Sunday, December 12, 2010

Passing on a Smile! =)

This could be a lengthy post....

It is so hard to imagine life.....gone!
We just found out our good friend...whom we consider family...has cancer!
I'm in shock!
It seems to me that cancer is going seems like everyday I hear of another case!
For some reason...this one has sent me into shock!

He's young...30!
He's in incredible shape!
Has a family....4 kids...youngest 7 weeks!

It is such an eye opener that it can happen to anyone at anytime!

Then I had a friend from high school who, was driving down the highway, and was hit by a run away driver...and killed!
Strange to think, she kissed her husband good bye, just like every other morning.
Dropped her daughter off at preschool, just like every other day!

I'm sorry this is a depressing post...but LIFE IS SHORT!

I can't seem to quit thinking...
If...I was told that I had 2 - 5 years left to live...
What would be my priorities?

I want to live my life as if today is my last!

As I think about it...
I just want to LOVE! kids, my husband, my brothers and and dad!
But more than that...
I want to love others!
I want to give what I can!
Even if it is only a smile!

Imagine if your smile was the last smile someone saw????


  1. It isn't a depressing post, Sherri: it's a realistic post!
    30 years old, 4 kids and the youngest 7 weeks! And your friend who kissed her husband just like every morning! You are right, we would need to live our life as if today is our last ... and give what we can.

  2. Great post Sherri...very touching and real. Life is meant to be lived fully...every moment of it! I have a little brother who died suddenly of an aneurism when he was 9 years old, I was 14...this marked me and somehow made it impossible for me not to live my life fully. Thanks again for this post.

  3. You're on the mark here, completely. I'm in my 40s now and lately I have had friends, parents, relatives, etc. who have been touched by cancer and other illnesses. It's hard to face reality, but it is reality. Life is indeed short and we need to live it to its fullest!

  4. Yes, it is true that so many people are faced with cancer. I too have just heard of four individual cases of people that I know. It is a sad reality...people get sick and leave us. Life is a gift, we need to enjoy every minute and appreciate the little things like that beautiful smile:)

    Have a wonderful week Sherri!

  5. Good post. I'm gonna live and love like there is no tomorrow. :)
    Have a good week ahead! Smile!

  6. Thanks so much for your comment to me.

    I'm so sorry about the news ~ this post definitely reminds us all that life is so utterly precious, and running is one aspect of that incredible gift.

    Amazing post.

  7. Love and Smile

    agree with you on the Cancer wifes best friend from HS diagnosed last Wed with stage3 colon cancer - surgery to remove the mass on Tue

  8. "I want to love others." I love this quote. We don't think about small kindnesses but those are so important.

    Thanks for this post!

  9. I LOVE this post! I LOVE that picture of Brady! I LOVE YOU and your amazing spirit. YOU make me smile!!

  10. Sad and touching post. Cancer is a terrible illness, I live in a city with a high percentage of cancer because of the pollution.
    ...and I am a cancer survivor (melanoma in 1991).
    Anyway have a wonderful week.

  11. puts the small things into perspective.

  12. Lovely post that we can all relate to. That is the reality. My brother in law passed away 2 years ago from cancer and I know a few people fighting it now. We must make every moment the best we can...for ourselves and everyone else. Have a good week Sherri!

  13. Cancer sucks even if small, even if treatable. I know first hand. It poisons yours and your close ones' thoughts and lives.
    We are doing something wrong with this world of ours and I think this is the effect. The horrible price we are paying.
    It is good your friend is in great shape. It will be easier for him to get rid of this disease. Hope he can remain physically active throughout the treatment. It really helps.

  14. First, my thoughts and prayers go out to your friends and their family

    Second, this is one of the best post I have ever read

  15. This is a great post. Life is short and things like this really put it into perspective.