Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Stick Together!

Last Saturday I made a post of how excited I was to be back in the running swing of things!
Right after my post, I went on a run, with my Hubby! It is always a treat to be able to run together...I was on cloud nine!
We were at mile 3 when I looked over and saw the cutest picnic table sitting on a beautiful lot of Oak trees! I slipped into a day dream of the great picnic I was going to plan with my kiddos....when....BAM!!! BOOM !!!TUMBLE!!! TWIST!!!
I hit a pot hole and just trashed myself!
I twisted my ankle and bruiesd my whole left side!
I sat on that curb and I balded....maybe even a sob!
(I sobbed because I want to run...yes, my ankle hurt, but I wanted to run!)
My ankle was BAD!
I have had dozens of sprained ankle and this one was bad!
Mark carried me over to the picnic table, which now lost all it's luster!
All I could see was an old rusted picnic table, covered in spiders, and ants!
I tried to walk...but NO!
Mark, left to try and get help...thank goodness, because I would have sat there forever if he had not ran a mile and waved down a car!

It seems like we are a family who likes to stick together...
We like to play together
work together
and get injured together!

Chelsea stubbed her toe....not even an hour after I came home with my sprained ankle!

I stepped outside and saw Mark on the top of our hill, in front of our house. It is a BIG hill! He was riding Brooke's HiTide!
I said, "Mark your going to break your head!"
Mark, "NO! I'll be fine!"
So he takes off....and sure enough at the bottom of the hill he hits a pebble..and wipes out!
It looks like a down hill bike accident!
He was a bloody mess!
However, he did not Break his head!

What do you think he did?
He went straight up to the top of the hill again...AND DID IT!

With our family covered in bruises and scratches!

I am very blessed, my ankle is NOT nearly as bad as I thought!
I am going to take the week off of running and then jump right back in!
I have cycled and lifted this week and plan to swim!
I have to admit, I am enjoying the change!


  1. Ouch! Your pain looks bad. My pain just hurts and the young ones think I am faking it. :)

    that is so cute of Mark not letting you hurt alone, and Chelsea wanted to be just like her mom. Awesome! Love you and I hope the three of you get feeling better soon.

  2. maybe its nature telling you all to take a week off exercise and have a nice big picnic together!

  3. at least it's not as bad as you initially thought! i hope you (and your fam) are feeling better soon!

  4. Oh dear :-( Get well soon everyone!

  5. YOOOUUUCCHH!! No kiddin' when you say your whole family get's injured together! WOW! No fun!

  6. UGH! Glad you are not worse off.

  7. Ouch for all of you! I can't believe your whole family got some sort of injury around the same time! I'm glad your ankle isn't too bad!

  8. Omg, you guys ARE one big family unit! But that's how you tick and it's not right one should get all the aches/pains and bruises! I'm glad the ankle wasn't as bad after you got it all fixed up. I do that a LOT to my ankle and it's as good as new in a day or two. Enjoy you weekend :).

  9. Oh my, that's a lot of bruises and injuries in one family. I see this in a good shows you are always busy doing things and full of adventure and energy. I like that! Take care!

  10. Glad your ankle is not too serious...take care of yourself and everyone's "boubous" :)

  11. I had to look up what a HiTide is...ok, that is crazy! I hope you all heal up soon! Youch!

  12. holy moly. look at your bruised up gang! but, yah, it's a bit like that over here as well.

    and love that you're biking, and going to swim...

    maybe a tri in the near future??;-)

  13. I am sorry, I hope you heal soon. Remembering the Bryan Ferry's song "Let's stick together". Swimming will help you to stay in shape. Get well soon.


  15. Goodness! Wishing you all happy healing and hope you get back running again real soon. Its great you are all so active and energetic and have the bumps and bruises to show for it!

  16. Ouch! All of you need to heal soon!

  17. Good grief! They must have been all sympathy injuries for you! :) Hope that ankle heals up soon... I hate injuries!