Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Gift I Want...but No one can give me!

Now that I have posted all my cRaZy fun...
it is time to get serious...
well, back to business...
I'm rarely serious!!!

I would graciously take anyone of yours motivation to stay focused and accomplish your fitness goals!
(Just wrap it up and mail it to me!...)

I promise somewhere deep inside me I do have the ability to do it!
I am rather disappointed at how deep it is!
Lately....the whole past year....I have been ALL action!
So I took a first step...
I contacted a coach!
I'm not positive that this is what I need, but if she can just think for me....I think I can do the actual workouts??? maybe???
Although I did put it off until the first of the year...typical!
Always waiting for Monday!

So I have 2 weeks to get a little base running in!
I know...that is what I was suppose to be doing all along!

I did a quick time trial...because I am suppose to give my new coach one before I get my first program....
1 mile warm up
2 mile time trial...(I'm not suppose to be dead...but push)
1st mile: 7:50
2 mile: 15:40
mile cool down!

I was happy that I could finish!
Not thrilled with the times!
Happy that I ran my second mile the same, would have preferred negative splits...but the same will do for now!

My BIGGEST problem is sugar.
I admit, I am addicted!
So here goes nothing...let's see if I am all talk or ready for action....
this is scary!!!
Why wait for Monday??? =)
I'm going NO sugar for this weekend!

That may seem easy...but it's not!
I'll report back on Monday...hopefully I'm brave and will continue on...

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for listening to all my babbling!


  1. Look at those times! Maybe I'll send you some motivation if you send me some skill! :) I am doing well to maintain 9:30 per mile!

    I am with you though sugar is a problem for me too. Good luck this weekend - too hard at the moment for me to give it up with all the holiday stuff but come the day after Christmas I'll be coming off sugar too!

    Looks like you had a fun birthday week! Happy Birthday Sherri!

  2. I don't think sugar is so bad ~ it certainly doesn't have a detrimental effect on running times or performance, despite the common belief that it does: just check out this girl's blog if you don't believe me ;)

    Good luck but don't be too hard on yourself :)

  3. Nice to find your blog Sherri. Thanks for the comment. Sugar, now that is hard! There is sugar hidden in everything! I do think it is funny (in a good way) that hungry runner girl has so many people just talking about her but really, she is pretty awesome, I agree with Jessica. :) Young, spunky, and contagious with her happiness with life. Definitely worth a check out.

    Hope to read more of your blog soon! Good luck this weekend!

  4. I think you did a fantastic time on your splits, especially keeping them even! You have picked a tough time to give up sugar--good luck with it!

  5. As a running coach to you - I say that's great you hired someone to help you, I know how much that really will make you stay accountable and push your envelope some.

    As a friend - I say you are AWESOME!

  6. A coach is one of the best decisions I ever made, they do pay off on race day. Biggest thing I learned, be open, tell them what works and especially what DOESNT work, they are only as good as your communication with them

  7. Congrats Sherri I think that is some smart thinkin!


  8. I think your times are awesome! YOU ARE AWESOME! Good luck this weekend!!

  9. "...hopefully I'm brave and will continue on..." - any addiction is tough to beat but I KNOW you will do great. If there is any way you can remove sugar from your house, do it.
    Hiring a coach is a great idea.

  10. your times are great! You'll be improving on them in no time I'm sure.. As far as the no sugar goes I bake stuff with xylitol so I don't have too much it works pretty much the same as sugar but doesn't raise your blood sugar when you eat it

  11. Based on my walking 5K's, I could walk a 15-minute mile. Your time beats mine. When you find the secret of staying away from sugar, share it with me. Love you.

  12. NO sugar for this weekend? Sugar sometimes helps you, Sherri :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Awesome. Let us know how the coaching goes. It's nice to have something there to motivate you!

  14. Glad you FOUND me! You are so cute and it looks like you're a runner like 4 of my daughters.(one is a dancer and would only go marathon, if she could dance the course)

    I see from your comments, you had a birthday. So... I hope this season you just celebrate a whole bunch and worry about the sugar quitting Dec. 26th. Happy Birthday!

  15. I wish I could run that fast after 'no action'. I do find a coach keeps me honest and motivated.