Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Rolling Out of Bed!

This bedroom, brings a whole new idea to just rolling out of bed! Can you imagine?

I am not sure what all the tri athletes are doing her in my little town!
Our pool has been closed for 2 or 3 weeks, and right now, there is NO opening date!
I was bummed, because I sprained my ankle and was hoping to get some swimming in!

Good News is that my ankle is better!
My treadmill is fixed!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!


  1. Rolling out of bed...I imagine a few outcomes...
    Glad to hear the ankle is better! Take care!

  2. id probably drown before i even manage to wake myself up and realize that id woken up on the wrong side of the bed. pretty interesting concept though.

    glad the ankle is better.

  3. Thats just a crazy picture, I cant imagine, its impratical too, for me at least, pool isnt big enough for laps, I would get annoyed swimming such a short distance.

  4. That's really funny--cannot imagine! Sorry you hurt your ankle but glad to hear it is improving.

  5. That is crazy!

    Glad the ankle is better and yay for the treadmill!

  6. I'm glad the ankle is better. Interesting concept there with the bedroom. I'd probably drown.

  7. What a crazy pic! I don't know if I could fall asleep... wonder if smells like chlorine in there? :) Glad to hear the ankle is doing better... Hate injuries!

  8. Glad for your ankle. The same trouble here because the closed pool but we have the sea!

  9. Yay - the ankle is better.
    Yay - the treadmill is fixed.
    Do I hear a YAY or sniff sniff for coming to Oregon next month? :-)

  10. ha! Where the heck is that?!

    Well two out of three is good, no? (ankle better, treadmill fixed, no swimming pool)

  11. where did you find that picture?? so funny!

  12. wow- who would want a bed like that :)? Glad to hear that your ankle is better and that you have a working 'mill again :)!!