Saturday, May 15, 2010

You may not want to join our Club!?

My House, has officially become the Injured Club!
I think I posted a little late about shin splints..and I am soooooooooo very thankful for all the great advice! I have taken it all in and put it immediately into action!
I just wish I would have posted about it weeks again...instead of just running!
I am always thinking .... "Quit being a wimp!"

1. I am taking this week off running (that has never happened -wink-)
2. I bought new shoes!
3. I am taking advil, and icing!

My hubby....pulled his hamstring, while going for a quick break during noon ball!
Brooke ripped her hand up in Gymnastics....severely...and will not be able to practice for a couple of least!
Brady is teething...and full of tears...and chomping!
Luke got a paper cut!
Annika got a hair cut from Luke, and though there is not any physical is an injury all the same!
Chelsea has a case of early childhood heartache, since I was not able to make it to her last field trip of the year.
Hers caused the most tears....and all out sobbing!

So we are going to have a BIG BREAK PARTY!
NO cake allowed...only fresh fruits and veggies...and some raw almonds! =)

All I can say is it could be worse!

Enjoy your weekend!
Good Luck to all who are racing!


  1. i guess it could be worse, but that paper cut seems to take the cake...

  2. Hope you guys all get better fast!

  3. Oh..I'm sorry! That being said though, your post totally made me smile...oh the joys of being a parent! I hope your shin splints heal quickly!

  4. That sounds like a great party! get well!

  5. All these injuries and NO CAKE? That is just not fair. How about ice cream? :)
    Recover fast and have a great Sunday.

  6. What a rough weekend! Hope the party helps. :)

  7. YOUCH!! That picture.....ooooh! I hope you heal quickly. :)

  8. Oh man! I hope you all heal quickly!

    How about a compromise and do Grandpa's cantaloupe and vanilla ice cream. All those injuries need a comfort food fix! :-)

    Love you guys!

    PS - that photo - OUCH!!

  9. guys are having a rough week. Hope it all gets better soon.

  10. I think it is better not to join that group !! Get well soon and run as fast as the wind!

  11. Ohhhhh that picture is horrific! I hope you are all feeling better soon!

  12. Sounds like a fun party! I'll have to think about throwing one if my hip doesn't soon heal. Thanks for the idea. :)

  13. First, I hope everyone is on the mend. Secondly, as I am scrolling while reading and then see the bottom portion of that photo, I literally gasped, no joke, it hurt to look at. Those kinds of injuries, (think Joe Theisman 1985 against my home team the NY Giants.....gah, I still get the shivers). Maybe I'm a Synesthete.

  14. Hope everyone is better soon! That picture made me wince!

  15. Take care all of you! Soon everyone will be back to normal.

  16. OUCH! That picture was harsh... lol I hope you and the "Club" recover quickly!

  17. I think I will pass on this club

    I hope the family heals up fast

  18. Sherri, I was reading along still smiling about the bad haircut and paged down to that picture and almost lost my lunch!!! Wow is that awful and I cannot believe I have never seen that pic before!