit and let the kids see me)

I decided to slow down the pace...relax and calm down.

Around this point we went from pavement to trail...I am guessing it was about 1 1/2 miles into the race! I was so thankful for the trail and the mud, even though I did slip quite a few times. But it helped calm me down.

Here I am finishing in the all black....40:35!
I was thrilled!
I was glad that I still had my head on....I had so much talking going on in my head, I felt like taking it off and throwing it to the side!
One time I raced with a CD Player (before ipods) and I did just that...I threw it!
Although I think I would have enjoyed an ipod this time!

Here is the beautiful Lake that we ran around!

The best part of small races is that you can have an off day and still medal!
I got 5th overall for women....and 1st in my age group!
Which made the kids think I was WONDERFUL!
They are the reason I was able to finish the race....and I loved that they were proud of me!

A couple times over the weekend I would start to voice frustrations about the race...and say negative comments...and my husband would remind me that I need to be the example of doing my best and then being proud of it!

My oldest girls sat down with me and talked to me about what I think I could have done better....and what preparations I could improve on!
(Just like I do with them when they have a gymnastics meet or a soccer game!)
It truly made me smile!

Yesterday I was ready to post all the negatives
But today I am ready to POST only POSITIVES!

I truly needed this race and not for the reasons I thought I needed it!
I thought I needed to know what to run my tempo run at!
I thought I needed a time to improve on!
But what I really needed was to remember to ..."ENJOY THE RUN!"
In fact, I may not run tempo runs or intervals for awhile!
I think I will focus on building a base!


  1. Yeah! Look at you go! Great race and a great time! and you had a pre race before the actual one!
    I think it's also important to let the lil' ones know that yah, sometimes you feel like you wanna give up (it's a normal part of the process) and what made you keep going? How to overcome/work through the negative talk so to speak.
    Love seeing the pics;-)

  2. The photos which you posted show that you ran around the lake and along a beautiful landscape Sherri! Although is it was a small race (160 participants) I think you ran a great race :) With the time taken of 40:35 you got 5th overall for women and 1st in your age group! CONGRATULATIONS!
    But at first you felt that the kids were proud of you!

  3. Great job!!! You did wonderful and it's so great that you feel good about it. Congrats on 5th overall women and 1st in your age group! and by the way, getting five kids packed up and ready to go so quickly is very impressive as well :-)!

  4. Awesome, girl!! I can't believe you got all the kiddos out and to the race with such few seconds to spare - ha! You're a pro, I'm sure, though (you remind me SO much of a family my daughter used to babysit for. 5 kiddos all under the age of 7 and all toe-heads like yours :). That was a long time ago...the oldest is now in 8th grade like my boys). Congrats on a great age group placement, too! How fun that your kids were there cheering ya on! Have a great week!!

  5. Congratulations on your race and placement! You're awesome and so inspiring!

  6. 5th overall and first in your AG, you rock, I can only imagine what would happen if you had your "A" game going

  7. Congrats on winning your age group! That's awesome. I agree, the most important may be that you were a great role model for your kids and then that you were reminded to enjoy running for its own sake :)
    Great job!!!

  8. Great run—congrats on the podium finish too! Going out running with my two oldest later. Have you done that yet? They ride their bikes as I run. Usually a 10K. Great fun!

  9. OMG. Great race! Congrats on the podium!

  10. Yay!! Well done for coming 5th woman and 1st in your age group. That's awesome, especially after such a stressful start! Good on ya :)

  11. congrats on your race and i duno how you do it with 5 kids! you are AMAZING! yay for a top 5 finish :) keep up the positives. i need some of those right now too lol...

  12. Great job--not only on the race, but on coordinating the whole effort! Glad you were able to calm down mid-race and enjoy it. The next one will be easier still.

  13. Sherri,
    You are a Superstar!! Unbelievable that you got all of you there and still managed to not only race, but 1st in your age group! Congrats! Note to Sherri: If you haven't already done so, go change the time on your cell phone. :-)

  14. Hi Sherri,
    You go girl!! Woo hoo, 5th for overall and top runner for your age group is so impressive!! You still got it:) Congrats!

  15. Amazing! nice job on the run and with the kids...and most of all overcoming the voice in your head...I am VERY familiar with that!

  16. Great job Sherri! I could feel the stress you must have felt prior. I am such a planner and when things don't get as planned I really freak out! Good for you for running the race. I like small races. I've only placed once and that was in a small race :). Great time too! Another one of those fast runner moms!

  17. That looks like an awesome race! Great job. And your kids are awesome.

  18. Congrats on your race! I think it's awesome that you decided to run even though it must have been stressful getting there! :)

  19. Great stuff! Well done! In the end you did all the right things. Congrats! I think building a base is a good idea. You and your kids rock!

  20. You are amazing. Way to be able to get all 5 kids up and out the door in time. Congrats on a great race.

  21. Congrats on the race. Beautiful post and great pics. In my opinion 160 participants don't mean a small race. Here there are races with 50/60 partecipants too. But the greatest congrats are for your kids!!!!

  22. So proud of you for saying.. I'm doing this.. and getting FIVE kids up and out the door and making it to the race just in time. I've had those moments where I think, 'oh bag it' then know that I will be disappointed that I have to try and then actually pull it off. I think that's just as much of an accomplishment as pushing yourself through the run! Also love the older girls chatting w/ you after about what you could do differently. LOVE IT!

    on the P90x.. Same thing for me. I mostly focus on doing the three strength workouts.. figure I do plenty of cardio... though the plyo is good. :) I keep telling myself I'm going to get up at 6a and do it... but I really detest the a.m. :D I REALLY need to focus on the ab stuff. :D I think I'm going to try to get up and at least do ABS.. 20 mins. I can do that.. then maybe do Core Syn every now and then.

  23. You are a miracle worker. How the heck did you get all those kids out and make the race on time. Clearly I am doing something wrong when I can't manage with only one kid.

    Great time! Congrats on the AG win!