Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have I already told you guys ....I LOVE YOU!

No kidding!
This blogging things Rocks!
I have a family blog...and yes it is fun...I love it too!
I never would have guessed that this mommy needed running and running friends so much!
I look forward everyday to the comments and to read up on what everyone is doing!
It has given me a whole new enthusiasm to life!


After this last baby...I was having a super hard time getting back into working out!
My husband knows how much I love to work out...mostly run...but anything will work!
So when I came to him and told him, "I'm done! I just don't have the energy is too hard!"
He got worried!

He encouraged me...and slowly I started to run/walk a little!
He bought me some personal training sessions for Christmas...
But I had to drive an 90 min. both ways...and for a mother of young kids I don't have an extra 3 hours just hanging around!

Then I decided on a whim to start a running blog.
I didn't even tell him!
I knew I was crazy...I didn't have time...I already blogged about my kiddos and life as a mother!
I truly thought "What am I doing?"

I made my first post...and went to bed!
The whole night I thought about it...and thought, I would just NOT try and do the running blog!
I got up in the morning and their was my first follower...holding her daughter....beaming with energy!
Anne Marie from Goals for the Week
Had it not been for her sweet comment and taking a chance on following me...I would have just canceled my blog and walked away!
Instead, I get to blog everyday about running or just about me!
Odd really...I hardly knew "I" existed!
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE MY LIFE....but now I just love it MORE!

There is something special about the running bloggers...they take time to care!
You ALL take time to read the posts and then comment....sending love from all over the country and world!
I am so thankful that I am a part of the Bloggy world!
And YOU ALL have changed my life forever!

Although I am rather tired now!
Hopefully soon my body will get use to working out again!
otherwise, I will just have to get more sleep...because there is NO way I am walking away from this running gig!

* Treadmill training DVD giveaway at MissZippy's (another great motivator)


  1. April Fools? *(kidding)* It is amazing what comes of writing a blog. It keeps you honest, motivates you, inspires you and gets you a coach (in my case). It is a strange and wonderful world. I'm glad you made it here.

  2. I'm glad you're here! We have a great community of blogging running women and it's so awesome that we can all help support each other. :)

  3. What a great post. It is indeed a fun little "community" we have going on in the blogosphere! Love reading your posts--your energy comes right on through.

  4. This is exactly why I blog, I have learned so much from others, not just about s/b/r, but about life as well.

  5. This is such an amazing post- especially since I am in that "new blogging" phase. I really enjoy reading your, and everyones', blogs- it is now my routine to read all the new blog posts every morning and I really enjoy it :-)!

    I know it's hard to get back into the workout routine (I don't have kids but I did fall off the exercise wagon) but you're doing a great job :-)!!

  6. Today and everyday, but especially TODAY, I totally agree...the support, advice, virutal hugs and fanny-kicking are just what I need and it's not like I'm bugging my non-running friends nor husband with these running issues and thoughts. I just love it. You're a huge part of the positive and wonderful stuff going on through these blogs, thanks so much!!

  7. I totally agree. This running blogging community has been supportive, motivating, and offers sound advice when I get in a situation.
    I tell my boyfriend about all the people I follow, read, and the ones who are following me and share a couple of interesting accounts with him. I feel like I am telling him about a friend of mine. :)

  8. I've definitely felt the love of the running bloggy world :) ...glad you're a part of it!

  9. I'm SO glad you started this blog. YOU are very inspiring to me!!

  10. Hi Sherri,
    You are right, bloggers are the best!! I love everyone of my blogger friends:) It is a wonderful community of friendship and support!!

  11. Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Yes, the blogosphere is very supportive and motivational.

    You are blazing fast if your motherhood 10k PR is right :)

  12. What a great post! I always said that runners in general are great people, but running bloggers are even better!

    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

    : )

  13. Hello Sherri - great post - I am on board too, loving the blogosphere. Love finding some many "like minded" (crazy) individuals. Seriously, I find this community motivating and inspiring. Good luck with the half marathon training.

  14. thanks for following me, im following you now! lol

  15. Sherri,
    Yup, my running blogging buddies are also the best. They have saved me many times from either skipping a run, or not completing a run. They hold me accountable, just because I know I'll be writing about what I did (or didn't do). Your upbeat post made my day. The only bad thing about following your blog is that the song "Sherry" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons always pops into my head (as it has now) when I read and comment on your blog. Oh well, it's a small sacrifice to pay to read your blog. By the way, I graciously declined to post a comment on your last swimsuit post. As a male, I thought that would be a good idea. Yes, it would have been all positive had I commented. :-)

  16. I agree! Blogging buddies have saved me lots of times since I don't have many people other than my husband and one other friend that support my habit. All other family and friends think I'm nuts.

    Keep up the great work!