Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cake Eating Contest!

My sister surprised me with a secret lunch out with friends...
That tops my wish list...

Of course we had to end with a chocolate cake eating contest...
With LARGE pieces!

I'm not 20 anymore...this much a little amount of not recommended!
unless, you are memory making moments!

My sister Kim...she's the champ...I plan to beat her next year!
Probably not a tradition I should start...but why not!

Dinner with the crew!

Wishing for another great year!

Starting to fall apart!

Here's the kicker...Shopping for new running shoes!

This was as perfect of a possible!

Today should be a bit Healthier!


  1. What a great way to mark another year! And you and the crew are gorgeous! Happy birthday!

  2. HOW FLIPPING FUN!!!!! Happy BDay Again!!

  3. No better way to spend your special day!! Happy HAPPY Birthday to my wonderful friend!!

  4. That is really great! I'm a big sucker for cake. A great year for you!

  5. Looks like a blast! One piece is one piece right?! Beautiful family!

  6. I don't mind that chocolate cake :)
    Great group!

  7. Your family is darling! Love suprise getaways with friends. And always love cake. Way to start off the year right! Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Why the fork to eat the cake. Cake eating contest are with no hands, just face and mouth. I always get some in my nose though. Happy Birthday! I left you a post on my blog. :)

  9. Oh, this is too funny!
    Happy Birthday!
    I am so with you, I could eat an entire birthday cake all on my own, I am ashamed (or proud) to say!