Saturday, July 10, 2010

Awesome Week!

This week has been AWESOME!
Back...early spring...when I just started this blog and just started running again...I sat down and made some goals!
And then life hit!
When I realized that I had set goals that my body was not ready for ...I got a bit discouraged!
Training fell apart...yes I had injuries...but I also was in a state of "What now?"
Then I totally blew my half marathon...and ran a 5k instead.
At that point I seriously was feeling like me and running where just not meant to be!


I just needed to get my head back on and relax and understand that everything takes time!
I set aside goals of speed and activities that took more time then I was able to commit to.
Picked a new race, set up a schedule...
and now the past 2 weeks I have followed my 4 days a week plan to get me to a half marathon!
This week has been so fun because I am feeling the excitement all over again!
Plus, I can never stay on one plane of thought!
So I am racing my husband in a 200!
(remember he is running backwards)

Half marathon training and 200 training are not really the same...
But at this stage of running, it will all be fine!

Yesterday, my sister, who is known for her kick!
Took me to the soccer field.
We let our 8 children run around, while we practiced sprinting!

I can't believe that I ran in high school and college and never really developed those muscles!
(My husband tells me that it is not true, he claims that when we met, 15 years ago, I had speed....but I have NEVER beat ANYONE in the last 100 yard!)

I have to say....we just ran about 14 100's...8 at 90%... arms were killing me!
No wonder I don't like my arms...I've been ignoring them for all these year....those poor things need some muscle!
So next week I am going to add 2 days of lifting to my 4 days of running!

I think this time I am not over setting goals...I can DO IT! =)


  1. Good luck on achieving your goals. You can do it!

  2. Great work! Sprints are SO hard.

  3. Good for you! When your plan didn't come together you regrouped and readjusted. Way better than throwing the towel. Extra points for sticking with it. I think you would beat me if you were running backwards. ha!

    ok, would.

  4. You CAN do it!! I have no doubt! Excellent job on the 100's, girl...those will get your legs speedy and your arms looking fab :).

  5. Hey!
    I've been meaning to tell you: your comment to me the other day about our boyz being 'friends' was just the best. made my day;-)

    love it!

  6. Good luck on your plan and enjoy your running!
    Have a nice running and family Sunday.

  7. I can tell how excited you are and I am happy for you! Good luck with your half training! You are going to do awesome!


  9. You can do it! The sprint work is always tough and the 100's help to improve your strenght on the shorter distances. About the plans, all of us, in our running story, had to face the injuries, the bad periods and the changes of program but we are always here with our running shoes!